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What I Haven't Lost and I Haven't Gained
Thursday, July 22, 2010      48 comments

I haven't lost my powers of perception and I haven't gained naivete. It's evident that I lost a lot of weight and it's obvious from my "Top 88 Things I've Gained in a Year" blog that many things are different in my life. I guess what ... Read more
Voted Popular Blog Post: View All Popular Posts Top 5 Things NOT to Say to Someone Who Has Lost a Lot of Weight
Wednesday, July 21, 2010      735 comments

I'm one of those people who has lost a lot of weight, and based on a lot of blogs I've read recently, I guess I'm not alone in being annoyed by some of the questions and comments I get from people (some well-meaning and some just gossipy and cu... Read more
Tuesday, July 20, 2010      72 comments

I find myself not caring about makeup anymore. I stopped wearing it when I had my eye infection a couple of months ago and even though it cleared up long ago, I found myself in the habit of just not worrying about how my face looks. I wash it, t... Read more
Shake It!
Tuesday, July 20, 2010      33 comments

Nonscale Victory #436 (or thereabouts): My apartment don't shake no more. emoticon I was super emba... Read more
More Than a Half of a Half
Monday, July 19, 2010      75 comments

Seeing this blog title, you might be like, huh? emoticon Well, I ran more than half of a half marathon that is!... Read more
Trust the Tag, Skinny Days, and the Difference of a Month
Friday, July 16, 2010      58 comments

I spent part of yesterday organizing my closet and doing laundry and doing another run through of what actually fits and is just too big now. As you know, I've gotten some awesome deals at Nordstrom Rack, TJ Maxx and Marshalls lately. I've also ... Read more
Overnight Oats With Figs, Bananas, and Pistachios
Thursday, July 15, 2010      36 comments

I finally had a wonderful run this morning. The weather was much cooler, in the high 60s with a cooling breeze. I did 5 miles in 60 minutes and felt amazing! Now I just need to wake myself up early on Saturday so I can finally get a long run in!... Read more
Rest Needed, Comfort at TJ's
Wednesday, July 14, 2010      34 comments

Despite planning on a run this afternoon, I'm going to take a rest day today because my body is demanding it. I didn't sleep well last night and I laced up and headed out and I just couldn't do it. I ended up getting in my car and heading to Tra... Read more
30 By 30 Progress
Wednesday, July 14, 2010      62 comments

I've made it a July goal to work on ticking things off my 30 By 30 list, especially since my birthday is in less than 5 months. The list is on my front page if anybody is interested. One of the items is to find 30 new healthy recipes that I love... Read more
Gooooooooooood Moooooooooorning!
Monday, July 12, 2010      55 comments

Morning to all those in Sparkland! I've been busy in the outdoors and enjoying the summer and I hope everyone is doing the same! I hope everyone had a super weekend! I was back at the beach and it was a rainy day on Saturday and a beautiful... Read more
Peek Into my Shopping Cart
Wednesday, July 07, 2010      53 comments

Again, trying to show that shopping well doesn't have to be expensive. I shop at Market Basket by the way, just like every single person in Massachusetts/New Hampshire should. It is by far the cheapest and best supermarket in the area. PROD... Read more
Recharging and Recommitting
Wednesday, July 07, 2010      51 comments

Fourth of July came and went and yes, I overindulged in the margaritas (made with lite mix) and pinot grigio and went to popcorn and chips a few more times than I would have otherwise. I had a lot of red meat and an amazing breakfast at the loca... Read more
Voted Popular Blog Post: View All Popular Posts With Compliments Come Contemplation
Friday, July 02, 2010      163 comments

Many Sparkfriends have written recently about compliments, either the ones they received recently or the ones that they crave or hope to get in the future. When you invest so much into getting healthy and losing weight, it's understandable that... Read more
Voted Popular Blog Post: View All Popular Posts June Recap and July Goals
Thursday, July 01, 2010      85 comments

Wow, it’s hard to believe I’ve done a year of these recap blogs already! But I have, and they’ve totally worked for me and kept me motivated. Also hard to believe that 2010 is half over. Scary. I had a great June! I ran my first 10K race, ... Read more
Voted Popular Blog Post: View All Popular Posts 2010 is Half Over: Do You Need Some Midyear Resolutions?
Wednesday, June 30, 2010      126 comments

Tomorrow is July 1st, which will mean that 2010 is half over. Scary, huh? Remember back in January, when you sat down and made your New Years resolutions? Chances are ... Read more

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