Somebody pinch me...
Monday, October 20, 2008      1 comments

Really hard...well, not too too hard. I have to ask myself how any mother of three boys could have time to over eat. I should be as skinny as a rail! If only KD and hot dogs were good for you. Then we'd all be healthy!! I am giving myself a... Read more
Back to school...back to Spark!
Tuesday, August 26, 2008      1 comments

Seems so easy to get off of this 'wagon' Summer break, vacations, road trips. We have had a complete lack of schedule this summer. Although I'm not looking forward to going back to work this October, I AM looking forward to having a bit more ... Read more
The fat chick no longer lives here...
Tuesday, August 05, 2008      1 comments

Last night I went for my daily walk in shorts and a t-shirt. Something I haven't done in a loooooong time. I felt like I rediscovered the old me...not the one who had to convince herself that carrying around all of this extra weight was justif... Read more
A leopard CAN change its spots!!
Saturday, August 02, 2008      0 comments the coffee drinking, cigarette smoking, potato chip eating, lazy heffalump has left the building. We now own a great treadmill, a mountain bike (although my butt still hurts whenever I ride it), a swiss ball and hand weights. Who'da t... Read more
It's contagious...
Sunday, March 18, 2007      1 comments

Well, I've been trying to encourage my husband to live a little healthier, without pushing him into something he doesn't want to do. He's one of those guys that has lived his whole life without having to worry about food, the kind with the extr... Read more
I think I'm stuck...
Saturday, March 17, 2007      3 comments

I feel like everything is coming to a stand still. I just hate the word 'plateau' How on earth could my body ever think it needed to store FAT, of all things. How ironic is THAT to someone who still needs to lose about 70 pounds. If anything... Read more
New Mini Goal
Tuesday, March 06, 2007      1 comments

My new mini goal is to consistently acheive the low end of my calorie intake. I got in this habit of under eating and it seems I came to a complete standstill. For the past couple of days, I've been making sure I hit at least the low end of my... Read more
Switching it up...
Sunday, March 04, 2007      2 comments

We've decided to buy an elliptical. There are so many days when I can't get out and walk because the weather is just too cold. And it may be the encouragement my husband needs to get more exercise. That will also allow me to exercise in the m... Read more
Back in the saddle...
Wednesday, February 28, 2007      0 comments

Well, that poor wagon is sure tired of me falling off of it... jumping off of it, actually. I think I'm just getting bored of the same old (healthy) food. And exercise. And pity for me, the weight does not magically melt off if I don't eat... Read more
Under the Weather...
Thursday, February 22, 2007      0 comments

Our household has been visited by the stomach flu. Which makes it a little difficult to maintain a healthy eating habit. Rather, it makes it difficult to want to eat at all! I feel like I've been off of the wagon for the last few days but rea... Read more
Another one bites the dust...
Thursday, February 08, 2007      0 comments

One more pound gone! And I actually fit back into a pair of size 18 jeans! (just fit - but got the zipper up so that counts, right? :) Yippee. I've actually eaten more in the past two days than I was previously, but still within my range... Read more
Same Old, Same Old
Wednesday, February 07, 2007      0 comments

Amazingly enough, I've been doing great at staying within my calorie range. If anything, sometimes I haven't eaten enough and I still feel full! Looking back it seems that I do burn more when I consume the calories I'm supposed to. If I fall ... Read more
Monday, February 05, 2007      1 comments

Seems that I might be hitting a dreaded PLATEAU. Greeeeat. Just what I need!! I think I'm going to switch up a few things in my meal plan and maybe up the cardio a little bit to get through it. Which might prove difficult because it's around -... Read more
It's -31 degrees outside!!
Sunday, February 04, 2007      0 comments

Holy Cow. Is it ever hard to get up the nerve to bundle up into all of those clothes and get my butt outside for my daily walk. By the time I get home my entire head has frosted over. My eyelashes literally had ice building up on them. I ha... Read more
Camera shy...
Friday, February 02, 2007      1 comments

I have just realized that I let myself get into a place where I must have hated my self-image so much that I stopped allowing people to take my picture. I always used the rationale that I was the one holding the camera but I think, or I know, i... Read more

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