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How's My Challenge Going?
Saturday, August 12, 2017      3 comments

Back in July, I wrote about the new challenge I was on with members of the RV Enthusiasts and 50+ Females teams. I wrote about how I had been "off track" for WAYYYYYYY too long. I am keeping a note to myself with my smartphone so that... Read more
What Happened? What's Going to Happen?
Saturday, July 22, 2017      3 comments

I was very successful a few years ago when I began checking in with SP. I found some teams that "fit" me then [and "fit" me now] and over the course of two years I lost 90+ pounds. I made goal. I made a lower goal as set by my PCP. ... Read more
20# by midSeptember, Blog #4
Wednesday, May 17, 2017      1 comments

Oh, my! Over a week since I blogged and kept my goal in front of me... Actually, that is not completely true as I have kept my goal in front of me. I HAVE walked at least 15 minutes daily, early in the day so as to have it done. It se... Read more
20# by midSeptember, Blog #3
Monday, May 08, 2017      3 comments

I have lost 1.8# since I began this challenge to myself. I am continuing with my 15 minutes of walking and have been able to do that in the mornings so far. I began that small challenge when Spark Guy issued his mini challenge over 20... Read more
20# by MidSeptember, Day 2
Tuesday, May 02, 2017      4 comments

I wanted a visual of my progress on my journey to lose 20# by midSeptember, so I got up and did this this morning. I created a 2 rows by 10 c... Read more
20# by midSeptember???
Monday, May 01, 2017      3 comments

Some years ago I was very successful with Sparkpeople. I lost approximately 90 pounds in about 18 months, but once there, I began to slowly put some of that back on. In fact, on a high weight day [salt is NOT my friend], I have put all but 30 ... Read more
4/7/2017: Sharing a Milestone in Life
Friday, April 07, 2017      4 comments

Tomorrow my oldest will turn 30. I really hadn't thought about how it would affect me. I'm remembering things that I haven't thought about in years - I was already at the hospital 30 years ago and was in labor for 24+ hours. I won't go into a... Read more
Mindful Moderation, 3/05/2017
Sunday, March 05, 2017      2 comments

Oh, my goodness emoticon The past few days have not been so good for my mindful moderation. Here are my dot calend... Read more
Mindful Moderation, 2/25/2017
Saturday, February 25, 2017      4 comments

Here's my dot calendar: I haven't lost any more weight, but I do know that sometimes I won't lose for a while and then it will be a very nice l... Read more
Mindful Moderation, Early for 2/18/2017
Friday, February 17, 2017      4 comments

I have only had green dots on my dot calendar since the weekend. It feels good to make choices that help my body feel better. It's also interesting to follow the season of seasonal freggies. I enjoyed a delicious serving of baked spa... Read more
Mindful Moderation, Late for 2/11/2017
Tuesday, February 14, 2017      5 comments

I'm later than I intended for my blog update on my year of Mindful Moderation. I intend to do them over the weekends, but this past weekend didn't allow. Perhaps two days later is still moderation. My last official weigh-in showed a ... Read more
Mindful Moderation, 2/4/2017
Saturday, February 04, 2017      4 comments

It's been five weeks and I have lost just over 6#! Success! I knew I was feeling better, and my jeans weren't quite so tight to zip and those 6# are the low-cal icing on the cake! LOL! I wrote a blog earlier in the year explaining my ... Read more
Mindful Moderation, 1/29/2017
Sunday, January 29, 2017      5 comments

I am still pleased with my efforts toward being mindfully moderate. I am still down just over 5#. My WI yesterday was up a bit, but it was back down today, and it had been even a bit lower earlier in the week. Slow progress is still ... Read more
Mindful Moderation after Week 2
Sunday, January 22, 2017      6 comments

This is the end of week 2 with my Mindful Moderation theme. I am down just over 5#. I am happy with that. This is over a 3 week period, and of course, I showed a bigger loss at the beginning than yesterday, but 5# over three weeks is... Read more
Mindful Moderation after Week 1
Friday, January 13, 2017      6 comments

My mindful moderation is working well for me. I have been surprised with a 10K buzz on the fitbit a couple of days this week. I am not setting the 10K as a "gotta have" goal because I cannot depend on my health concerns cooperating, but what I... Read more

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