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The next step for me
Thursday, July 28, 2016      1 comments

So, I have to admit, I've been wavering lately. Disgruntled is probably a better word for it. I'm 43, going through menopause according to my Doc. I've been back on SP for just shy of 50 days now. I've started back slowly. Starting to accou... Read more
28 days in...
Tuesday, July 05, 2016      2 comments

Today marks my first month tracking and getting reinvolved with SP. All I can say is I am MUCH happier than I was a month ago. A month ago, I was at my breaking point with stress. I carried in in every aspect of my life, work, home, kids, hub... Read more
Cravings, and Emotions, and left over cake, oh my!
Monday, June 20, 2016      3 comments

I'm two weeks in, and today is the first really hard craving day I've had. I'm finding it so hard to resist that left over cake I made my hubby for fathers day yesterday. And that is why I'm blogging today. I don't want to overeat... especial... Read more
10 days and counting...
Saturday, June 18, 2016      3 comments

Today is day 11 of my re-commitment to losing weight and being healthy. I'm feeling so much more in control of everything in my life since my last blog. Roughly two weeks ago, I was so overwhelmed with everything. I think it was that brink th... Read more
Too much, and not enough me...
Tuesday, June 07, 2016      5 comments

How does a person actually find balance? Sometimes I think I have it, and other times I feel completely lost in an abyss. That’s how I feel today… Completely lost… Work is completely stressful. Too many meetings, not enough time to get real ... Read more
First Goal: Accountability and Awareness
Wednesday, September 03, 2014      4 comments

This is my first blog post in almost a year. I took a break from SP after I found out I was pregnant with my second son. At the beginning of my pregnancy, I was very determined to try to keep doing SP throughout. Obviously not to lose weight,... Read more
My Call Back to Reality
Tuesday, October 01, 2013      3 comments

Last Friday was an eye-opener for me. It was the first time I chose to Blog since finding out I was pregnant. By the time I was about 3 months along, my Sparking was sketchy at best. I was inconsistent with logging my food, and my will to wal... Read more
Trying to stay positive about my body through my pregnancy.
Friday, September 20, 2013      7 comments

So, here I am, nearing 5 months of my pregnancy. I'm filled with every emotion you can imagine. Having this baby is what I strived for back when I first started SP. I wanted to lose weight and get healthy so that this could even be a possibil... Read more
Thankful for my Spark Friends
Tuesday, July 09, 2013      4 comments

Just a shout-out to my awesome Spark friends. You've inspired me more than you know recently, during a time when I've needed you most. Thank you!!! ... Read more
Thank goodness for this week's little blessings
Thursday, May 30, 2013      0 comments

I don't think it was one thing alone, but likely a combination of things, but this week, I've felt more like myself in a very long time. It's the first week in I don't know how long, that I've been staying within my calorie range CONSISTENTLY, ... Read more
Detoxing My Body and My Mind
Monday, May 20, 2013      0 comments

I spent a VERY relaxing Girls weekend up North with my dear family... I look forward to this outing each year. It is a true vacation that is responsibility free. There's just one problem... I am from a family of big eaters, and I fit right i... Read more
Trying to be satisfied with less than 2000 again.
Monday, May 13, 2013      3 comments

2000 calories... That is what I've been hanging at for awhile now. This surpasses my goal by about 350 calories. I can tell you there was a time for much of last year, where staying within my caloric goals was dare I say "easy". I was motiva... Read more
Why is convincing myself to exercise hard, when I feel so great afterwards?
Sunday, April 07, 2013      8 comments

Ever ask yourself this question? Why is it so hard to motivate myself to just get up and move my butt, when I feel so great after I've worked out? I just got off the treadmill, and I feel great! My mood is light, I feel happy, I feel cleansed... Read more
Finding Me Again
Monday, April 01, 2013      1 comments

For several weeks, dare I say months now... I've been floundering. Not consistently tracking, not consistently exercising... Doing bare minimum to get by... Work has been very high stress lately. I've taken on a new role that I really didn't w... Read more
Maintaining isn't enough
Sunday, March 17, 2013      5 comments

I continue to feel lost this last week. I've been very lax about logging in my food again this week. I tried to stay consistent only about 1/2 the time. I have been exercising, and was SOOO happy to see that I earned that 250 fitness minute a... Read more

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