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Making Progress
Friday, January 24, 2014      5 comments

Since restarting this journey, I’m really feel like I’m making progress. Since 12/31/13, I’ve lost 5.9 lbs according to my home (Weight Watchers) scale. Most importantly, I’m feeling better both mentally and physically. I don’t have that stuf... Read more
The Honest Truth About Myself
Tuesday, December 31, 2013      5 comments

Yesterday I got on the scale and I’m so ashamed of what I saw, 215.6. It really hurts to write that number down, but it hurts even more that I have let myself get in this shape. I know what I need to do to lose weight and I’ve done it before. ... Read more
Holiday Thoughts
Wednesday, November 20, 2013      2 comments

"Give without remembering and always receive without forgetting." Author Unknown I'll be sure to keep this in mind during the holiday season!... Read more
Just Not Feeling Today
Friday, November 08, 2013      4 comments

Today, I’m feeling in a blah mood. Nothing is really wrong, I’m just ready for some true Fall weather. I want overcast, very cool weather and the opportunity to curl up with a good book in front of a fireplace. Unfortunately, I live in Florid... Read more
Thought Provoking
Wednesday, September 18, 2013      1 comments

"The more reasons you have for achieving your goal, the more determined you will become." Brian Tracy This quote is very thought provoking! What is my goal? What are my reasons for wanting to achieve my goal? Is my goal jus... Read more
Friday, September 06, 2013      1 comments

"What have you done for YOURSELF this year to create a better life?" Jack Canfield... Read more
Wednesday Motivotional Quote
Wednesday, September 04, 2013      3 comments

"In the end, it is important to remember that we cannot become what we need to be by remaining who we are." Max DePree ... Read more
Positive Thought for September
Tuesday, September 03, 2013      6 comments

"You make the world a better place by making yourself a better person." Scott Sorrell... Read more
Need Encouragement!
Monday, August 12, 2013      7 comments

I’m so frustrated! I’ve been eating correctly (fruits, vegetables, lean protein, reduced dairy, very limited bread, etc.) and exercising 6 days of the week (cardio daily, strength every other day). I haven’t made any progress! I’ve even gaine... Read more
Mini Goal in Sight!
Friday, July 12, 2013      1 comments

On June 28th, I wrote that my mini goal was to lose 5.7 lbs by July 19. By July 10th I should have been half way there. Well, I weighed in this morning and I'm down 2.4 lbs! Not too bad! I have camp next week where I will be in the hot su... Read more
Body Ache Today!
Thursday, July 11, 2013      4 comments

Today, I am extremely sore and achy! I went to a 30 minute Express exercise class yesterday during my lunch. I felt I needed to give my body a jolt so it wouldn't get too used to the exercises I am doing. Well, this class was HARD, but it was... Read more
I Need This Today
Tuesday, July 09, 2013      6 comments

"It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop." Confucius ... Read more
Monday, July 08, 2013      2 comments

This was a long, yet productive weekend for me. The administrators at my job asked if staff would take the 5th off and have an extended weekend and this year I didn’t hesitate to do so. Normally, I can work when these requests come through bec... Read more
I'm Back With a New Goal
Friday, June 28, 2013      5 comments

One of my secret desires is to not only lose the 50 lbs. that I have regained, but to be a mentor to those women who are struggling with their weight due to a thyroid condition, high blood pressure and a nonexistent metabolism. I know that the ... Read more
My Feelings
Wednesday, May 18, 2011      6 comments

I’m so tired! I’m having a hard time doing things right now. I’m somewhat depressed, unmotivated, but just tired! Here’s what’s happening in my life! I turned 50 on May 12. That doesn’t really depress me, but it was somewhat of a disapp... Read more

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