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Kicking the Sugar Habit
Friday, November 17, 2017      5 comments

I am Tova and I am a diabetic. Boy is that hard to say. As well as saying no to sugar and sweets. I am on the kick the habit challenge and day 2 was supposed to be about journaling. Saying no to candy is my biggest challenge. If I don't have it ... Read more
Reclaiming my life
Wednesday, March 01, 2017      4 comments

In January, I learned about a website for nerds that want to lose weight. On this website you can either join a asynchronous team to do challenges or join a synchronous team. If I understood it right, I would be sent "quests" or challenges to he... Read more
A little Harry Potter story....
Friday, October 10, 2014      9 comments

As part of Harry Potter/Hogwarts team challenge, we were given a challenge to make up a story about Harry and friends ... Here is my story.... It is a beautiful fall weekend at Hogwarts, the students have been away from home for a few weeks... Read more
My Journey via the intro on my sparkpage....
Friday, August 29, 2014      4 comments

I have decided that instead of continuously updating my intro section of my sparkpage I would cut and paste it all here for me to see where I have been. So here it is.... 1/2010: Hi! I'm Tova and I am 44 years old. I have about 50 lbs to ... Read more
Giving myself credit. Do I deserve it?
Tuesday, June 04, 2013      10 comments

This is very hard to write. I am not kind to myself. If you were to lose ONLY 0.5 pounds, I would say "it is HALF a pound. It isn't a gain." If you gained 1 pound, I would say "it isn't 2 pounds. Next week will be better." I would celebrat... Read more
Rosh Hashanah and BLC 20
Monday, September 17, 2012      7 comments

Now you may be asking yourself how these two things inter relate, let me tell you...... Rosh Hashanah is a time for reflection. So the sermon last night given by our Rabbi was about how many of us use "If only" for many things. So for the blc... Read more
Life Stresses
Wednesday, April 25, 2012      6 comments

So back on March 14, I wrote about being overwhelmed. Life really hasn't gotten much better. Jacob is missing on average 2 days/wk from school for/from migraines. He currently has 2 C's, 1 D and 1 Fail in his academic classes. All academics ... Read more
My life is so overwhelming.....
Wednesday, March 14, 2012      11 comments

I don't know where to start. I don't know what is happening. I am so stressed it is affected every aspect of my life. Hannah (my 11 yo daughter) threw a tantrum for 5, yes 5 hours on Sunday. She wanted help on a book report but didn't like the ... Read more
Too many goals?
Wednesday, January 11, 2012      14 comments

I have wanted to post goals for awhile. But I am in a quandary. After being on Sparkpeople actively for 2 yrs, I feel I should be able to post daily, log all my food, get 8 hours of sleep, get my servings for freggies, do at least 20 minutes o... Read more
BLC 17 weekly weekend challenge week 5
Thursday, October 06, 2011      2 comments

WEEK 5- Pillow Fight This challenge runs Friday, October 7th through Monday, October 10th! P = Psst Leave a goodie or message on a Pal’s Spark Page. 10pts per page (50pts Max a day) I = Ink- Write down your calories and stay in ra... Read more
Wednesday, July 20, 2011      8 comments

So for the last 2+ weeks I have tried 3 different bootcamps. One bootcamp gave a 1 day free to try them out. This bootcamp meets at 9:15 am 2 or 3 days a week at a park and the other 2 or 3 days in a dance studio about 10 miles from my house. ... Read more
50 questions you probably don't care to learn about me.....
Thursday, July 14, 2011      6 comments

1. WERE YOU NAMED AFTER ANYONE? Yes, my grandmother. She died long before I was born. 2. WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME YOU CRIED? Not sure. 3. DO YOU LIKE YOUR HANDWRITING? Yes. 4. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE LUNCH MEAT? Turkey, a... Read more
Monday, July 04, 2011      13 comments

Lately, I have been having "stomach issues". Tonight, (hope this isn't TMI) I was gassing myself out of our bedroom. I just feel sick. My dfriend says the other day, "Gee Tova, you seem to be having a lot of stomach issues. Maybe you should ... Read more
Remembering how I feel
Wednesday, June 22, 2011      8 comments

I need to remember how I feel when I eat crappy food. See when others say they no longer like the taste of "this or that", I haven't had that happen. But my body says it. For years if I ate pizza, I would feel sick to my stomach. And a... Read more
Cheating or Lifestyle?
Monday, May 09, 2011      10 comments

So yesterday, Mother's Day, I think I did ok. My day started out with going to an annual Boy Scout Mother's Day pancake breakfast. I had drank my hot lemon water before going. I am doing the 17 day diet and hot lemon water is one of its "thin... Read more

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