A Little Motivation Can Mean A Lot
Sunday, February 19, 2012      2 comments

In the past few weeks I have discovered that my jeans don't fit me properly. To my amazement they are actually too bog rather than too tight. I didn't feel like I was doing anything to cause this change; in fact, I figured that my ignorance ab... Read more
I'd like a little bun with my hamburger patties
Sunday, May 08, 2011      3 comments

I am sure it is obvious to everyone on planet Earth that portions of food offered in restaurants has increased over the past 10-20 years. I cannot help but wonder when the war between the restaurant industry and our biology will end, and who wil... Read more
Take A Step Back and Re-evalute Where You Are At
Monday, April 11, 2011      4 comments

To those of you who have left me messages, posts, e-mails, etc, and have not heard back from me, I apologize to you. It was nothing personal against you or SparkPeople. It was all me. I have been fighting a mental battle called stress. My hou... Read more
Favourite Couple
Monday, February 07, 2011      2 comments

Instead of writing a blog about myself - got nothing to say, really - I thought it might be interesting to post a question and allow people to respond. Who do you find to be the most intruiging couple? Why? The couple may be alive or dec... Read more
You're Hot Then You're Cold; You're Yes Then You're No......
Sunday, January 30, 2011      2 comments

Most everyone recognizes this Blog Entry Title as lyrics from Katie Perry's single 'Hot'N'Cold' A catchy jingle about her perceptions of the man she is about to marry. In our lifetime we will probably meet or have met someone who seems to flip... Read more
Why We Are So Confused About Our Health
Friday, January 28, 2011      0 comments

I love science, biology being my favourite subject in highschool and in university. The functions of the human body are interesting. I feel it is important to know who we are and how we work so we can include what benefits us (nutrition, exe... Read more
My Mistakes Are Learning Tools
Sunday, January 23, 2011      7 comments

Last night I was lazy: I didn't want to cook dinner. My boyfriend didn't want to cook either. We wanted someone with culinary skills to prepare a meal and serve it to us. I ordered a pizza from Pizza Hut. Not just any pizza -> large Chicken C... Read more
Magazines versus Real Life
Tuesday, January 18, 2011      2 comments

I have never written a blog in my life, but for some reason today I feel motivated to type something. Here goes: I was sitting on the couch reading my Cosmo magazine when I started to think about the people shown in the ads versus the average ... Read more