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Day 8 pre-surgery

Sunday, June 03, 2012      0 comments

Hello everyone. Thanks all who have replied and offered encouragement. Aside from my usual Sunday activities, including a thorough housecleaning, I have been looking into the BMR (basal metabolic rate). Thank you Calllika for brin... Read more

Day 9 Pre Surgery

Saturday, June 02, 2012      2 comments

Saturday is my day of rest and prayer, and does involve a good deal of walking, so quiet day, 20,000 plus steps, but thinking a lot about surgery..... I think my biggest concern is the loss of independence and freedom. I have always prided... Read more

Day 10 Pre Surgery

Friday, June 01, 2012      2 comments

Busy day at work, but not too active in the preparing for surgery area. My main objective was to get a handicapped driver permit, and I did get one, for 4 months--that is all the doctor said I need. Well, if he thinks I will be 100% in... Read more

Day 11 Pre-Surgery

Thursday, May 31, 2012      5 comments

So, I have decided to blog this adventure. Partly to keep myself sane, partly to share what living a healthy lifestyle means when exercise is minimal and one is in a decent amount of pain. Details--bunion, hammertoe, and toenail removal su... Read more

Sparkpeople and Gas Powered Water Heaters

Monday, April 23, 2012      8 comments

Huh? Okay, we have a gas powered water heater, the high efficiency kind with no pilot light, etc. Every once in a while it shuts down. When my children were young adults and still at home, they turned it back on. When my husb... Read more

100 Calorie Treat?

Tuesday, April 17, 2012      3 comments

Here's an observation. I am pretty careful about what I buy and eat, and even treats have to have some protein, and fibre, or else I pass them up. I am quite partial to Kashi bars right now.... So a friend at work offered me a 100 calo... Read more

Now this is why I LOVE Sparkpeople!

Monday, April 16, 2012      7 comments

So, I am dealing with ways of coping with some foot surgery (scheduled for June 11) that will keep me away from my beloved treadmill for about two months. Yikes! I did some research on special chairs, and pedaling machines, but there is th... Read more

Surgery update, or, a new adventure?

Tuesday, April 10, 2012      4 comments

Well, I am scheduled for some pretty intrusive foot surgery for June 11, 2012. It involves fixing a bunion, straightening a hammer toe, and removing a deformed toenail (yuck!). Has to be done, even comfortable shoes hurt at this point. ... Read more

This and That.....not so good but not so bad.....

Sunday, April 08, 2012      3 comments

Not the most original blog title, I know, but it is descriptive of what I want to say. Well, where to start. I have been on vacation from work for a week, which I spent cleaning (for Spring and for Passover), preparing for the Seders, ... Read more

I have weighed myself for the last time for a good long while!

Sunday, March 18, 2012      7 comments

Not forever, of course, because everything changes, but I have taken the leap! I kid you not that I am one of those unfortunate people who has an unhealthy relationship with her scale. You know the type, the number is down, she is walking ... Read more

What's Important, or not, at least to me....I think

Sunday, March 11, 2012      6 comments

Boy, how is that for a definite title? Kidding aside, I have been on an interesting journey for the past couple of weeks, and while I have been at all my usual places on Spark, I have not blogged. I did want to share what I have learne... Read more

The story of a misplaced sock...and of not binging.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012      7 comments

Sunday was interesting. So, I was doing the laundry, and folding, and realized I had lost one of my workout socks. Now, this is no ordinary sock. It is one of a pair, clearly identified "L" and "R" (how cool is that?) made with technical ... Read more

THE FACE-OFF, er, that is, between me and me.....and me.

Monday, January 23, 2012      5 comments

Sounds a bit crazy, no? Okay, here is the story. March 19, 2012 will be my 18 month maintenance anniversary. That is, I hope it will be considering..... Since my one year anniversary on September 19, 2011, I have been on a roller... Read more

Binging and Technology?

Thursday, January 19, 2012      5 comments

Here's a thought I had today that I wanted to share and which I will certainly try on myself next time..... I had a moderate binge yesterday. Reasons I am still not so sure, I am coming off a health scare that seems to be resolving itself ... Read more

Women ARE from Venus....

Thursday, January 12, 2012      4 comments

I am having some medical problems right now, but this blog isn't directly about them. It is about priorities and a haircut. It appears that I may be needing to have some surgery. So, I started to think about what I need to do. ... Read more

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