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marathon debriefing
Wednesday, May 26, 2010      7 comments

i've been avoiding this post and talking about my marathon in general. even now it's taking me longer than expected to get this all out here. i didn't really understand the whys, i just chalked it up to general laziness on my part and post-marat... Read more
poor hammies
Friday, January 15, 2010      0 comments

my hamstrings have been tender after my runs since i started my 10k class. i talked to my teacher and it's because i've been running faster than i'm used to. a LOT faster than i'm used to. before i started my half training i went out and ran a... Read more
how i started
Thursday, October 22, 2009      0 comments

last winter i lost a lot of my appetite. it wasn't necessarily in any unhealthy way. my emotional state was fine, i would just get distracted and not eat often enough. at that point i still had about 15 pounds of postpartum weight my body was ha... Read more
more about points
Saturday, August 15, 2009      0 comments

i actually got 20 today! it can be done!!... Read more
Wednesday, July 22, 2009      0 comments

i really hate it when i only get one... Read more
c25k w7d3
Saturday, July 18, 2009      0 comments

i did it! mostly. i had to walk 3/4 of a loop at the track but i pushed through it (with a stupid pain in my side the whole freaking time. i was super mad about that). weigh in was today. i lost 3 pounds! cha ching! last week i had gained a p... Read more
c25k w7d2
Wednesday, July 15, 2009      0 comments

today wasn't as hard as day 1. that's the point, right? ps i HATE bark trails. thanks for the blister!... Read more
i love compliments
Friday, July 03, 2009      0 comments

even if i don't believe them. today the girl who waxed my eyebrows (because i lost a pound) said i looked great for having a baby. she thought i was 18. awesome because SHE was 28 and looked 18 and had TWO kids. my husband keeps making commen... Read more
c25k w5d2
Thursday, July 02, 2009      0 comments

i did it last night and it was challenging but definitely not impossible. i even remembered to pick up the pace a little at the end. awesome. now i just have to convince myself i can run for 20 minutes straight. i've NEVER done that. we'll see... Read more
chicken? no thanks.
Tuesday, June 30, 2009      0 comments

my hips are still sore, plus a little higher and lower. and i had the most disgusting chicken burger tonight. by the time i got home it was too late to throw it up and be done with it. just thinking about it makes me gag.... Read more
sore hips?
Sunday, June 28, 2009      0 comments

weird. and it's been all weekend too.... Read more
c25k w4d3
Friday, June 26, 2009      0 comments

i know, it's only thursday but i have a weigh in tomorrow and i ate half a pan of rice krispy treats. (RICE KRISPIES!!! imagine stephen colbert saying this) on another note i have 9 GIANT mosquito bites all in a line down the side of my back.... Read more
c25k w4d2
Wednesday, June 24, 2009      0 comments

i went around the neighborhood this morning. no good. i also had chloe with me. no good. i hate having to wait for street lights and cars, people not keeping the sidewalks clear, and unknown hills.... Read more
juggling progress
Tuesday, June 23, 2009      0 comments

currently juggling: exercise, family, school, church, house on a scale from 1-10 it's a: 7.8... Read more
c25k w4d1
Tuesday, June 23, 2009      0 comments

i used the podcast today and it was so nice not having to fumble around and drop my phone so i could use the timer. i wish he used better music though.... Read more

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