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Turbo Jam
Saturday, January 26, 2008      2 comments

So I bought this DVD and I did it this morning for the first time and OMG, did it ever get my heartrate up! After 22 minutes, I wanted it to be over but I persevered and did the whole Cardio Party!... Read more
Good News
Monday, January 21, 2008      2 comments

The echocardiogram came back negative. I don't have pericarditis. The nurse said that I was probably just having a severe flare that happened to be affecting the joints in my chest and back. Thanks for everyone's support and concern!... Read more
Thursday, January 17, 2008      3 comments

I called my rheumatologist yesterday about this pain I'm having and he booked me for a echocardiogram this morning at 8 a.m. because he thought it sounded like pericarditis (inflammation of the fibrous sac surrounding the heart). So, I wen... Read more
Update on My Health
Wednesday, January 16, 2008      3 comments

For the last week and a half, I have been having pain in my sternum and shoulder blades and it sometimes feels like my rib cage is squeezing the air out of me so that it's hard to catch my breath. Because of this, I had an appointment with my G... Read more
Official Weigh-In Day
Wednesday, January 16, 2008      2 comments

I belong to a challenge where the weigh-in day is Monday so I can't change my weight tracker (below). So, I thought I would just post my weight here in my blog just like I do every Wednesday. I'm down 2.6 pounds. Woohoo! So, officially I... Read more
My Post in Basic Monthly Challenges
Friday, January 11, 2008      1 comments

I just posted this in the team named above but I wanted to post it here, too. I just want all of you to know that I'm having a really bad week and I'm not normally like this. Normally, I'm a fairly happy person who eats reasonably well. ... Read more
RA Symptoms?
Wednesday, January 09, 2008      3 comments

My rib cage feels like it's suffocating me, like I can't breathe. My sternum hurts and my lower back hurts and my rib cage hurts and I just don't feel well. Is it RA or something else?... Read more
Weighing in...
Wednesday, January 09, 2008      1 comments

Well, Wednesdays are typically my weigh-in day but I've joined this new challenge and we're supposed to weigh-in on Mondays so what to do, what to do? I weighed in this morning but was the same weight as last Wednesday so I guess I don't have t... Read more
Today's Weigh-in
Wednesday, January 02, 2008      0 comments

I wasn't going to weigh in today because I knew I gained but I did and I only gained half a pound from last week so that's not too bad since I've been eating really badly and not exercising. But, it's time to get back on track. Foodwise, f... Read more
Saturday, December 29, 2007      2 comments

Well, I did 20 minutes this morning even though the phone rang part way through and then my iPod earbud got stuck in my ear. I was going to do half an hour but my legs were still sore from yesterday. Yesterday, DH and I went to an art gallery ... Read more
Today's Weigh-in
Wednesday, December 26, 2007      1 comments

Well, I gained 1.8 pounds from last week but all-in-all, that's not too bad considering I've eaten two Christmas dinners plus Chinese on Christmas Eve, plus lots of cookies and chocolate plus a couple of mugs of Bailey's Irish Cream. I had ... Read more
Today's Weigh-in
Wednesday, December 19, 2007      1 comments

It's disheartening. I gained 2.7 pounds. I ate well most of the week but once again was unable to exercise because of sore knees, etc. How am I going to do for the next week when I'm not exercising and I have six special events to go to? ... Read more
Today's Weigh-in - Yay!
Wednesday, December 12, 2007      1 comments

Even though, I'm still not exercising because of my knee problems, I'm down 2.4 pounds today for a grand total of 23.6 since January! Yay, me!... Read more
Today's Weigh-in
Wednesday, December 05, 2007      0 comments

I gained weight this week (1.8 pounds) but I'm not surprised since I only did 50 minutes of exercise for the whole week and I haven't been eating very well. In fact, I went out to dinner last night with my sister and so I weighed in yesterday m... Read more
I'm ready for Christmas but...
Sunday, December 02, 2007      0 comments

Boy am I ever sore. I just spent the last 2 hours decorating the house for Christmas. But my arms and legs are killing me. I've also done two loads of laundry and am just starting my third and then I have to make dinner. I'm making roast... Read more

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