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Another loss....
Friday, May 02, 2008      2 comments

This past week I worked really hard...even squeezed in a few extra pretty decent workouts and was rewarded with a 2lb loss - I'll take it! :) 2 more pounds this body will not see again.....I'm getting excited...heading on the downhill slide ... Read more
Saturday, April 12, 2008      3 comments

This has been a tough week personally and at work but I am proud to say that I still stayed on track - did all my workouts and lost 1.5 lbs. I am happy to see that I did not let the stress get to me. I actually find that I am so much more calm n... Read more
Pretty happy....
Friday, April 04, 2008      3 comments

When I got to the gym and weighed in this morning I had lost 2 1/2 lbs - so happy to see the scale moving downwards. The nice thing is that I can see it in the way my clothes fit as well - overall - I'm pretty happy right now! :)... Read more
Thank goodness for blogs!!!!
Thursday, April 03, 2008      0 comments

Well...I guess I have gotten carried away with myself...lol...I weighed in on Monday (not really sure how I got all turned about in my weigh ins as I see my last one was on Thursday! lol) and I was not happy that the scale hadn't moved......geez... Read more
Thursday, March 27, 2008      1 comments

I have finally seen a drop on the scale again - granted it was just a pound and a half....but at least it is a drop in weight! I know I have been working hard and the funny thing is that I have scaled back a bit of my workout to have I change fr... Read more
Sunday, March 16, 2008      0 comments

is a start of another new week - another opportunity to go work my butt off and hopefully the scale will decide to move (downwards!) for me on Tuesday. But even if it doesn't I know what I am doing is making my life better as I feel it by being ... Read more
Tuesday, March 11, 2008      0 comments

Well...I was looking forward to my weigh in this week because I know I worked hard last week - got in all my workouts and was fairly good with what I ate so it was disappointing to see that I hadn't lost any weight at all - kind of curious too b... Read more
New week coming...
Sunday, March 09, 2008      0 comments

I try to read as much of the site as I can during the weekend to keep myself motivated to get going on the next week. It has been a real benefit! I am actually looking forward to the weigh in on Tuesday because I can feel my clothes getting loos... Read more
Persistence and Determination
Friday, February 29, 2008      0 comments

....those are my two motivational words when I feel like giving up. I also saw a great quote today at the gym - Make It Happen - simple but right on the money. I'm proud of myself this week for putting in the full 5 days of working out - ev... Read more
Monday, February 25, 2008      0 comments

Went to the gym this morning - worked out for an hour and a half which seemed like an unrealistic goal less than 2 months ago. Always feel better about myself after I give it my all at the gym. Ready to go tackle the rest of my day!... Read more
Sunday, February 24, 2008      0 comments

I have been pretty faithful in my workout regime since January 7th. I have probably lost between 10 and 15lbs but didn't actually weigh myself until recently so that is the start weight I have on my tracker. I have hit a bit of a motivational wa... Read more