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Let's See How I Did
Tuesday, April 12, 2016      2 comments

Going in for blood work today. I'm looking forward to seeing some drops in sugar, liver numbers. I go to the doctor on Thursday, so I can't wait to see her face when she sees I really did start to tackle this. I really have enjoyed this 3 + m... Read more
Hanging in
Wednesday, March 30, 2016      3 comments

I'm proud that I keep walking and trying. I've had some stumbling blocks that I gave in to, but at least got back on. I have to keep doing this for life. My walking is going well and I do feel better and more able to walk and do things. ... Read more
Going in the right direction
Sunday, March 06, 2016      3 comments

After being sick for about 2 weeks and not being able to exercise as much as I would like, I am still proud that I did get some walking in and didn't just say screw it and eat. I've lost weight and am close to 30 lbs now. Starting tomorrow... Read more
2/25/16 - Something I don't have to worry about
Thursday, February 25, 2016      4 comments

Just read an article about hidden calories in drinks. So glad that I'm only a coffee drinker (w/sweetner and 1% milk) and not addicted to numerous calorie laden things. While probably not the healthiest way to go, it has been my life and no on... Read more
Feeling Good
Sunday, February 14, 2016      1 comments

Got out for a walk today, was going to go 1 1/2 mile, but decided I could push through and do a little extra. Came into apt. and had 1:58 and said that's not going to do and went back out and got a few more 10ths. I need to eat better, at ... Read more
Early Walk
Thursday, February 11, 2016      1 comments

Up at 7:30 and met with friends to walk. Beautiful morning out. Getting a walk in sort of gets the day off to a good start. I'm going to try to walk 3 miles on Friday and hope I can make it. I will just take it slow. ... Read more
Again and again
Thursday, January 28, 2016      2 comments

Sure wish I could lose weight once, go back to my old ways and keep it off. Dreaming. Was pre diabetic for a time and now I've shot up to it being real, but I'm not going to accept it. I am "dead" serious about diet and exercise, will get thi... Read more
Friday, November 21, 2008      1 comments

Day 5 back and doing good. Off to do my 5th in a row gym night. Swimming. My knees won't take walking every night. Getting there................ Read more
Back to Reality
Monday, July 28, 2008      2 comments

I'm back on the Spark trail now. Had to take a bit of a rest after vacation before I settled into the Spark routine. I'm ready though and willing. I've got to track my food and get my exercise so here I go. Met my Spark friend, Sylvia, while... Read more
Back from Vacation - yikes
Friday, July 25, 2008      5 comments

Well, back from Canada. I think that God started the world in the Canadian Rockies and then got a bit tired. I've never seen anything like the beauty of those mountains. We took over 300 pictures (thank goodness for digital!!!). Ate, drank a... Read more
Fourth of July - Freedom
Saturday, June 28, 2008      2 comments

A Fourth of July Prayer emoticon ----------------------------
------------... Read more
Rainy Monday
Monday, June 09, 2008      3 comments

Busy day at work. Got my 10,000+ steps before I got home. I thought I had a "desk job". Went to the mtns. yesterday and sat and listened to the creek while John did some gold panning. So good for the soul to get to the mountains. Doing OK. ... Read more
Wednesday, June 04, 2008      2 comments

I'm going to blog once a week from now on. I've been a little off the path and getting back on. Nothing drastic. I think I got a little burned out. Been doing my 10,000 steps a day this week. Had a nice weekend hike. I think I get to doing... Read more
Thursday, May 29, 2008      6 comments

My "baby" 6'1" graduated last night. I was surprised when the music started and the kids came out -- over 600 of them -- and I cried. I just didn't expect it to be that emotional, but I guess it is a big milestone. A big sigh of relief and th... Read more
Beastly Weekend
Monday, May 26, 2008      5 comments

Little miss perfecto just totally fell off her horse this weekend. I just ate and ate what I wanted. In a way I can see that I'm a bit improved from my former self in that I did go to the grocery store last night with the full intent to get ju... Read more

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