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Picture of the Day
Wednesday, July 18, 2012      2 comments

What do you think? Have a Marvelous Day! -:¦:- ´¨¨)) -:¦:- ¸.•´ .•´¨¨)) ((¸¸.•´ ..•´ - -:¦:- -:¦:- ((¸¸.•´* Farrah -:¦:- ... Read more
Back @ work
Tuesday, July 17, 2012      2 comments

I work in a School District, so I get two weeks off in July.... Yesterday was my first day back at work, I did walk 2 miles total in the morning, in my two walking breaks, drink some water and take a long nice nap in the evening... Ge... Read more
I'm really on vacations
Saturday, July 14, 2012      0 comments

Just enjoying life, no doing lots of exercise, making the best food choices I can, but still combining with portion control, because I'm eating everything I want ( not everything, but you know what I mean). Have a wonderful day. Farrah... Read more
I'm pretty please to inform you'all
Thursday, July 12, 2012      6 comments

I'm pretty please to inform you'all that I did it!!! For my BDay yesterday I gifted myself to be 10 kilograms(20 pounds) lighter.... I had a wonderful day yesterday, really happy to have accomplish my goal. Have a nice day my SP F... Read more
Still trying
Friday, June 29, 2012      5 comments

I did 3 miles yesterday, I did two in the morning in my work-walking-breaks, and then 1 outside my house a little after 8 pm... I'm trying to make myself to do "some" exercise in the evening since blaming the heat I had stop doing it for a ... Read more
Wednesday, June 27, 2012      3 comments

Finally yesterday I did exercise in the evening, I'm really happy, I did 1.5 miles in the elliptical and then 30 minutes of Wii Fit Free Steps. I didn't want to do it, the laziness was all over me, but I just decided to start, after startin... Read more
Exercise Plateau?
Tuesday, June 26, 2012      3 comments

not weight plateau, but exercise ... I'm motivated, or I think so, but I'm not really doing my exercise, not as much as I want/can do... "I just feel so tired all the time" that's my excuse, I believe I just need a kick in the butt or somet... Read more
Happy Monday!
Monday, June 25, 2012      0 comments

Good Monday morning my SP Friends! Happy to start a new day, week. I have done my 1000 steps this morning (10 minutes) and my first mile of the day at 9:30 am in my morning break. I'm really happy and still "kindda" on target, I'm still nee... Read more
Walking wih Mom
Friday, June 22, 2012      2 comments

Yesterday my parents arrived to visit, they are staying until tomorrow morning, so I invited my mom to walk with me yesterday night, it was nice, we walk 2 miles around the neighborhood, you know walk, talk... I like it!!! Have a Wonderful ... Read more
Running: I miss you!
Thursday, June 21, 2012      3 comments

I was reading MOXYJONES blog this morning and she wrote the phrase "running without being chased!" it really made me laugh. I had never heard that one before, but it's a way to see it, why run if no one is chasing you? I use to jog, for the... Read more
Nice long weekend
Wednesday, June 20, 2012      0 comments

Oh yeah!!! I feel really good, I just had a loooong weekend, and I feel AWESOME. Have a Wonderful day! -:¦:- ´¨¨)) -:¦:- ¸.•´ .•´¨¨)) ((¸¸.•´ ..•´ - -:¦:- -:¦:- ((¸¸.•´* Farrah -:¦:- ... Read more
I was just asked for advise
Friday, June 15, 2012      6 comments

This morning a co-worker of mine just came by to ask for advise, she is going to the gym, but the scale it's not moving, and she decided to come and ask me how to make it move, since (she said) "you have lost so much"... that was nice, she made ... Read more
On target... I guess
Thursday, June 14, 2012      4 comments

I'm trying to be on target, behaving as good as I can everyday, without beating myself for my mistakes, I have 26 more days before my BDay to loose around 2 pounds, the scale is not moving, but I'm shrinking that it's always appreciated... ... Read more
Eating out...
Wednesday, June 13, 2012      3 comments

I just came back from going out and eating lunch... and I didn't overeat, and I drunk water with my meal, and I did portion control... I'm really happy with myself right now... I'm just two pounds away to get to my goal for my BDay, so here... Read more
Every time is easier to behave on the weekends
Monday, June 11, 2012      0 comments

Every time is easier to behave on the weekends, at the beginning of this journey I used to undo in the weekend my week's worth of effort and good eating, but not anymore, I did 8.23 miles on the weekend, I did 6.73 wogging in the State Park and ... Read more

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