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A devestating day tomorrow...
Monday, December 14, 2015      2 comments

So tomorrow will make the third anniversary since my step-son Robert was killed in an accident. It is already a hard month, but tomorrow is going to be especially hard. My husband and other 3 kids have really had a hard time with his loss, and... Read more
Trying to keep my head above water
Tuesday, December 01, 2015      4 comments

Well, it's been quite a while since I have been here, and since then my life has turned upside down. I am going through struggles that I never imagines I would be going through. But I am fighting, I am learning that I am stronger than I have ... Read more
I am fighting
Monday, May 04, 2015      0 comments

I am fighting a battle every day. I fight depression. I fight anxiety. I fight my feelings of being absolutely worthless. I take medication. I see a counselor weekly. I am fighting hard, but lately I feel like I am losing. This is not so... Read more
Need so much encouragement!!!
Thursday, April 30, 2015      0 comments

Well for the past few weeks I have been dealing with an unexplained lump in my groin area that has caused me to slow way down on my activities. Last Friday I went in and had a minor surgical procedure to remove the lump. Well needless to say, ... Read more
It's starting again
Monday, April 20, 2015      1 comments

So I have been at this for 16 weeks, and I am started to get frustrated. I have not lost nearly the weight I thought I would, and without seeing and feeling the results, I am starting to get the "Just gonna give up" attitude. I realize that it... Read more
Not derailing me!
Monday, March 02, 2015      0 comments

So my husband surprised me with a weekend in Door County for our 18th wedding anniversary. Two days and two nights in our very own cabin by the lake! ... Read more
I can be a rockstar!
Thursday, February 26, 2015      2 comments

For the past 10 years, I have come to realize that I really have not had any faith in my abilities. I would start a diet/exercise program, and after a while, I would just slowly stop it, and go back to my old behaviors. But here I am in week 7... Read more
Friday, February 13, 2015      0 comments

I have been doing so good the past 6 weeks, and am really enjoying getting up early and riding my exercise bike. I feel so amazing when I'm done! Unfortunately I have health issues that sometimes decide to take control of my life. Well ye... Read more
Week 6...Wow!
Monday, February 09, 2015      1 comments

I can't believe that today marks 6 weeks since I began my journey. So much has changed in in these past weeks, and I am amazed at how much stronger I am than I have given myself credit for. I never imagined that I could ride 262 miles in a lit... Read more
Is this really my body?
Wednesday, January 28, 2015      0 comments

This is week 4 of my weight loss journey, and I can't believe the changes. I never in a million years imagined that I would be able to ride 13 miles in one day on my exercise bike. In about 45 minutes! And adding up the miles, I am at 159 for... Read more
Weekend diet? Not so good
Monday, January 26, 2015      0 comments

I had such a great week last week. I rode 49 miles on the exercise bike, ate healthier, and ate less. I was feeling so good! And then the weekend came. My husband had been gone all week, so he decided that we needed to go one a date Sat... Read more
Feeling sweaty?
Monday, January 19, 2015      1 comments

As I sit here writing this, I am dripping with sweat. My hair is sticking to my forehead, my shirt is sticking to my back, and I feel AMAZING! I never imagined that I would find being sweaty something to be excited about, but I guess I was wro... Read more
I feel like I have a secret
Tuesday, January 13, 2015      0 comments

Ok, so I know that I haven't been back "on the wagon" for that long, but I feel amazing! I have been watching what I eat, drinking lots of water, and exercising almost every day. And not only do I feel better, but I also feel like a have my ve... Read more
It all clicked!
Tuesday, January 06, 2015      2 comments

When I work out, it gives me a chance to listen to my Christian music, and spend some time with God. Today, I was just peddling away on my exercise bike, listening to my music, and all of the sudden it hit me. God gave me this body to use, to ... Read more
I'm broken
Monday, January 05, 2015      3 comments

I am dealing with a lot in my life right now, and today is an especially tough day. I feel like I'm drowning...... Read more

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