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Sat in the sun
Sunday, August 08, 2010      8 comments

for about an hour today. Maybe longer. It was really cold (to me) in my house and it is my weekend so I decided to take it easy. I could have cleaned, but I didn't. I could have done laundry, but I didn't. Could have organized, but I didn't... Read more
Burnt semi - coulda been so much worse
Sunday, August 08, 2010      11 comments

In my status, I mentioned that the neighbors at the end of the cul-de-sac had a fire early this morning. I wanted to go see how they were, offer my assistance and (of course!) find out what happened. But I also didn't want to be a nosy neighbo... Read more
The value of tiny goals, and I do mean tiny!
Friday, August 06, 2010      14 comments

Last night, DH and I went to the gym. I decided that I really need to vary my workouts, so I got on the treadmill instead of my beloved elliptical. I started with a walk to warm up and after two minutes started running/jogging. To me it was r... Read more
Fancy cut does not equal fancy sliced :o(
Thursday, August 05, 2010      13 comments

I am not a big fan of green beans. The flavor is okay, but, meh, I could do without them. When I was a kid, I used to put ketchup on them so I couldn't taste the green beans. I could eat heaps of them then! LOL! Now i eat green beans ... Read more
More rules that one MUST live by
Wednesday, August 04, 2010      12 comments

Since the last time I blogged about rules that I could (or couldn't) break, I've been keeping a running list of other rules that MUST be followed. No, really! Or ELSE! When I fold clothes (on laundry day), my clothes go on the left of th... Read more
Starting back over again redoing once more
Sunday, August 01, 2010      9 comments

How many ways can I say it? I have recommitted (again! LOL!) to losing that last five pounds. I would then be in a healthy BMI range (instead of just at the bottom of overweight) and my clothes would/should fit better...or at least still fit! ... Read more
I LOVE playing softball!!!
Saturday, July 31, 2010      3 comments

Yesterday afternoon, one of the ladies I work with came and asked me if I could sub on a softball team that night. I had to get some details (where, when, etc.) and call DH to make sure that he didn't have plans I didn't know about. He didn't ... Read more
Pictures of the clothes I got on my shopping trip.
Monday, July 26, 2010      4 comments

I went shopping by myself on Wednesday. During that shopping trip, I picked up a yellow shirt, a red sweater and a pair of black capris - all on clearance. I also got a black sweater, 3/4 sleeve. It was on sale, but not clearance. Here are t... Read more
Finally did it....
Monday, July 26, 2010      4 comments

Took the daughter on a run, that is. Knowing that she is taller than me (by about five inches) and younger than me (by more than two decades), I told her to go at her own pace. And sure enough, she slowly pulled ahead of me. I will say ... Read more
Well, not quite.
Monday, July 26, 2010      5 comments

Of course, ya gotta try before you can say you failed, right? Yesterday I blogged about running an 8-minute mile with my daughter. The plan was to get up at 8:00 this morning and head out. We would jog/run until someone had to stop (I was ass... Read more
8-minute mile? And not in a car either!
Sunday, July 25, 2010      7 comments

DD came home today and told me that for softball she needs to be able to run a mile in under eight minutes. ... Read more
Lions and tigers and bears, oh my! Oh...and giraffes!!
Saturday, July 24, 2010      5 comments

Went to the zoo with the kids yesterday. First stop...African Exhibit! It was a new exhibit and we wanted to be sure to see it first. There was a boat you could ride (for $1 per passenger) that would take you on a mini-African safari. ... Read more
Five sweet, blissful hours spent in solitude!
Wednesday, July 21, 2010      9 comments

Well, solitude from the kids and responsibilities anyway. LOL! Started the day by sleeping in almost to 8:00! Woo hoo! Left for the gym and got my workout in before doing anything else. Ate breakfast, gathered all the stuff I needed, cu... Read more
I can tell the boy is feeling better.
Wednesday, July 21, 2010      4 comments

There are signs. One - he has taken a lot fewer pills today than he has in the previous two days Two - he had a friend over all day and they were able to find things to do Three - no nap for him today Four - he is insisting... Read more
I want to play too! :(
Monday, July 19, 2010      9 comments

Water parks are for kids, right? Well, maybe. But I wanna play too! emoticon As most of you know, I am on a ... Read more

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