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Happy Birthday Dad
Monday, October 03, 2011      8 comments

I wanted to wish my dear Dad a very Happy and Healthy 87th Birthday.... My Dad is able to live a lone, well one of my brothers has moved in on him but it is for his benefit not Dads....he doesn't take any medications, no high blood pressure... Read more
Happy and Healthy Week
Sunday, October 02, 2011      8 comments

I'm getting things ready for this coming week. I used up all the apples I got, debating about getting another bushel, I can never have enough apple sauce.....I got the tomatoes canned till more ripen now I am getting my favorite recip... Read more
Saturday, October 01, 2011      8 comments

Does anyone use probiotics?? I have been using Align for about 3 months, I do think they make my digestive track feel better with all the fresh vegetables I eat.... I wonder what else they do for me..... well time for dinner...... Read more
Friday, September 30, 2011      13 comments

Has anyone tried Sensa? a friend at worked tried it and said she had some sucess but is now gaining back the weight, I think she lost 10 pounds but also started to her husband did way better and he seems to be doing better a... Read more
We lost one of our Sparkpeople
Thursday, September 29, 2011      33 comments

I got word this morning that TBRAX98 has passed away.... Teresa was one of the first people I got to know here on Spark people along with Karon, sorry right now can't think of your sparkname..they both gave me so much encouragement and support t... Read more
Happy Days are here
Wednesday, September 28, 2011      9 comments

I had a really good day....Lots of exercise, things are going good. Today I am feeling really good about the progress I have made and I keep making.... It's nice when people tell me how I have made a difference in there life ..... I over h... Read more
happy Tuesday
Tuesday, September 27, 2011      10 comments

I'm going to the farmers market again this morning...I'm hoping to get my Jonathan apples so I can make apple sauce this week end and a few pies for the freezer....I make small pies and freeze them so when we want pie Gary gets one big piece and... Read more
Thank You
Monday, September 26, 2011      5 comments

I'd like to thanks everyone for there kind words on my blog about my weight loss time line. It was a good day, weather so nice I hate for it to end....good exerccise weather... Have a healthy Tuesday... Kitt... Read more
going over my progress
Sunday, September 25, 2011      31 comments

I was having some trouble getting to sleep last night so I was reading my spark page, now that was some interesting info.....I started Spark people back in 2006 at the weight of 347 pounds....lots of weight and was trying to just loose 20 pounds... Read more
Saturday, September 24, 2011      9 comments

Have a healthy week end... Read more
Good Day
Friday, September 23, 2011      3 comments

The weather was so wonderful , 80 and sunny.... my only issue today was the craving for sweets, I am trying to keep busy and get it out of my brain... it has been a struggle, I had my allowed 8grams of dark chocolate....that did not seem to ... Read more
Glad tomorrow is Friday
Thursday, September 22, 2011      10 comments

I'm happy tomorrow is Friday, I have been tired this week and need the down time, to recharge my batteries..... The man at worked loved his Bronco shirt...he was so proud , and happy that he too has a Bronco shirt like everyone else.....Gar... Read more
Runny late
Wednesday, September 21, 2011      7 comments

I had to got to work early this morning and then ended up having to stop at walmart after work.. I bought a bronco t-shirt for one of the guy at the day program, we do a bronco day on thursdays and he doesn't have one and not able to afford on... Read more
planning the week end.
Tuesday, September 20, 2011      7 comments

I have been searching for directions for our week end plan....We still have a gift certificate from Christmas for this restaurant in Denver so we decided to make a day of it, go to the Aquarium and then to dinner....We have been to the Restauran... Read more
Freedom number 2
Monday, September 19, 2011      12 comments

In yesterdays blog about freedom, I for got to mention I am free of pain, no more leg and hip pain... I can walk for hours now ....I am also free from the pain of worry, worry will I have a heart attack or stoke, free from the fear that I might ... Read more

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