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Xmas Daily Self Challenge
Tuesday, December 12, 2017      3 comments

We've got guests coming; there are a few last preparations I have to make besides all the grocery shopping and food cooking! There's a fancy wedding to attend -- and a fancy dress to buy and wedding gift to buy. The tree isn't up, but the Xmas ... Read more
worik owrk wrok work WORK!
Tuesday, November 14, 2017      0 comments

We've been having lovely weather and I've been trying to take advantage of it by getting the outdoors work done while it is still pleasant outside. The back is finished except for my work that waits upon the fence being rebuilt. The workmen who ... Read more
Halloween was Happy! THREE costumes!
Tuesday, November 07, 2017      1 comments

Check my SparkPage for the most recent 2 photos! I was gonna do something EASY this year -- I ordered a Monarch Butterfly Wings cape online and I prepared the rest of the costume (black body suit, extra set of legs, bug eyes, and antennae), ... Read more
Year to Date, Short Summary!
Sunday, October 01, 2017      2 comments

I get about 150 to 200 e-mails daily, not including spam. I suppose none of it is essential, but it generally is a lot of information regarding things I AM interested in. And earlier this year, I spent 6 weeks caring for my mother after her bi... Read more
LC Tip of the Day # 228
Sunday, May 07, 2017      2 comments

224) Drink from tall thin glasses. It feels like you're drinking more!... Read more
Nanny nanny boo boo, I am NOT afraid of you, Salt! OOPS!
Monday, April 24, 2017      3 comments

I don't retain water; I don't have high blood pressure; I don't have ANY health problems diagnosed by any health professional. And salt makes food taste so much better! WHY should I care about all the hysteria surrounding salt? Well, that's w... Read more
Big Business wants you fat.
Thursday, April 13, 2017      2 comments

I'm age 60+. So that's my time frame for all the following: Do you remember being very young, at a restaurant, and seeing "the Diet Plate" on the menu? I do. It was always cottage cheese, a piece of meat, and a half a peach sitting on lett... Read more
LC Tip of the Day # 227: Raise RMR 11 ways Scientifically
Wednesday, April 05, 2017      3 comments

Every time we eat or drink, we can thank our metabolism for converting all those calories into energy. Our size, gender, and age all factor into our metabolic rate, but there are also ways to independently adjust its speed. Here are ways to hel... Read more
Low Carb and Ketosis For Dummies -- the Short Form: What is it & what's it mean? (a 4-minute read)
Tuesday, March 14, 2017      2 comments

When you eat lots of carbs (I'll just call that the Usual American Diet), you are using a metabolic pathway that produces lots of glycogen (another word for sugar!) for energy. IT is VERY efficient and uses all the calories it can get out of the... Read more
Blow it? Getting back on track! (low carb diet, but good advice for others too!)
Sunday, February 05, 2017      1 comments

Carolyn of All Day I Dream about Food (condensed): Don't beat yourself up. Treat yourself lovingly. Don't excuse your behavior. OWN it. Think about it. Understand why you did it and make preparations to do better. Take notes or keep a jour... Read more
LC Tip of the Day #226
Saturday, February 04, 2017      2 comments

You will never change your life unless you change something you do every day. The secret to success is found in your DAILY routine!... Read more
Need help setting & achieving goals? KNOW the difference between process and desire!
Tuesday, January 24, 2017      2 comments

Goals are the translation of desires into actions. Since you can only live one day at a time, losing anything more than one pound healthily is not a goal, it is a desire. It is easy to understand then that every goal-desire should defined as an... Read more
LC Tip of the Day #225
Saturday, January 14, 2017      1 comments

r-future-self.html So you don't have enough will-power to achieve your long term objectives when temptation is right in front of you? M... Read more
LC Tip of the Day #224
Friday, January 13, 2017      0 comments

Eat with your non-dominant hand.... Read more
New Year's LC Tip of the Day #223
Wednesday, December 28, 2016      2 comments

You can be Stupendous Woman any time you want! Give yourself permission to believe in yourself, in your own superpowers to do anything you want, to have fun! Let your mind take you wherever you want to go.... Read more

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