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Sunday, February 10, 2013      5 comments

First off, I got my first paycheck from my first job in this state yesterday YAAAY! I love love my job. I adore it. And eating healthy and working out has just become routine again which I am very happy for. There is a very sweet girl from N... Read more
A grandmother's loving wisdom
Thursday, January 24, 2013      4 comments

Grandmother Says... Carrots, Eggs, or Coffee; "Which are you?" A young woman went to her grandmother and told her about her life and how things were so hard for her. She did not know how she was going to make it and wanted to give up. Sh... Read more
Sick of being sick this week has been crazy
Sunday, January 13, 2013      2 comments

Well, I have been doing a series of interviews since Tuesday. Greg's mom went into the hospital with the virus that's been going around and had to stay due to pneumonia. Greg's sister had it originally and is still sick and Greg and his mom go... Read more
"Try" by Pink
Saturday, January 05, 2013      7 comments

Doing some housework and this song came on the radio and the lyrics really struck me as perfect for some Spark motivation. I could have really used those lyrics yesterdays during my moment of struggle "Where there is desire There is gon... Read more
inner stuggles
Friday, January 04, 2013      4 comments

I am having an emotional moment right now. I can't pinpoint the exact cause. I feel a bit angry, a bit annoyed, a lot overwhelmed, a little intimidated, worried, and sad. I remember last time around I got overwhelmed and irrational angry a co... Read more
Extra visual motivation
Monday, December 31, 2012      5 comments

So I have a wedding to attend at the end of April. If I hadn't taken time off of my workouts, I know I would still be on track to be able to not only feel healthier and be... Read more
2013 fitness calendar
Saturday, December 29, 2012      11 comments

I love the fitness/ food tracker on Spark but I wanted a little something extra with graphics something to help me focus more on my monthly goals and progress so I don't get too overwhelmed with my year's end goal. This way I can just focus on ... Read more
I'm back for more!
Saturday, December 29, 2012      7 comments

I took a few months off. Boy was that a bad idea. I've got renewed fervor and a vengeance for more weight loss I've tasted blood and I'm back for more. Only problem is it's not gonna be easy to just jump back in and I found out today I am not... Read more
I'm ready for new fitness milestone
Friday, October 19, 2012      2 comments

Finally getting back into my workout stride. I did 9 minutes of low impact cardio to warm up then a 10 minute bootcamp cardio, followed up with a 16 minute jump rope cardio. According to fitness tracker, that's 696 calories burnt. It was actuall... Read more
Time to throw the soy sauce away
Friday, September 28, 2012      6 comments

About 7 years ago, I tried soy milk for the first time. I got bad ovary pain. I drank it a few more times to make sure and got the same pain again and again. And the same think happened when I ate edamame (Soy beans) So I did some research on... Read more
Fall tea
Friday, September 28, 2012      2 comments

I am so happy that Fall is here! My favorite season. Dressing in layers, cute sweaters and scarves. Gloves! Driving though yellow and red vineyards, pretty red and green maples, and for me-- tea season! The last few days I have experimented... Read more
Arsenic in rice
Thursday, September 27, 2012      3 comments

I grew up eating white rice-- it was our family's main staple. I don't eat much rice anymore maybe 2-3 times a weeks instead of 5-6. In fact I have even switched to brown rice because I heard that was a better option. But now there are report... Read more
What 200 calories look like
Thursday, September 27, 2012      0 comments

You can really see how to make 200 calories count- where it is ans isn't worth it
-comparisons/287169 ... Read more
Food that help Detox your body
Sunday, September 16, 2012      2 comments

Just wanted to pass this on from Cleanse your body, protect it from disease, and enhance your health system by detoxing with these supportive foods. BLOOD What does it do? The blood is a specialized bodily fluid that... Read more
A wall
Saturday, September 15, 2012      10 comments

I know this blog is different from most of the ones I have entered the past few months since joining Spark. But I promised myself I would enter my experiences here-- to document this for myself. I have avoiding logging in to Spark for a couple... Read more

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