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August Sucked
Saturday, September 11, 2010      1 comments

Had the appointment with my endocrinologist after taking meds for a month, and my hormone levels are on the high side of normal. No more easy weight loss. I have been eating whatever I want as usual, and now that my thyroid isn't freaking out, I... Read more
Wednesday, August 04, 2010      2 comments

I have not been on SP like I'd hoped. I have been working long hours, and I work on a computer all day. It is just impossible to make myself get on the computer at home. I have done ok in the month of July. I had very good days, and I have had ... Read more
Wednesday, June 30, 2010      3 comments

So, check, I'm eating breakfast at home the past two days before work. I had peanut butter toast yesterday and cereal today. Yesterday, I had cherries for snack. I took vegetables and shrimp for lunch yesterday, and I had the chicken out of the... Read more
Recommitting to Eating Healthier
Friday, June 25, 2010      4 comments

So, I have fallen off the wagon big time since April. I was doing really well and eating right. Then, I landed in the hospital again. I don't have a colon. I had it removed after many years of ulcerative colitis. Anyhow, I have a j pouch made ... Read more
6 Pounds Lost, 5 More Pounds To Go
Thursday, April 15, 2010      3 comments

I have lost six pounds since Monday. The pounds are flying off right now. It is strange. I double checked my weight at work today. We have a calibrated scale on the dock, and it is right on with my home scale. I think the quick loss is due to a... Read more
Unsure About the Scale
Monday, April 12, 2010      2 comments

I did buy a scale today. My husband weighed on it first, and he got his normal 250. The odd thing is that according to this scale, I weigh 291. At the doctor's office on Wed., I weighed 302. My goal of losing 12 pounds would take me to 290, so a... Read more
Losing 12 pounds by April 23
Monday, April 12, 2010      4 comments

My main goal this next two weeks is to reduce sugar intake and not sit in front of the computer or tv every minute I am home from work. Last Wed. through this Sunday midday went well. We ate at restaurants a couple of times but I was strict wit... Read more
Weekend Hits
Saturday, October 17, 2009      2 comments

My main problem with my diet is with the weekends. I can do great staying under my calorie goal during the week. Then Friday gets here and I do well at work, but we go out to eat that night. Then we eat out on Saturday, too. Sundays are usually ... Read more
Back on Track
Thursday, October 15, 2009      2 comments

Fell off of the wagon hard. I had lost 13 pounds last month to turn around and gain 5 pounds back. This past Sunday, I had enough. I started back to watching my calories carefully. I cannot use my elliptical or walk because I have a messed up te... Read more
Better Mood
Friday, September 18, 2009      2 comments

Got some sleep, and my attitude is better. At my official weigh in this morning, I weigh 289; a 5 pound loss this week. I'll take it. I'm going to concentrate this next week on getting on the elliptical for at least 20 minutes a day. I can do it... Read more
Mind Set
Thursday, September 17, 2009      2 comments

I am really trying to get my mind set that this is a lifestyle change and it will take some time. I was so excited to see 8 pounds come off last week. I was really hoping for the same number this week. I weigh in officially tomorrow morning, and... Read more
Really Doing It This Time
Tuesday, September 15, 2009      1 comments

Another day almost down and still doing well. It is so easy this time. This phentermine really works. I don't crave things like I did without it. I don't get hungry. I eat because I need to. Even this weekend when I ate the three chicken fingers... Read more
Back On Track
Monday, September 14, 2009      1 comments

So, Friday and Saturday were not so good. Saturday we went to the bar with some friends. I ended up having three chicken fingers and ranch for dinner. Real healthy. I also had a chocolate chip cookie at a benefit drive we went to earlier in the ... Read more
First Slip Up
Saturday, September 12, 2009      3 comments

So, I go to work after my weigh in completely excited about losing 8 pounds in a week, and my friend brought egg rolls and pot stickers from this Chinese restaurant that she claims is the best. I had complained about a month ago that I have not ... Read more
Friday Weigh In
Friday, September 11, 2009      1 comments

Down 8 pounds from last Friday morning. I weigh 294. I was hoping for one pound a day since I just started and I got a little more, which is fine with me. Like I've said in a previous blog, my friend that was on this diet pill lost 31 pounds her... Read more

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