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So beautiful I had to blog it...
Friday, June 04, 2010      6 comments

i always felt like i would make a good hippy cuz i am so free spirited or a gypsy... lol. but i just love everything this says! You are more You are not your car. You are not your job. You are not your bank account. Thes... Read more
I *CAN* , I *WILL* !!!!!!!
Saturday, May 02, 2009      5 comments

NEW MONTH!!! NEW GOALSSSSS!!! - workout and stretch EVERY DAY - lose 5lbs - lose 1 inch of waist and arms - make at least $1000 - take lessons to learn to drive standard/manual - sign and pay for car insurance - finally be drivi... Read more
Friday, April 24, 2009      4 comments

AHHHHHHH I AM SOOOOOO PROUD OF MYSELF!!!! I dropped 3 pounds this week ON MY OWN!!!! DEdication, dedication, dedication!!! To my diet and workouts. THATS WHAT IT TAKES!!! 3lbs.. WOoooooooooo!!! 3 more lbs and seeee yaaaa 130's !!! ... Read more
Tuesday, April 21, 2009      4 comments

1) I WILL Lose 5lbs + and get outta 130's !!! 2) I WILL do my workouts No-Matter-What!!! 3) I WILL stick to my clean eating !!!! 4) I WILL drink 2 liters or more of water Everyday!!! 5) I WILL Lose 2 inches off of my waist - April 30th!... Read more
Psalm 23 (The Message)
Thursday, February 12, 2009      0 comments

Psalm 23 A David Psalm 1-3 God, my shepherd! I don't need a thing. You have bedded me down in lush meadows, you find me quiet pools to drink from. True to your word, you let me catch my breath and send me i... Read more
Attitude of Gratitude =)
Thursday, February 05, 2009      1 comments explained SO WELL by Miss Rhonda Byrne... ...and it goes perfectly with HEART HEALTHY FEBRUARY!! The greatest thief of human happiness and abundance is ungratefulness. Any lack in our lives - whether in money,... Read more
Wednesday, February 04, 2009      0 comments

Saw some Interesting info this evening..thought it might be of some interest to was to me as I come from a family with heart disease and for everyone who is trying to quit smoking and you can exercise your way off of High Blood Pressu... Read more
heres another pic!
Tuesday, February 03, 2009      3 comments

So excited to see what Chalean Extreme does for me!! bit of a close up. ... Read more
Power 90 Done!!
Monday, February 02, 2009      2 comments

Hey All!! beenpretty busy but I finished Power 90!!! workin on my before and after stats but heres a pic!! ... Read more
Monday, January 12, 2009      13 comments

My bday was yesterday.... I am looking Fabulous at 22!! woot woot!!! but I want MORE!!! hehe. I have new goals and 22 IS MY BEST YEAR YET!!! Featuring the munchkinsss!! lol... My Niece, Yasi and My Nephew, Orlando ^^ Feliz CumpleaƱos!!... Read more
Thursday, January 01, 2009      1 comments

I will reach my goal weight!! March 09 baby!! This is MY YEAR!!!!!! and summer ABS!!! WOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! Gonna Rock dem bikinis for the first time in my life ^^ Wishin' all of you ALLL the Love you Hearts can handle!! God Bless You All!!... Read more
Merry Christmas!
Thursday, January 01, 2009      0 comments

I loved this Christmas!! I was so happy. not like my usual grumpy self... i am amazed at the wonderful changes that have occurred inside of me. I am a new person!! I was surrounded by Family and it was awesome!! I feel truly blessed =) My ... Read more
Half way point!!
Monday, December 22, 2008      4 comments

So I have reached a halfway point... I cannot believe my body used to fit in here!!! It is absolutely amazing to see where I have come from, where I am, and where I am Going!!!! I am So excited about Life!! Just Keep Lovin' Life and it will ... Read more
Before and After Day 1 (Nov 3), Day 30 (Dec 3.) =o
Saturday, December 13, 2008      6 comments

Pretty Lizzy feelin' a lil Ray of Sunshine!! :D:D:D ... Read more
Day 30 stats
Friday, December 05, 2008      2 comments

Lol.. i know kinda late.. but here they are!! Day 1, Monday November 3: Weight: 149lbs Chest - 40 Arms - 14.5 Waist - 33 Belly Button - 36.5 Abdomen - 38.5 Hips - 41.5 Thighs - 26 Monday November 10 : Ches... Read more

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