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Yoda was wrong- sometimes "try" is a perfectly valid choice
Tuesday, May 04, 2010      4 comments

Despite my inability to finish full week 3 intervals on my first outdoor run, I decided to move on to week 4, anyway. The idea of running for five minutes straight is kind of daunting, but here's the thing: that old cliche of "you'll never know ... Read more
Running against the wind
Sunday, May 02, 2010      4 comments

Last night, I had my first outdoor run. I'm not really sure how I feel about it. Up until now, I've done all my running around the indoor track at my community center. I used the unpredictable weather as an excuse, but the fact was, I was a bit ... Read more
The (very odd) source of my weight loss goal
Friday, April 30, 2010      1 comments

If you were to ask me what I think my ideal size would be, I would immediately say "Size 12, definitely." I have a very specific, silly and somewhat weird reason for thinking that. I think it makes a very "Friday afternoon" kind of story. W... Read more
Change you can see!
Wednesday, April 28, 2010      4 comments

Yesterday I wore a new cardigan and tank top to work and I was surprised and pleased to note that my waist looked more defined. It looked more hourglassy and less blobby. I thought it was just that the sweater had a remarkably flattering cut. It... Read more
Progress and girly stuff
Monday, April 26, 2010      1 comments

Woo! I must really be a blogger now- I attracted a spammer. I wonder how many calories you burn deleting comments? Anyway, I've been really happy with my progress lately. I had set a goal of getting to 210 by the end of April. Well, on Satu... Read more
Assignment: Trouble Goal
Wednesday, April 21, 2010      1 comments

So, this week's SparkDiet "action step" is to blog about a "trouble goal" and try to come up with a solution. I have a lot of trouble goals. This is due, in large part, to my habit of making plans and then not following through. So I develop go... Read more
C25K Week 3 begins
Tuesday, April 20, 2010      3 comments

So, last night I moved on from C25K week 2 to week 3. You know, the week where your running intervals go from being measured in seconds to be measured in minutes? I knew I could run 90 seconds without too much trouble in week 2. But week 3 is ru... Read more
Things: One excellent, a couple iffy
Wednesday, April 14, 2010      5 comments

I made a decision this past weekend that I was going to break through the plateau weight (215.5) I've been stuck at for over a month and get down to 210 by the end of the month. Weighed myself this morning and I'm at 212.5! I weighed myself four... Read more
Yesterday was pretty much awesome
Tuesday, April 13, 2010      3 comments

So, not only did I wake up with that unexpected "less tummy" feeling yesterday, I had a pretty freaking fantastic day, all around. First of all, on Sunday night, I sent a message to an old boyfriend congratulating him on the birth of his n... Read more
What a weird and wonderful feeling
Monday, April 12, 2010      1 comments

So, I don't know what the difference between today and yesterday was, but I woke up feeling like my tummy was significantly less rotund than usual. Not flat by any means, but more like a small mound of fat sitting on top of a potentially "flat s... Read more
Planned "cheating"
Thursday, March 25, 2010      2 comments

Tonight, I'm going to "cheat" on my "diet." Except that I'm not, because a) "cheating" implies some kind of furtive, impulse-based eating; and b) you can't cheat on a diet if you're not really on a diet, except in the classical definition ... Read more
And on that note...
Tuesday, March 23, 2010      2 comments

The one thing I've learned from annual performance reviews and goal setting at work is that goals must be specific, measurable and time-targeted. And on that note, I have taken out my handy-dandy homemade 18 month calendar and come up with a pla... Read more
Complacency is the enemy
Tuesday, March 23, 2010      3 comments

Two months ago, I was a relatively new SparkPeople user. One month ago, I was well on my way to becoming a veteran and was teetering on the brink of losing my first fifteen pounds. Three months in, I've stalled, gained a pound or two and gotten ... Read more
Fat and sassy, emphasis on the sassy
Wednesday, March 10, 2010      4 comments

Lately, I've been feeling pretty good about the way I look and feel. I've only lost fourteen pounds so far... Okay, hold up. I have to interrupt myself for a second. "Only" fourteen pounds? That's just over 6% weight loss. And it's almost ... Read more
Ogling yourself in the mirror
Tuesday, March 09, 2010      0 comments

When I first started going to the gym five years ago, I used to laugh inwardly at all the guys in the free weight area. There are a lot of guys at my gym who spend all of their time on free weights, and they invariably spend a lot of time betwee... Read more

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