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One day at a time
Sunday, January 15, 2017      3 comments

This back injury has really gotten me off track. I have not hit my step goal since Wednesday. I'm not trying to get too far behind but I realize the danger of pushing myself too hard. With that in mind, I will continue to take it one day at a ti... Read more
Time to rest
Thursday, January 12, 2017      4 comments

So my back is still bothering me but I managed to make it through another work day. Unfortunately, it's bothering me so much tonight, that I felt it best to take tomorrow off. That will give me a 4 day weekend. I really think that will give me a... Read more
Just not my day
Wednesday, January 11, 2017      5 comments

Today was just one of those days. It started horrible but I managed to survive it. Before work, I fell on the ice and hurt my back and shattered my favorite water jug. Somehow, I also managed to meet my step goal but my exercise goal is shot unt... Read more
Striving to make the necessary changes
Tuesday, January 10, 2017      2 comments

So I missed writing a blog yesterday because I fell asleep early. I did really well with staying within my limits and I met my step goal. I also reached another goal. A couple years ago, 1 of my spark teams recommended a book called 52 small cha... Read more
All about the family
Sunday, January 08, 2017      2 comments

Today I decided not to be as aggressive as I have been lately. My son and his girlfriend wanted to make dinner and just have the whole family spend the day together. We did just that. It was nice to just enjoy each other's company. I still mana... Read more
Officially 1 week
Saturday, January 07, 2017      5 comments

It has now officially been 1 week and I'm still on track. Normally, by now, I have begun to lose interest or tell myself that I'll just do better tomorrow. I haven't weighed myself in yet and have pretty much decided to hold off on doing that un... Read more
Much better day today
Friday, January 06, 2017      1 comments

After slipping a little bit yesterday, I did much better today. I stayed within my calorie limit and met my step goal. I went shopping with my husband and got many of the foods I wanted to have on hand to make healthy meals. I even made out a me... Read more
Slipped a little but tomorrow is another day.
Thursday, January 05, 2017      2 comments

So today I went over my calorie limit, but not by very much. I was a little bit worried but then I realized my step count today. It was 9,000 steps. Most of that was done ay work so I didn't realize I had gone that far. Feeling a little relieve... Read more
Killing it!
Wednesday, January 04, 2017      3 comments

Day 4 and so far I've stayed completely on track. Normally, I start losing interest by now. Today, I have done all my exercises, walked almost 7,000 steps, stayed within my calorie limits and done today's bible reading. I'm feeling very accomp... Read more
It's all about moderation
Tuesday, January 03, 2017      4 comments

So this year I'm doing things a little different. I used to start out my dieting by looking at a 20-30 pound weight loss. I used to walk 8-10 miles a day. I used to all but starve myself to make sure I would see results. Looking back, it's no w... Read more
It's a start
Monday, January 02, 2017      1 comments

Well, yesterday didn't completely go as planned but it was a good start. I didn't reach my step goal, but I did reach all my other goals. I stayed within my calorie limit, I did all of my exercises and completed my water intake. Today I plan to ... Read more
Happy 2017
Sunday, January 01, 2017      3 comments

Here we are, another January 1st, and I've promised myself, again, that this will be the year that I lose my unwanted weight and get back into better shape. I do this each year, but it never lasts long. Each year, I say "this year will be differ... Read more
Oops! I did it again
Sunday, January 11, 2015      5 comments

Ok, so I was doing really good yesterday, then my daughter was nice enough to offer to take me out to lunch. We went to Applebee 's. I ordered the fish and chips because I thought that would be a somewhat healthy choice. When I got home, I enter... Read more
All systems go!
Saturday, January 10, 2015      5 comments

Got up this morning, ready to set up my Fitbit, and come to find out, still no internet connection. I'm really confused because everything else was working just fine. Some of my other spark friends said that the site was having problems. I messa... Read more
A minor setback
Friday, January 09, 2015      4 comments

After what I thought was a good weigh in yesterday morning, I slipped a little bit and ate some things I shouldn't have and it showed this morning. I'm disappointed in myself but, at the same time, I know I will have days like this. Putting that... Read more

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