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Doing good
Tuesday, November 03, 2009      7 comments

I've decided that I'm going to amp up the cardio/fitness this week. I was a little lax last week and didn't lose so I'm going to try for a nice loss this week. Yesterday I did 30 minutes of Taebo in the morning, took a mid morning walk b... Read more
Sexy swinging hips..
Monday, November 02, 2009      5 comments

~Loving my body one part at a time~ Hello my Hips, As I prepare to lavish you with love, I can't help but think of all the times I have cursed you. I must first beg for forgiveness if we are to turn a new page. From the first day I ... Read more
Plane Pictures!
Sunday, November 01, 2009      9 comments

Had fun last night treat or treating in a nicer neighborhood nearby. Here's some pics of my little plane. ... Read more
Busy day
Saturday, October 31, 2009      3 comments

Happy Halloween!! emoticon ... Read more
Friday (ain't settling!)
Friday, October 30, 2009      3 comments

Good morning, fellow sparkers! Little One is feeling a little better with the meds so he's off to school (daycare) and I'm back to work. Thanks for all the well wishes!! I managed to squeeze in my strength training yesterday but didn't ... Read more
Little One is sick
Thursday, October 29, 2009      5 comments

Quick blog to say yesterday I was good at the office lunch and with leftovers for dinner. Managed to only be over by 40 calories. Not bad for the temptations I avoided if I do say so myself! Last night I was awaken to Little One getting ... Read more
Loving my flat butt! ;0)
Wednesday, October 28, 2009      6 comments

~Loving my body one part at a time~ Good morning flat butt! I have teased you for years. I have a running joke with my sister that she got the round butt glory and I got the girls! At least our Maker has a sense of humor!! I feel as tho... Read more
A year ago today (bitter sweet memories)
Tuesday, October 27, 2009      9 comments

A year ago today I had just returned to Arizona from a whirlwind weekend trip to Arkansas to see my baby brother marry his sweetheart. It was a lovely service and I was thrilled to have seen my brother again before he left for Afghanistan. It ... Read more
October Family Dinner Pictures!
Monday, October 26, 2009      9 comments

Here are the pictures as promised from October 18th's family dinner at my house. Food's not done yet! Hubby cooking in the smoker. ... Read more
Crazy Sunday and now it's Monday...
Monday, October 26, 2009      4 comments

Sunday was a very good friend of ours (might as well be family) birthday. These are also my friends that create the most peer pressure for me. They are heavier folk, love to eat really rich and yummy food, enjoy partaking in the adult beverage... Read more
Tracking on the weekend!
Saturday, October 24, 2009      7 comments

Just a quick note to say I'm tracking my choices this weekend. Here I am doing my thing on a Saturday night. Go me! Lol Spent 3.5 hours drawing on, shaping, glueing, and painting cardboard to make an airplane costume. Waiting for the paint to... Read more
Good reminder from traffic and WOOHOO!
Friday, October 23, 2009      6 comments

Yesterday it rained all day long here. We heard of a bad wreck on my way home just before quitting time. I looked it up online and discovered a Jeep hydroplaned, crossed the median, and hit a semi head on that was traveling on the opposite sid... Read more
Updated Goals
Thursday, October 22, 2009      4 comments

I am in a spark team that is reminding me to think about my goals...not just for weight loss but for other life goals as well. I started really thinking about it and realized I had several "dreams" that could be "goals" if I started working in ... Read more
Quick one!
Wednesday, October 21, 2009      7 comments

Well, I'm wearing my skirt and ballerina flats like I promised today. I considered the heels but since this is the first day not wearing my doctor ordered sneakers, I figured non supportive flats were bad enough. You know what...I'm still white... Read more
My what strong calves you have...
Tuesday, October 20, 2009      5 comments

~Loving my body one part at a time~ Did you know that calves are one of the strongest muscles in your body? I would say mine are probably THE strongest part of my body. I'm talking chiseled, no fat what so ever, gorgeous muscle lines stro... Read more

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