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I wrote a blog post...
Monday, July 24, 2017      6 comments

But lost it. It was positive and uplifting. You will have to take my word for it, because I am not re-writing it. ...And thus Monday strikes it's fir... Read more
Wednesday, February 01, 2017      0 comments

Just struggling. I am currently struggling to stick to my diet, and to get moving. I am currently substitute teaching full time in an FMD room. I am exhausted when I get home, and can't seem to get up early enough in the morning to get any worko... Read more
I'm Back
Friday, October 09, 2015      1 comments

I suffer from fibromyalgia/ arthritis. I have learned that eating well, and exercising is the best way to prevent symptoms from this disease. Then, I developed a host of new symptoms. I had horrible sensitivity to cold, depression, dry itchy s... Read more
Cleaning Out My Closet
Friday, October 03, 2014      4 comments

I came home and started cleaning up my bedroom, putting away neglected clothes, and eventually moved on to my closet. It is amazing the amount of clothes that you have that you forget you own, once they get shoved into the back. I took eve... Read more
Streak love & other stuff
Wednesday, November 14, 2012      2 comments

Here is a review of my goals for the week. I am going to do this every morning to keep me on track. Goal #1: LOSE 2 pounds. (Up a pound this morning.) Goal#2: 7 days of logging in and spinning the sparkwheel. 2/7 Goal#3: 7 days of loggi... Read more
Back to streaking....
Tuesday, November 13, 2012      3 comments

Here are my goals for the week. Goal #1: LOSE 2 pounds. Goal#2: 7 days of logging in and spinning the sparkwheel. 1/7 Goal#3: 7 days of logging my food. 1/7. I did not log ALL my food yesterday. :( Goal#4: 7 days of drinking all my... Read more
Shopping misery
Sunday, November 11, 2012      1 comments

Well, my two meals yesterday were both eaten out, so I am sure the results of that are not good. I haven't weighed yet, but will shortly. :) I skipped church this morning to... Read more
Streakin' Day 1
Monday, October 29, 2012      3 comments

I have set my goals and have every intention of sticking with this. Here is the review of the goals I set for this week. Goal #1: LOSE 2 pounds. DONE. When I logged in this morning I weighed in 2 pounds down. I guess the hit n' miss dietin... Read more
Shiny New Week=Shiny New start!
Sunday, October 28, 2012      2 comments

I am feeling better and I think I am ready. Motivation has been low, but I have been thinking A LOT about this and I have decided I don't wanna be fat anymore. I can't slip back into my old ways. I don't like myself fat. I don't like feeli... Read more
Motivation Lost
Friday, October 26, 2012      4 comments

Still struggling to get my motivation back. I bought the 3 months of sparkcoach hoping it would help motivate me to get back to my diet and exercise program. I am only a few days in, and so far haven't been doing so great. Of course I have be... Read more
Glutton for Punishment
Friday, October 19, 2012      3 comments

I don't know why I do it. I never intend to stop working out. It just happens. I got busy with a new job, 3 kids on 3 different soccer teams, I am coaching 2 of those soccer teams, and before I know it, I have gained weight and not worked ... Read more
Body happiness
Thursday, April 19, 2012      5 comments

When your losing weight and want to keep motivated the most important thing is to be positive. Celebrate every, single, teeny, tiny victory. A few days ago I noticed my arms looked smaller. I measured and sure enough!...I had lost an inch off my... Read more
20 pounds and 7 inches gone! :)
Wednesday, April 18, 2012      4 comments

I have been hanging in there. Despite some questionable food choices, I am hanging steady at 217. I haven't weighed in awhile and am hoping to see the scales number reflect some loss. I have been working out, which is the one thing I have been c... Read more
Everyday day I'm strug-ug-ug-alin'!! (Put yo hands up!)
Thursday, March 29, 2012      3 comments

I'm barely hanging in there. I mean barely. This week has been a huge struggle with me. I have had huge family drama. I got into a stupid argument with my sisters and nieces. It was stupid, I didn't cause it, and I am not going to a... Read more
No patience today!
Tuesday, February 28, 2012      4 comments

My "job" is a substitute teacher. I go into other people's classrooms and take their spots whenever they can't be here to teach their students. It is a rewarding, though low paying job, especially for me, I have my teaching degree but am one of ... Read more

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