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What is something you own or carry with you that seems contrary to who you are unless ...
Saturday, February 01, 2014      12 comments

I think that the things we carry... our talismans, juju, bits of bankie (some call it a blankie - go figure!)... whatever you keep near you as a reminder, or a comfort, things that you don't necessarily care to explain to Joe Blow, may well carr... Read more
I Embrace You
Saturday, January 25, 2014      6 comments

I so appreciate your comments. I lived for years in Boston and then in New York City making my living as a professional artist. I have done quite a bit of writing - essays, articles, extensive correspondence and nature journals galore, but... Read more
Books for Bulges update.... re Backsliding With the Big Boys
Friday, January 24, 2014      4 comments

The flies flew south, but there are still flaws in the ointment. At 3 AM, weary of reading Robert K. Massie's endless accounts (the final hundred pages of his "Catherine The Great" bring Xenon's paradox to mind) of the unacceptable number ... Read more
I Trade Bulges for Books
Thursday, January 23, 2014      11 comments

I am by nature not much of a chatter. This day I must tell all. I returned my 17 library books today and most were unread. For me, this was a scandalous first if ever there was one. I have now filled my bag with all sorts of stuff -... Read more
Spring Fever
Tuesday, January 21, 2014      6 comments

In it's origins, the term "spring fever" referred to real medical phenomena. Even though people often use the term now in reference to perceived laziness, there may be more going on than meets your superficial perception. Spring fever traditiona... Read more
If gas stations can sell condoms, then it's time to throw out the Christmas tree; a blog for Karen
Monday, January 13, 2014      2 comments

For years, I did all of my workouts in a swimming pool. I went to the gym wearing my Speedo under my street clothing. About half the time I forgot to pack panties in my gym bag. I bought bulk packs of Jockeys to keep in my locker as a back-up, ... Read more
How to Sharpen an Old Saw ©
Friday, January 10, 2014      8 comments

I am thinking of the old saw "If you aren't hungry, food won't solve the problem." If at some point, a person worked out something, some survival mechanism, that substituted food for something else that was needed but was or seemed to be u... Read more
I do know how to spell plagiarism, really I do
Thursday, January 09, 2014      6 comments

I invert letters and numbers at the speed of light - much faster than I can actually type. It's called dyslexia. My female brain did a swell job of rerouting so that my dyslexia didn't give me too much trouble as a kid/adult. Old fartism is brin... Read more
Plagiarism, or How To Make A © for MAC &/or PC
Thursday, January 09, 2014      15 comments

A friend just wrote to me that someone lifted her blog, changed 2 sentences and got a best blog award. I sent her a metal water bottle goodie and this note; Gentle Reader, When freezing water for that next big race, fill your metal b... Read more
Congratulations, congratulations, congratulations to you!
Monday, December 30, 2013      8 comments

I found this video on You Tube 3 years ago and have watched it time after time after time because it acknowledges struggle, congratulates (me for my) good work (yes, I do take it personally, even as it sings to a larger universe), welcomes the ... Read more
Ba-da bing, ba-da bong, merrily on high.
Saturday, December 28, 2013      6 comments

A new cycle is in the air. When it began and when the old one ended I know not, but I feel the somewhat skeptical hope of beginnings and the bittersweet relief of things put to rest. Please join me as I dare to eat a peach in order to lob the pi... Read more
"...dust and ashes, grit in the gears of my soul."
Saturday, December 21, 2013      10 comments

One of my favorite Spark friends included the phrase "dust and ashes, grit in the gears of my soul" in a comment on my page today. She was describing how she has been feeling of late and wanted to say that my status cheered her up. I am so gra... Read more
Stolen Christmas
Tuesday, December 03, 2013      13 comments

In 1957, my mother stole Christmas and moved it into her heart for safe keeping. Granted, Christmas of 1958 was spent with friends, but after that, each December Mom brought forth her treasured love of the season, shining it's ever-growing... Read more
Gratitude Attitude Day - T'is the Season!
Wednesday, November 27, 2013      6 comments

I was scheduled to have a laparoscopic cholecystectomy this morning ( as I understand it, 4 people armed with sterile soda straws were going to remove my gall bladder and then send me on home a couple of hours later.) We had freezing rain ... Read more
10 American Foods That are Banned in Other Countries + 2013 dirty 12 & clean 15
Thursday, September 26, 2013      12 comments

The purpose of this blog is primarily to provide a link (below) to an important article that I did not write. I am posting because of the folks who showed an interest in my previous blog about learning to read barcodes to discover where the foo... Read more

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