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CT Scan and Facing Heartbreak in N.C.
Wednesday, March 12, 2008      8 comments

I had my CT scan this morning. Results to the Dr. in 24 hours. I'm actually more concerned about my now lumpy throat than my lumpy face. I hope they're not related, and I hope it's nothing serious. Just waiting for now is all I can do. ... Read more
New Dr. - New Info
Tuesday, March 11, 2008      7 comments

I'm sorry I disappeared for a few days. I've been at SXSW Interactive, a 4-day interactive conference. You can't IMAGINE all the cool stuff I learned, and all the great ideas I came up with from all the cool stuff I learned. :) I know, back ... Read more
New Strategy for Dealing with Being Scared Sh*tless
Friday, March 07, 2008      13 comments

So, you'll have to read my last few blogs about Scared Sh*tless if you're just happening on this one, or you won't have a clue what's going on. Here's this afternoon's strategy for dealing with being Scared Sh*tless. Know how you always he... Read more
I'm Sick In More Ways than One
Friday, March 07, 2008      4 comments

I'm sick in the head, too. I know. I came "out" yesterday and today and told a few people who work for me what's going on (see previous posts about lumpy face) because all of a sudden they're noticing this big push from me wanting them to stop... Read more
Update on Scared Sh*tless
Thursday, March 06, 2008      7 comments

I went to the Dr. today. It's not a stone; he's using the words tumor and lesion. I'm scheduled for a biopsy on the 18th. Then it's three more days to get the lab results, so I'll know on the 21st of March what's up. The Dr. said two hopeful... Read more
Scared Sh*tless
Monday, March 03, 2008      8 comments

I found a lump in my face a few days ago. I had a regular dentist appt. this morning, so I got him to take a look. It doesn't hurt on touch, and it's not bothering me when I eat. He um, wrapped up our appt. pretty quickly, and sent me across ... Read more
CJ's Amazing Six Secrets To Success - The List and Secret 1 Details
Tuesday, February 26, 2008      11 comments

Okay. I've not even lost 10 pounds yet. Well, I DID, but for some reason ever since the marathon a few weeks ago, some of it is back. And this time? I'm not getting freaked out. I don't care actually. I'm just showing up, working out, watc... Read more
WOoHoO - I Just Did EVERYONE in my Life A BIG Favor!
Monday, February 25, 2008      5 comments

I just ran, and I mean RAN 4.1 miles. I sprinted until I couldn't breathe. Then I slowed down until I could. Then I sprinted until I wanted to barf. Then I slowed down so I didn't. Then I sprinted some more. You get the picture. Now... Read more
Shiny Pink Thing
Monday, February 25, 2008      3 comments

I bet after my blog post last night, you were expecting to see me on CNN.com, having gone on some rampage. Not so! I'll write more about that whole situation later, but just like I said I was going to do, I got up this morning, I came to work,... Read more
I Will Not Come Unglued, I Will Not Come Unglued!!!!!!!
Sunday, February 24, 2008      6 comments

You know why I'm fat? I'll tell you why. Because I. am. stressed. out. of. my. frigging. mind. (Am I going to get in trouble for psuedo-swearing here?) Okay, don't write now and tell me I'm not fat. I'm not in the mood to hear it. Just rep... Read more
Saturday, February 23, 2008      1 comments

I'm sure some of you know about this site. I've been watching it religiously for awhile. I sent in some secrets, but apparently they didn't qualify for the weekly posting. They were good ones, too! :) Okay, I'm off SparkPeople now for a... Read more
No Half in A Week, My Toenails SUCK, and Riding My Bike
Saturday, February 23, 2008      5 comments

Okay, I've had sense talked into me. I'm not running that half marathon in Little Rock in a week. What talked the sense into me? My TOES! OMG! May I whine for a moment? I promise I'll snap out of it in a few paragraphs, but I just need to ... Read more
10 Pounds Off This Turkey, The Coming Weeks, and 4000 calories = 1 lb.
Friday, February 22, 2008      2 comments

Woohoo! This morning I weighed 164.8 - a little more than 10 pounds off since around the end of December! I don't look much different, but boy do I FEEL different. This week's goal is to get 8 hours of sleep every night. Next week's goal... Read more
Would I Be Out of My Frigging Mind If I Did This?
Thursday, February 21, 2008      5 comments

It's in 1.5 weeks. Look what it says...It says they love walkers. 8 hour time limit. I could DO that! My heart is racing. What do you think? Am I insane? The last one was February 17th. Is 3 weeks really too soon to do another? It was S... Read more
Weight Sliding Off My Butt Like BUTTER!
Thursday, February 21, 2008      3 comments

Okay, so I ran the Half marathon. Right afterwards, I weighed 165.8, a new low. But Then? The next day and the day after and the day after that, I gained A LOT. 3 pounds!!!! To preserve my sanity, I thoroughly, truly convinced myself ... Read more

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