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Pickled beets and other happenings..
Saturday, September 07, 2013      4 comments

I went to the garden this morning ...since I have not been there for over a week..Lots happening in that world.I picked four 5 gal. buckets of veggies..cukes, zukes, peppers, and beets ..the beets I proceeded to wash..boil till relatively tender... Read more
Today is our fair..Yippee!!
Friday, August 30, 2013      2 comments

Time of really buzzing past..I am the Superintendent of the preserved foods at our little fair..I have been working at getting my dept. in shape..as today is the opening day. Because of so much going's on..I have not been keeping track of an... Read more
Hooo Hummm
Wednesday, August 21, 2013      0 comments

Thats how I feel anyway..its all good..just hoo humm! I have to can..and dehydrate..I'm getting where I don't want to. The mess it makes and since there is just the two of us..we don't eat alot of what I do put up..we give most of it away t... Read more
up early
Saturday, August 17, 2013      4 comments

Getting ready for the morning bike ride and walk..then its gardening. Lots to do this wonderful day..Thankful for the beauty that surrounds us..The Lord is good.... Read more
The Zucchini Fest is over..along with stressful overeating
Friday, August 16, 2013      3 comments

Now I can relax more. So much work..and being under alot of stress wasn't the best for me..as I ATE!! Today I am back on track..I am afraid to approach the scale..as its been about 3 weeks that I have looked.. Today I did go walking and ri... Read more
Smoothies any one?
Saturday, July 27, 2013      2 comments

I have started doing smoothies..so that I get enough veggies and fruits daily. A friend told me about juicing.but I thought..what the hey I have a high powered blender (blendtec) that I purchased a while back and its just sitting..so this is my ... Read more
Busy life, busy me...But not too busy to..
Friday, July 26, 2013      1 comments

Exercise..I am working at finding what works for me..I am incredibly busy..with gardening, cleaning, laundry, etc..but I am making time for me most days. It used to be that I only thought of others..but now I am making sure I take care of me..mo... Read more
Thursday, July 18, 2013      3 comments

Its HOT here ! Doesn't look like any time soon that it will cool off for day time temps that is..Thank goodness in the evenings its always gets cool..generally down in the 50's ore low 60's. Makes it tolerable. Noting much new on this end..h... Read more
ramblings of life
Thursday, July 11, 2013      3 comments

Good morning..Hope your day is going wonderfully. Its very nice today in eastern Oregon..not so hot..and it is sunny. I am going out to work in the garden after breakfast.I see some veggies need a little boost..fertilizer. So I will take car... Read more
biking home.. men mock and remark...difficult time.
Wednesday, July 10, 2013      4 comments

I was enjoying my ride this morning..returning from biking to school , walking, and biking home..On the way two men were on main street talking. The one seated in his truck watched me..then the other man turned to look at me..by that time I was... Read more
Its too hot...
Tuesday, July 02, 2013      3 comments

No car . as its broke down and the parts have not arrived..its too hot to bike to school track to do my daily walk..I am recumbent biking..I already have 2 miles in..and now I'm going to walk to the Leslie Sansone DVD Walk Diet. Then later in da... Read more
Antiques Road show..
Tuesday, July 02, 2013      2 comments

Last Saturday a friend and I attended the Antiques Road show in Boise, Id. the following is an article I wrote for our little paper.. I was thankful that I have been walking some..it came in very handy . I don't think I could of accomplished ... Read more
walking..thanks for the encouragement
Friday, June 28, 2013      1 comments

I got up earlier today..just so I could beat the heat. My DH and I biked to the school (2.5 miles round trip ),where we parted. From there I went to the track and walked. I had my watch and timed my walking..Not impressive..yet it was for me. I ... Read more
Fitbit anyone??
Thursday, June 27, 2013      5 comments

My sister told me about fitbit..I ordered one and got it day before yesterday. I have to say it is really encouraging me to walk more. I have been walking for the last two weeks at the schools track..SLOWLY. The first week I was only able to... Read more
I am exercising more..and still hating it..
Friday, June 21, 2013      8 comments

Yes..I am am hating it..I have to force myself...but I am doing it. I have fought with the idea of doing exercise for years..How does a person get past it ? I know I need it for a healthier life. and that is the bottom line. I read wh... Read more

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