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Gratitude #12
Friday, September 22, 2017      0 comments

Just found out that Downton Abbey Script Books. Were only made for seasons 1-3. None for 4-6. Such first world problems. The sifting has begun again. Seems like no time in between the last crisis and this one. Still, I hang in there. God's got... Read more
Day 11 of 100, Gratitude
Monday, September 18, 2017      1 comments

I should probably stop numbering the days. Since I haven't kept to a regular schedule. Even though I don't always blog. I remain extremely grateful 1.... Read more
Day 10 of 100, Gratitude
Saturday, September 16, 2017      4 comments

I never want to run out of things to be grateful for 1. Time with my dad 2. Places to hide my rocks 3. Raffles 4. Salmon cream cheese 5. Spark People... Read more
Day 9 of 100, Gratitude
Friday, September 15, 2017      2 comments

One Spark Person said, my rocks are to nice. To be stored in a plain cardboard box. So I went and found my angel box. They will sit in there. Until it's ... Read more
Gratitude Day 8 of 100
Thursday, September 14, 2017      3 comments

It will all work out in the end. If it hasn't worked out. It's not the end. Finally coming out of the mist. Things were happening. It wasn't like I was ... Read more
Gratitude Day 7 of 100
Saturday, September 09, 2017      5 comments

So much going on. Not much of it good. Been hard to be grateful. I have my moments. 1. Nobodies died 2. I got over my cold 3. My hair accessory business... Read more
Day 6 of 100, Gratitude
Sunday, August 27, 2017      1 comments

1. More doggy snuggles 2. Comfy blankets 3. Iced coffee 4. Sunny days 5. Great places for a walk... Read more
Day 5 of 100, Gratitude
Saturday, August 26, 2017      1 comments

1. Doggy snuggles 2. My other shelter doggy loves me, too 3. Quiet Saturdays 4. Taking my dogs for walks 5. Crock pots... Read more
Day 4 of 100, Gratitude
Friday, August 25, 2017      2 comments

1. Able to get a hold of the appliance people. So that I know that I need to unplug my stove. 2. My busted stove didn't burn the house down 3. Pleasant customer service agents 4. I didn't have to cook today 5. Pizza... Read more
Day 3 of 100, Gratitude
Thursday, August 24, 2017      1 comments

1. The beach 2. Dramamine 3. Rocks 4. Acrylic paint 5. Paint brushes... Read more
Day 2 of 100, Gratitude
Wednesday, August 23, 2017      1 comments

1. I get to put a sticker in my exercise journal 2. I have plenty of healthy food 3. My sweet doggy girls, Mandie and Olivia 4. Spark Friends 5. Warm w... Read more
Day 1 of 100, 100 Days of Gratitude
Tuesday, August 22, 2017      1 comments

I want to have an attitude of constant gratitude. So I'm going to write what I'm grateful for. Every day for 100 days 1. To be able to walk to hide my... Read more
Monday, August 21, 2017      3 comments

I decided to do weight watcher Points Plus. To see if I can lose the additional weight. And use a calendar and stickers. To track my exercise progress... Read more
Still Holding
Friday, August 18, 2017      2 comments

I am still at 140 lbs. I know that I will get there some day. I was going to post a very sweaty after work out selfie. It was just too terrible looking.... Read more
Monday, August 14, 2017      4 comments

I have reached my exercise goals for the past seven days. Will work on logging into spark and tracking for seven days... Read more

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