Destiny - I'm trying!
Monday, June 11, 2012      1 comments

... Read more
Proud mommy
Saturday, June 09, 2012      0 comments

And a tired one too. Got up at 5 a.m. this morning. Drove 45 minutes to a barn to meet the horse trailer. And then another hour to the testing barn. It was Pony Club testing today for 3 of our members. My DD was one of them. They loaded But... Read more
The zen of meow & extreme awesomeness!
Friday, June 08, 2012      2 comments

Was getting ready for bed last night & I heard some snoring. Ok maybe it was "breathing with extreme expression." I looked towards my bed thinking a cat had come in. Nope, no cats. I leaned back to look out through the doorway into the dar... Read more
No scents is good sense.... or at least tone it down!
Thursday, June 07, 2012      6 comments

I thought some woman was spraying perfume outside my cubicle almost every morning. It made me sneeze, cough & gag. Well I thought it was perfume. Turns out it was cologn... Read more
Where or where does the belly fat hide?
Wednesday, June 06, 2012      1 comments

DH and I were discussing this last night. We both agreed that in men, the fat is behind the muscle in the abdomen. So men can have those rock hard stomachs but still look fat because the fat behind is pushing it out. Women have their abdomen fat... Read more
I'm cute & I KNOW it!
Tuesday, June 05, 2012      5 comments

Sometimes I swear cats do the cutest things as a protection reflex. Me - get off the bed. You were a bad kitty to attack my feet. Cat - ok but look at this! ... Read more
Big winner!
Monday, June 04, 2012      0 comments

Got an email from the Sign Shop Supervisor of the city. Apparently I am the big winner from their open house and get a street sign with whatever I want on it. Here's a pic from the area my DH works in. Though they're not usually in the shop... Read more
Rain, rain, rain
Sunday, June 03, 2012      0 comments

At least it held off for DD to have a riding lesson. She rode a 28 year old Arab mare. Looked great cantering & jumping. Leo's still too fast & excited at the canter. I want her to get the feel of the canter before having to also deal with an ex... Read more
Down low
Saturday, June 02, 2012      1 comments

Got up late. DH took us to brunch then we stopped by his work for the "tour". Apparently his workplace was open to the public this weekend so people could see what goes into running the traffic of a city. We saw the control room with all th... Read more
Just staying quiet
Friday, June 01, 2012      4 comments

Stayed home today. Rested. I wasn't feeling too good yesterday. Migraine and it was still with me this morning. It did me the world of good. Someone chilled with me. ... Read more
Moving like Jagger
Thursday, May 31, 2012      1 comments

Wooo! It was a sweaty Zumba class for me last night. I was just dripping! Haven't been to that class consistently to learn some of the instructor's routines but I kept it gyrating and shaking. Faked it a lot. ... Read more
Gotta get back into a routine
Wednesday, May 30, 2012      1 comments

Didn't go to the gym for a few weeks. Other stuff and the race had me occupied. DH was after me about it. Well my dinner plans have been postponed until next Wednesday so I guess I should go to the gym instead. Zumba class at 5:30 then I co... Read more
Army Run!
Tuesday, May 29, 2012      2 comments

Excited to announce that my whole family (me, DH & DD) will be running to together in the 2012 Army Run 5k on Sept 23, 2012! ... Read more
Basking in the glow of meeting a goal
Monday, May 28, 2012      6 comments

I still marvel that I did it. I followed the SP workout of Running 5k Your Way (8 weeks) on the treadmill at the gym. Then I switched to outside and had to work my way up to that challenge. It was tough. I registered myself & DH in the Ot... Read more
Rest day - sorta
Sunday, May 27, 2012      1 comments

Day after the big race. I went to see Leo. Long-lined him outside to see how he was with that. We haven't driving outside yet this year so I wanted to test him out. Gotta get used to feeling the "unseen" whip again. He got used to it quickl... Read more

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