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i LOVE being yelled at
Saturday, February 20, 2010      4 comments

Last week I was at work alone and this guy saw a book online and called me and i told him i would call him back after i found it. But his phone number didn't work. So he called me back cuz he impatient. Then he told me we had another copy and h... Read more
Another sluggish day
Friday, February 19, 2010      8 comments

I managed to get to zumba this morning for the 4th time this week. Jessica's daughter was sick though and we had this sub. I should have known it was gonna be bad when i got to the class 5 minutes late and the sub was waiting to start for more p... Read more
Worn out!
Thursday, February 18, 2010      7 comments

It's been a long week and it's only Thursday. My cousin planned a trip with me 2 weeks ago to come visit today. She was supposed to leave the house around 9 and get here around 11 or 12. So I woke up early and started cleaning the house for 2 hr... Read more
Taking a chance and just JUMPING!
Tuesday, February 16, 2010      7 comments

After i wrote that sad blog yesterday. I took a bath and listened to an episode of This American Life. I love that I can always find an episode that corresponds to whatever the hell is going on in my life at any said time. I told myself as soon ... Read more
Spinning out of control
Monday, February 15, 2010      12 comments

Ugh the last few days have been kinda bad. I really let Valentines Day get the better of me. Or I should say the excuse of Valentines Day. Yet again I think I am so close to such a large mile stone. My inner self is saying NOOOOOOO SABOTAGE!!! ... Read more
Woke up starving
Friday, February 12, 2010      16 comments

I had to make an attempt at that 5 mile run yesterday. I did water aerobics with my friend for an hr and we had planned on going upstairs to the machines after. She goes back and forth from walking on the treadmill to riding the recumbent. Anywa... Read more
With exercise comes injury
Thursday, February 11, 2010      9 comments

Well stupid self inflicted injury that is. I came home last night from the gym and I was trying to shake water out of my ear from swimming and UGH now my neck is screwed up big time. I did not sleep very well last night. Usually I go to zumba o... Read more
I Feel Sexy!
Tuesday, February 09, 2010      18 comments

For the first time in my life I actually feel sexy. That might sound like I am full of myself. But I had been full of so much hate for who I was just 2 yrs ago. How can you ha... Read more
My pets
Monday, February 08, 2010      16 comments

Ok I told Morticia I would post all my pets today. If nothing else it has inspired me to pick up my camera. Which is always a good thing since I have been so burned out from touching it. So here they are listed as they have arrived as our family... Read more
50 questions...i'm a sucker for surveys
Sunday, February 07, 2010      2 comments

If you've are reading this, you have the honor of copying all these goofy questions and writing your own responses! Paste these instructions in the body of your blog. 1. What time did you get up this morning? 10 was so nice to sle... Read more
Avoiding Superbowl
Sunday, February 07, 2010      5 comments

Or I should say avoiding everyone on facebook talking about superbowl. I have never understood the excitement over watching sports. Nor watching commercials for fun. It's almost like a national holiday where everyone MUST cook as much junk food... Read more
February IS the month!
Friday, February 05, 2010      9 comments

I feel like I finally got a grip again on a healthy lifestyle! I am now 2 lbs away from being 100 lbs down, BIG milestone! It has been a really good day. I went to the gym and sweated my butt off on machines. I usually only do machines once a we... Read more
I found TVP!!!!
Wednesday, February 03, 2010      9 comments

Oh my god,I have been looking for TVP (texturized vegetable Protein) for 2 weeks. I even went to The Fresh market, I thought they catered to vegetarians a little bit. I think the... Read more
Coming back from being a slug
Monday, February 01, 2010      10 comments

I donno why my period was so bad this month but I can't shake it. Probably because I started on my off days from exercise. My body just kinda takes that as a hint of ok time to be... Read more
Back to normal life
Sunday, January 31, 2010      7 comments

My blog from last night got deleted by spark. Which is good hopefully that issues is over! I really don't like bringing negativity to this website. This website is about support sharing issues with people not fighting. I am PMSing right now I a... Read more

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