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Self Esteem -- NOT
Thursday, August 05, 2010      2 comments

I admire salespeople even though I don't like them. I could never be one. I've tried it before but rejection is a horrible feeling. I know, deep down inside, that people are rejecting the product--not me. But I've felt like the people are re... Read more
Senior Exercise
Tuesday, August 03, 2010      4 comments

Get a block and put it in the middle of the room. Walk around it two times. Sit down and rest. If someone asks U if U exercised, tell them U walked around the block--TWICE!... Read more
Exercise and Arthritis
Friday, July 30, 2010      1 comments

I've blogged that I'm on sabbatical from exercise for the summer. Well, the old arthritis is feeling it. I can feel it! I have a hard time getting up from a chair, the feet ache, and the legs feel like rubber. I'm less active and the more I ... Read more
New Mantra
Tuesday, July 27, 2010      2 comments

I just read something interesting on Sparkpeople. I haven't lost weight in over 9 months. I'm concentrating too much on the weight. I also haven't exercised in over 2 months. Sometimes I do, must most times I don't. The person's blog I ... Read more
How Do U Make Yourself Do Something?
Friday, July 23, 2010      4 comments

I've been blogging about not being able to get back into the exercise routine after a year of steady walking. I've taken the summer off with little bits of walking here and there. On a recent blog, someone said, "I just make myself do it." H... Read more
I'm Trying
Thursday, July 22, 2010      5 comments

I continue to put off exercise. Today I managed to get in 30 min. Didn't like it any better than other times, but I did sweat and get my respiration rate up. I'll keep going whenever I can. But I'd rather be reading a book.... Read more
Salad Topping
Friday, July 16, 2010      5 comments

I've had salad two nights in a row and the best topping for it. My DD's mother-in-law makes it. She dices cucumbers, tomatoes, onions, celery, and sometimes puts parsley or cilantro in it. She put a small bit of olive oil and vinegar in it. ... Read more
Summer Fun
Wednesday, July 14, 2010      2 comments

Here are pictures of 3 of my grandchildren playing in the pool. The weather is in the high 90s. I wished I like water but it has to be 110 or above to even get my feet wet. ... Read more
Sound of Music Revisited
Tuesday, July 13, 2010      1 comments

It wouldn't be funny if it weren't so true... Julie Andrews turned 69 and to commemorate her 69th birthday on October 1, actress/vocalist Julie Andrews made a special appearance at Manhattan's Radio City Music Hall for the benefit of the AARP. O... Read more
My Special Treat
Monday, July 12, 2010      6 comments

I have a special treat. I buy bottled Starbuck's Lite Mocha drinks. In the morning when I get up, I shake up a bottle, put it in the freezer, and about 10 a.m. I get it out. It is slushy and freezing cold and sooooooo good and filling. U get... Read more
Saturday, July 10, 2010      3 comments

I just read, "If U don't want to get up all night long, don't drink water later in the evening." What?????? Right now it's hot so drinking water is not too hard. However, last winter I had trouble drinking it all and sometimes drank it at nig... Read more
Just Say No To.......
Friday, July 09, 2010      2 comments

I'm not going to tell U to say no to anything that can go into your mouth. U might want to say that after U read this. I started watching "Losing It With Jillian." I don't like a lot of what she does because I don't think it's reasonable to ... Read more
Water Play
Thursday, July 08, 2010      3 comments

I've blogged before that I can't stand exercise. In fact, after 365 days of continuous exercise, I've taken a break which I've loved. Yesterday I took grandkids to a water park and slogged through water from ankle deep to thigh deep. I don't ... Read more
Short and sweet
Friday, July 02, 2010      1 comments

We are going to Shaver Lake, Calif, for the 4th. On Sat. night, there are fireworks over the lake. It's beautiful. The lake is in the Sierra Mountains. My husband, daughter, 4 teen grandchildren, and 4 dogs are going. We are a new towable t... Read more
Grand children
Tuesday, June 29, 2010      7 comments

I have a grandson 13 who lives with me. I watch 2 grandchildren, 3 (b) and 2 (g). Starting today I have two grandchildren coming to visit me. The boy is 15 and will be here for 2 weeks and then goes home for a wrestling camp. The girl is 12 ... Read more

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