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K.I.S.S. and I ain't talkin about Gene Simmons.
Thursday, March 11, 2010      21 comments

Watching the scale can drive me insane at times because I just don't understand what the hell is going on inside my body going off of the weights from day to day. Because of the bad food weekend that I had last week I have been on the scale e... Read more
Making choices.
Wednesday, March 10, 2010      20 comments

Making my way through the week and looking for a new low number come Friday has been my focus for so long that I am starting to feel like this is my job. I don't mean the job that you wake up every morning and start loathing before the crust ... Read more
Skinny doesn't always mean thin.
Tuesday, March 09, 2010      23 comments

With the weather getting nice I am running into an uncomfortable situation with my clothing, ya see the top of me is a comfortable 2xl and where my gut use to be comes in at a 3xl so finding clothes that look decent is becoming a task. I have... Read more
Monday morning quarterback, the weekend in review.
Monday, March 08, 2010      17 comments

This weekend did not go so well and I am unsure why, Let me start at Friday and we shall move forward from there. I did not take anything out of the freezer for dinner on Friday so when wify came home from work and asked what was for dinner I... Read more
Day 794 weigh in day and WOW!
Friday, March 05, 2010      61 comments

I'm just going to get right to it today because I am more than happy with what the scale told me this morning. Last week I was 319.0lbs on the nose and this week I am down to 314.6lbs! that's a 4.4 pound drop this week folks! and it would app... Read more
Pre weigh in thoughts
Thursday, March 04, 2010      13 comments

This week has gone by in a blur and other than following my calories I haven't done anything "health" related besides try to sleep as much as I can which didn't go over too well in itself. To stay on track I will need to see a 3.8 pound drop ... Read more
I've done my sentence, but committed no crime.
Wednesday, March 03, 2010      20 comments

My how time flies when you are having fun! I have had the most god awful cold thanks to my loving daughter and her straight to the face cough last week, or was it Wify with her kiss good bye, either way its been fun. I have missed the gym for... Read more
Day 787 and a new low weight.
Friday, February 26, 2010      44 comments

Out of bed I stepped and straight to the scale I went, of course I was looking for 319 or lower to flash across the display but before I go there let me say that last night was maybe one of the worse nights I have had in a while because of the r... Read more
Salsa Tilapia recipe and pre weigh in thoughts.
Thursday, February 25, 2010      28 comments

Making my way through my week and here it is Thursday already, that of course means that tomorrow is a weigh in day and I am really hoping for a new low weight this time around. I had been to the gym 9 days in a row on my quest for the three ... Read more
Fat guy meets yoga oh my!
Tuesday, February 23, 2010      31 comments

This week I feel so focused that even the fact that I am right now as I type this sick with an itchy throat and all groggy feeling I am looking forward to my trip to the gym later. Today will be nine days in a row with no break from the gym a... Read more
Still not a morning person...
Monday, February 22, 2010      22 comments

Every morning I wake up and I say to myself "no way I am going to the gym today" and yet every day I go, I am definitely NOT a morning person. Yesterdays workout has left me sore and tired this morning despite me getting eight and a half hour... Read more
Sunday punishment..
Sunday, February 21, 2010      8 comments

The Sunday Exercise update is as follows, 20 minutes on the bike at 95 revs per minute on level 11 the whole time followed by 45 minutes of weight lifting. The weights was kind of a whole body workout, sort of but more because it was all over... Read more
This is not an emergency, it is just a test...
Saturday, February 20, 2010      16 comments

I wanted to pop in with my exercise for Friday and Saturday as I mentioned in my last post that I would do so. Friday I was in a mood so I decided that I would go to the gym and punish myself into a better frame of mind and it worked. I heade... Read more
Weight right there young fella! its weigh in day.
Friday, February 19, 2010      25 comments

Back to the regularly scheduled weigh in posts for Friday, This morning I am sore, I am tired and I am guaranteeing a new low weight for next Friday. Lets start with what the scale had to say to me this morning, per usual I wake up and walk t... Read more
When I said that I want to be Skinny this ain't what I meant!
Thursday, February 18, 2010      38 comments

I was standing in the bathroom getting ready to take a shower and I looked at the guy in the reflection and saw someone that I was not use to seeing. This guy had shape to his shoulders, his chest looked like a guys chest should look and ther... Read more

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