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I can't believe it! 225 pounds today.
Saturday, July 23, 2016      7 comments

Breakfast Regular Coffee, brewed from grounds, 14 fl oz Truvia 1 packet 3.5g, 1 serving Butter, salted, 1 tbsp Fried Egg, 1 large heavy whipping cream, 1 tbsp cooking with spinach 1.5 cups serving, 0.33 serving BREAKFAST ... Read more
My morning visit with my podiatrist.
Thursday, July 21, 2016      6 comments

07/15/16 234 pounds Blood pressure 136/78 Pulse 80 Temperature 96.8 07/21/16 228 pounds, no other vitals were done I was told I had lost one pound since 5/19/16 at their office. I was 229 pounds then. No amount was ded... Read more
Finished my labs this morning.
Thursday, July 21, 2016      5 comments

Wednesday, July 20, 2016 I finished the lab tests this morning that my new doctor ordered. I go back to see him July 29th. I did laundry today and have three baskets full of folded laundry to put away and the hanging clothes to bring up ... Read more
Lab work today.
Tuesday, July 19, 2016      9 comments

Monday, July 18, 2016 I forgot that I was supposed to do my lab work and so I didn't begin fasting for it, until 12:24 AM. I went to the lab after 1 PM today to have blood drawn and I had to leave a urine specimen. My new doctor is checking ... Read more
My visit with my new doctor today.
Friday, July 15, 2016      11 comments

Day 28 Swimming: general 44 minutes 488 calories burned 06/02/16 Weight 226.5 Blood Pressure 144/70 Pulse 81 ________________________

... Read more
The water temperature in the pool was 82 degrees.
Friday, July 08, 2016      10 comments

Day 27 Swimming: general 68 minutes 755 calories burned It sprinkled rain here a couple of times today. It clouded up and looked like a storm was going to go through. Hubby told me this morning, that the water temperature was 78. ... Read more
Hubby had an endoscopy and colonoscopy today.
Thursday, July 07, 2016      11 comments

I missed church last night because hubby vomited when he started his prep with magnesium citrate. Later he would have to drink grape-flavored stuff followed by drinking a quart of water and then do that again this morning. He vomited two more ... Read more
We went to the viewing tonight.
Tuesday, July 05, 2016      10 comments

There were cars parked along the highway and overflow parking at the funeral home was filled. People were lined up outside the funeral home. There were two rows of people inside the funeral home, but it was just one line snaking back around an... Read more
The pool water is clear, but about 75 degrees.
Sunday, July 03, 2016      8 comments

Day 26 Speed: 2.9 mph 4.7 km/h Calories Burned: 61... Read more
Friday, July 01, 2016      9 comments

Baldric was my daughter's cat. She had to put him down today. She had him for 15 years. Baldric was a tuxedo (black and white) cat. He had a small black goatee just below his lips that gave him the appearance of being shocked and his m... Read more
Thursday, June 30, 2016      16 comments

Day 25 Heavy Cleaning or house cleaning 90 minutes 749 calories burned Jasmine Rafter, 21, was pronounced dead at the scene of the crash, which occurred shortly before 5 PM. in the northbound lanes of I-81 near the interchange with US. 40... Read more
The pool has been cleaned and will need a little time to clear up.
Monday, June 27, 2016      10 comments

We worked on the pool Saturday and Sunday. We partially vacuumed it on Saturday, but the particles in the water were stirred up by it. We stopped and let the fine particles settle until yesterday after church. Hubby took a water sample to Pro... Read more
We put flocculant in the pool tonight.
Saturday, June 25, 2016      11 comments

We have several evenings of severe thunderstorms here and we haven't done anything to the pool. We bought a bottle of flocculant which will bind the tiny floating particles and pull them to the bottom of the pool. Tomorrow, we will need to vac... Read more
The family reunion.
Sunday, June 19, 2016      14 comments

Yesterday, was the 41st family reunion on hubby's mother's side of the family. Hubby's cousin, Lucy, that has stage 4 breast cancer was there and she needed help when she was walking. She looked well, but said the doctors are running tests o... Read more
The leaf master.
Friday, June 17, 2016      8 comments

Day 24 120 minutes of running the leaf master and using a leaf net to get leaves out of our pool I should have a special outfit like Wonder Woman with "The Leaf Master" on the front. We worked again today on the pool. We had severe we... Read more

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