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My Dog is a Terrible Running Partner
Monday, November 02, 2009      9 comments

I am planning on doing the Turkey Trot 10k on Thanksgiving, and I plan on running as much of it as I can. So, I have been running more than I have been walking in the mornings. I am having problems all the time with this. My pants keep fallin... Read more
Spreading the Spark to My Family
Monday, October 19, 2009      9 comments

When I started Sparking, one of my main goals was to be a better role model for my children. I saw some bad habits developing in my children, and I did not want to pass my unhealthy lifestyle on to the next generation. I see signs all the time... Read more
Tuesday, October 13, 2009      10 comments

Lately I have been fighting off a cold, and I haven't been getting enough sleep. On top of that, my neighbor behind my house has decided that he wanted to replace our fence with a brick wall, so I am limited to walking my dog since she can't be... Read more
Old Clothing
Monday, October 05, 2009      7 comments

Last night while I was putting some things away in my garage, I spotted a box labeled "Jeannie's Old Clothes". I opened it because I couldn't remember what was in there. I found my prom dress, my peer counseling and art club sweatshirts, and a... Read more
Body Image Issues
Monday, September 28, 2009      14 comments

Today when I got on my Wii fit, I was 201.3 pounds. So, I am figuring, provided everything goes well this week, this will be my last week of being in the 200's. I started at a whopping 340 pounds, and I have been in the 200's pretty much all o... Read more
Untapped Potential
Monday, September 14, 2009      9 comments

The last fortune cookie I opened (didn't eat the cookie, more tasted it) said, something along the lines of "you have only reached a small fraction of your true potential". How true is that for most of us. Then the other day I was listening t... Read more
Lots and Lots of Compliments
Friday, September 11, 2009      7 comments

I lost less weight this summer, than I did last summer (which is fine because it gets a little harder the closer you get to the goal). Last year I went back to school about 30 pounds lighter, and maybe 5 to 10 people noticed that I had lost we... Read more
My Goals For This Year
Friday, September 04, 2009      10 comments

Next Wednesday, I go back to work and the kids go back to school. As I start a new school year, I just wanted to write down my goals for this years. I know many of my fellow sparkers have great goals for marathons and other athletic competitio... Read more
Hard Work Pays Off
Sunday, August 30, 2009      5 comments

Yesterday I experienced the benefits of my hard work this year. I went rock wall climbing with the Long Beach Sparkers in the morning. Then I went out to a formal dinner in the evening with some people that I knew in college and beyond, but ha... Read more
Good Bye Old Friends, Enjoy Your New Home
Sunday, August 23, 2009      5 comments

I just had a garage sale and got rid of all those sizes that no longer fit. What did not sell is bagged and going to Goodwill. I have to say it was hard for some irrational emotional reason. I know most people are so excited to go down a size ... Read more
Having My Garage Sale This Weekend
Tuesday, August 18, 2009      3 comments

I am feeling a bit overwhelmed this morning. I finally got my permit for a garage sale, which I am having this Friday through Sunday (Aug.21-23). My plan is to sell all t... Read more
No More Protein in the Morning, How Will I Ever Live?
Saturday, August 15, 2009      2 comments

It's 2:30 in the morning and I cannot sleep. The reason is so lame that I am kind of mad at myself for losing sleep over this. I work at an elementary school and I am on summer vacation right now. Since I am not working, it gives me time for ... Read more
Weight Loss and Body Mass
Monday, August 10, 2009      5 comments

Yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting my sparkfriend, the very nice and cute Jocelyn (aka WOLFKITTY), and we have both lost around 120 pounds. We talked a little about how good we feel, and I know we're both glad we chose the route we did. I... Read more
No My Husband Is Not With Someone New, I Just Lost Weight-the following night
Monday, August 03, 2009      2 comments

Okay, so I spent sometime by the campfire, but I did go to bed earlier than my husband. I did not want to drink because I am conserving those calories for something that is more worth it. We had to be up early this morning. So last nights to... Read more
No My Husband Is Not With Someone New, I Just Lost Weight.
Monday, August 03, 2009      4 comments

Okay..., I am currently camping with a camping group, and I have gone camping with this group for several years now. I don't really know these people really well, but I wouldn't call them strangers either. It's some on-line group that my husba... Read more

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