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@#$%% binged again after 3 months abstinance
Thursday, December 11, 2014      5 comments

Since mid-August, I had been doing really, really well with avoiding binging. This week I really messed up. I know why and I know I need to get back on track, but I'm having trouble making myself really want to. My addict brain is telling me..... Read more
sadness and regaining weight
Sunday, June 29, 2014      2 comments

2014 has been a rough year so far. My father, who has dementia and other health issues, came to live with us in 2013. Since Jan. 2014 he has been in hospital twice, got a pacemaker, been in nursing home for rehab and is back with us now. Curr... Read more
Bingeing on sugar-free syrup---emotional eating
Monday, April 22, 2013      0 comments

At a restaurant yesterday I noticed a woman bingeing on sugar-free syrup. She was eating spoonful after spoonful of the sweet stuff until the bottle was empty. The woman was obese and I felt so sorry and sad for her. Was she trying to control... Read more
Dad moving in with us
Sunday, March 03, 2013      4 comments

It's been a rough 3 months for my Dad. A lot of back and forth before finally making a decision, which I hope will stick. He doesn't like his current living situation and decided to sell his house and move in with us. House sold in 10 days. ... Read more
need motivation to finish this
Thursday, March 29, 2012      3 comments

I've been stuck in a rut for months now. Almost at my goal, but making no progress. I want to get into the 140-145 range, but keep wavering between 148 and 154. I really think my goal is realistic, but my eating behaviors have not been consis... Read more
good A1C test results
Monday, January 30, 2012      1 comments

Went to the doctor today and found out my A1C test score from last week is 5.8 That's really good...yeah!!!! Blood pressure and cholesterol were good, too. Doctor said just keep doing whatever I've been doing......walking, eating sensibly.... Read more
retirement goals
Sunday, August 21, 2011      2 comments

Retirement can be really boring without some plans and goals. Here's what I want to try to work on: 1. lose about 15 more pounds 2. find some good volunteer positions that fit my skills and interests 3. improve my knowledge of French,... Read more
new swimming suit
Wednesday, August 03, 2011      4 comments

I am so excited that I had to buy my third new swim suit since starting to lose weight. It's 4 sizes smaller...yeah !!!!! Going to try it out tonight.... Read more