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Stick to it
Thursday, January 02, 2014      5 comments

Stick to it - I haven't been very good at that for the last year. Among other excuses I could give, the biggest and most important is that my new, wonderful job has provided me with a generous amount of extra donuts, sandwiches, and cookies that... Read more
A run in the rain
Sunday, September 01, 2013      2 comments

We ran in the rain last night. Felt great! I was soaked by the time I was done, but I proved to myself that I could finish that C25K workout. I don't want to get to week 7 again, and get "too busy." AND, I did some strength training, but n... Read more
The Witch!
Tuesday, August 27, 2013      3 comments

The body is a strange thing. Over the past week, I've done a lot of great things for my health. I've done well with tracking my food, eating veggies, drinking water. I've worked out. Yet, my body didn't get the notice that it was sup... Read more
Saturday, August 24, 2013      4 comments

Just went for an hour long walk/jog with Casey. It was good, but my hands are all swollen and puffy? I've noticed I get this a lot when I work out. Not sure why. Does this happen to anyone else?... Read more
Big success day
Thursday, August 22, 2013      0 comments

Okay, I am totally within all my ranges on food today with some to spare! Now if I can keep up with that, I'll be okay! I was more active today than I have been recently. I served as a tour guide for some college students this afternoon. T... Read more
Just a couple hours
Wednesday, August 21, 2013      2 comments

I have just a couple hours before I go to bed. Dinner is cooking - whole grain pasta night! If I can hold out long enough, I will have kept within my calorie range for the first time this week. THAT could be quite an accomplishment, and may... Read more
Tuesday, August 20, 2013      4 comments

Had a plan, but I just went overboard on lunch. Hoping I can pull it together and skimp a little on dinner to even things out. So far this week, I have had the best of intentions, but my will power and execution are struggling!!!!... Read more
Set-up for Success
Sunday, August 18, 2013      2 comments

Casey and I developed a menu for a two-week rotation to make sure we are both eating healthy foods. I went ahead and entered the next week in my food tracker to make sure it doesn't take me too long. I have committed myself to exerci... Read more
Monday, July 29, 2013      5 comments

Okay, I have given ENOUGH excuses! I have to stop these little spurts and stick with this or I will gain back everything I lost. That terrifies me. It amazes me how much 10-15 lbs make a difference in the way I feel. I have been so do... Read more
Thursday, June 06, 2013      3 comments

Today, there was a blood drive in memory of my brother's friend. He was a local police officer who died in the line of duty not long after Matt died. I am happy to have the flexibility in my job to be able to take time in the middle of my day to... Read more
Zumba, Strength Training, and Inches
Wednesday, June 05, 2013      2 comments

Yesterday, I went to Zumba. I dragged a co-worker along with me. I loved every minute of it. I'm not sure she did, but that doesn't matter. When I got home, I grabbed some more water, and did some strength training! THIS is the real accomp... Read more
Health and Coupons
Thursday, May 30, 2013      2 comments

So, I'm back again. I'm going to take another shot at tracking my food. It's been a year or more since. I got a new job in February, and have gained a few pounds since. By a few, I mean 10!!! Anyway, Casey and I made a healthy meal pl... Read more
Still Going....
Thursday, October 18, 2012      4 comments

I know I haven't posted in a few, but I'm still around. I've been trying out a new gym. I've been there every day for different classes. So far, Turbo Kick, and Strength Training classes have kicked my butt!!!! Anyway, I'm still stuck... Read more
Halfway there!
Sunday, September 30, 2012      3 comments

Well, I haven't lost the amount of weight or toned up the way I wanted before the show, but I still feel great! One weekend of the show done, and one to go! Hopefully, then I'll have time to be on here more regularly. Kelley and I are goin... Read more
Makes good use of time
Wednesday, September 05, 2012      4 comments

When I was a kid, my report card often contained the words: "Does not make good use of time." That was true then, and it has been true for most of my life (if I'm honest). It has also bee true that I am often tardy. I guess everyone has th... Read more

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