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Wednesday, December 23, 2015      1 comments

the,words,from,running,together. I,have,been,doing,well,with,
allenge.How,do,I,know,th... Read more
30 Day Diabetes Weight Loss Challenge - Day 9
Sunday, December 06, 2015      4 comments

I have missed a few days, but I've been keeping up with my challenges. My husband and I are planning our weekly meals to maintain my goals. I have plans in place to stay within my goals when I attend parties this season. I have been drinking ... Read more
30 Day Diabetes Weight Loss Challenge - Day 6
Thursday, December 03, 2015      1 comments

Sorry I missed posting yesterday. It was an interesting day and I'll just leave it at that. Today, they said that I had completed a week. So far, so good. I have been doing some form of exercise everyday, even if it's 10 minutes (I did a... Read more
30 Day Diabetes Weight Loss Challenge - Day 4
Tuesday, December 01, 2015      1 comments

Today, my challenge was to include some exercise in my day. I was able to include 30 minutes of walking in my day. I met my fiber intake yesterday, but today, I went a little over. I'll do better tomorrow. ... Read more
30 Day Diabetes Weight Loss Challenge - Day 3
Monday, November 30, 2015      2 comments

Today was a nutrition committment. I committed to increase my fiber intake and to watch my intake of fats. I also took a 30 minute walk the rain. I had my umbrella. One of my Spark buddies suggested that I pretend that I'm Gen... Read more
30 Day Diabetes Weight Loss Challenge - Day 2
Sunday, November 29, 2015      2 comments

Today, I read an article about setting goals, positive goals. So, I decided to reword my goal: Obtain the necessary skills to gain a healthy weight with 4-5 pounds of loss in one month. Well, it's wordy, but it's positive. My car... Read more
30 Diabetes Weight Loss Challenge - Day 1
Saturday, November 28, 2015      3 comments

Yesterday, I signed up for the 30 diabetes weight loss challenge. Today was day one and I took a test on my knowledge of diabetes. I got 10 out of 10 questions correct! My goal in completing this challenge is to lose 4-5 pounds this month (ev... Read more
Thanksgiving Treats
Thursday, November 19, 2015      3 comments

My friend's daughter, Sarah Grace, has a website called Fresh, Fit, and Healthy. She had 45 healthy recipe offerings just for Thanksgiving. Here is her site for the recipes:
i... Read more
Wednesday, November 18, 2015      7 comments

I woke up yesterday with a sore throat. I decided that I would take care of myself this time. To be honest, I'm not the greatest at self-care. Today, I still didn't feel well, but I decided to go to work anyway to do a training. I was the on... Read more
Bold as a lion
Friday, October 16, 2015      3 comments

... Read more
Have you found me?
Wednesday, September 30, 2015      4 comments

A lot of things have happened in this past year. In some ways, I feel like I've lost my identity. Who am I now? Can I find myself? Can I find my identity? Can I find me? I just need to be me outside of all of the definitions. ... Read more
Goal for the day
Sunday, September 27, 2015      4 comments

My small steps goal for the day was to do 10 minutes of exercise. It's been cool and rainy all day. I walked 15 minutes in my neighborhood. It felt good. My husband even joined me. Goal accomplished!... Read more
I'm back
Saturday, September 26, 2015      5 comments

Been away from Sparkpeople for a WHILE! I need to work on self care. A lot of things have happened this year. Need to get motivated to get myself back on track. Support, encouragement, prayers, etc. all appreciated.... Read more
I feel like I'm in slow motion
Tuesday, February 11, 2014      9 comments

There is so much I want to do, but my motivation is gone. How do I get my motivation back? Where did I leave my motivation? Is it under the bed, or in a stack of papers that I need to go through? Where do I find motivation? In a sto... Read more
Unemployed, then employed, again
Friday, December 13, 2013      8 comments

Well, for about 12 days, I was unemployed. Now, I'm employed again. G-d is good, so I praise Him. Now to find something to do until Jan. 6th...... Read more

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