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Back in the saddle again.
Tuesday, June 15, 2010      4 comments

I'm Spark-blogging instead of working, which I'm seeing as a positive thing! It's time for me to re-prioritize what's important to me (again) and to that end, I've set some goals for the last two weeks of June. Hopefully posting them here will h... Read more
One Word Survey
Friday, March 12, 2010      0 comments

Not as easy as you might think! Copy and Paste into your own blog, change the answers to suit you. It's really hard to only use one word answers. Stole this from another blogger... Where is your cell phone? desk Spouse? befreckled ... Read more
The kindness of strangers.
Thursday, December 10, 2009      11 comments

I just need to put this out there for those times when I doubt what I'm going to say is true. The Universe, or God, or whatever higher power you may or not believe in, really does have a way of pulling things together sometimes. Many of you... Read more
Ran amuck. (video blog)
Sunday, October 04, 2009      14 comments

Video evidence of my insanity. It was a fun race. It was also one of the hardest I've ever run. It felt like 90% of it was straight uphill. I am not used to trail running, and was pretty scared of turning an ankle or slipping into the lake.... Read more
Makes an assessment.
Sunday, September 27, 2009      3 comments

It's been about a week and I managed to get out for three runs. I'm doing 2:1 run:walk ratios, and I have to say that I feel more energetic at the end of these runs than I did when I would run straight through. I would like to be able to run 10k... Read more
Starts over.
Friday, September 18, 2009      2 comments

Just to close the loop: Met with my GI doc today to talk about my problem and as it turns out there are few answers. Which means - at last - the ball is back in my court. The main thing I learned is that the bleeding, when it happens, is no... Read more
Is thick headed.
Tuesday, September 15, 2009      7 comments

I went for a 30-minute run this morning. The hell with it.... Read more
Gives Up.
Monday, September 14, 2009      4 comments

My MRA scan results were normal. So there is no reason why I should bleed internally when running. And all the stress and emotional turmoil from last week was pointless. I could run, and pretend this doesn't phase me, so that three months ... Read more
Needs motivation.
Tuesday, September 08, 2009      3 comments

I am looking for ways to keep my motivation up and my stress down. There is so much turmoil in my life right now and I don't know what to do with it all. My old fallback, the bottle of beer (more like pitcher, really), is not helping my waistlin... Read more
Tuesday, September 01, 2009      6 comments

OK. People who have known me a while know that I have struggled with my running. About two years ago I was diagnosed with runner's ischemia, which is a pretty rare thing. I guess when I run long distances (anything over 4 miles or so), blood is ... Read more
Shoulda Coulda Woulda
Thursday, June 25, 2009      4 comments

A long, long time ago, back when my mom and dad were doing everything they could think of to get me to stop worrying about Every Little Thing, my mom suggested I remove the word, "should," from my vocabulary for just one day and see what happene... Read more
Where I'm At.
Tuesday, June 02, 2009      2 comments

Here we go. A starting point.... Read more
Motivational Speech to Me.
Monday, June 01, 2009      2 comments

I know you feel like you want to give up right now, that all the trying just isn't worth it. I know the crud of life has got you lying face-down and paralyzed on the floor. I even know you're justified in feeling that way. Get up. Just... Read more
Life lesson.
Monday, January 26, 2009      1 comments

Well, I lost the pound I gained last time I weighed myself, so that's good. Whew! Now I'm back at the beginning, instead of before the beginning, if that makes any sense. Last week I got sick. I almost never get sick, and when I do, 99.9% o... Read more
Eating right
Saturday, January 17, 2009      1 comments

I've been paying more attention to what I've been doing lately and discovered that while I've been putting a lot of effort into working out, I really haven't been as good as I thought at the healthy eating part. I looked at my nutrition report o... Read more

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