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Psychic Daughter - Joke!
Monday, September 20, 2010      10 comments

A father put his three year old daughter to bed, told her a story and listened to her prayers which she ended by saying: "God bless Mommy, God bless Daddy, God bless Grandma and good-bye Grandpa." The father asked, "Why did ... Read more
Isaiah 65:24 - Story!
Sunday, September 19, 2010      9 comments

Isaiah 65:24 This is a story written by a doctor who worked in Africa . One night I had worked hard to help a mother in the labor ward; but in spite of all we could do, she died, leaving us with a tiny, premature baby and a crying two... Read more
Leroy - Joke!
Saturday, September 18, 2010      5 comments

A preacher said, "Anyone with 'special needs' who wants to be prayed over, please come forward to the front by the altar." With that, Leroy got in line, and when it was his turn, the Preacher asked, "Leroy, what do you want me to pray abo... Read more
The Sunday Paper - Joke!
Friday, September 17, 2010      7 comments

This is dedicated to all of us who are seniors, to all of you who know seniors, and to all of you who will become seniors. It pays to be able to laugh about it when you are! ... Read more
Thursday, September 16, 2010      8 comments

... Read more
Wednesday, September 15, 2010      6 comments

1. Throw out nonessential numbers. This includes age, weight and height. Let the doctors worry about them. That is why you pay 'them' 2. Keep only cheerful friends. The grouches pull you down.. 3. Keep learning. Learn more about th... Read more
The Birthday Party!
Tuesday, September 14, 2010      8 comments

Happy 9th Birthday! Leilani and her Aunty Alisane ... Read more
More Pictures!
Monday, September 13, 2010      6 comments

Sunrise I thought this picture was neat with the reflection of the clouds! This picture is a bi... Read more
Our Boat Ride on the Lake!
Sunday, September 12, 2010      7 comments

Leilani and I went out in a boat on Lake Benson on Friday. It was so beautiful out! I have attached many pictures! Hopefully you will like them as much as I did! ... Read more
5K Heart Walk
Saturday, September 11, 2010      10 comments

A friend of mine has asked me to join her in the 5K heart walk on October 2nd and I think that I will do it. I am to the point where I can walk about a mile in 13 minutes so it should be pretty good. I have never in my life done anything l... Read more
It was entertainment night at the Elder Care Home - Joke!
Friday, September 10, 2010      5 comments

Claude the hypnotist exclaimed: "I'm here to put you all into a peaceful, relaxing trance. I intend to hypnotize each and every member of the audience." The excitement was almost electric as Claude withdrew a beautiful antique pocket w... Read more
Blue Rose - Story
Thursday, September 09, 2010      7 comments

Having four visiting family members, the wife was very busy, so I offered to go to the store for her to get some needed items, which included light bulbs, paper towels, trash bags, detergent, and Clorox. So off I went. I scurried arou... Read more
Get Motivated Seminar
Wednesday, September 08, 2010      7 comments

We went to a seminar today and I walked to the convention center which took me 30 minutes and then I walked during lunch and then I walked back to work. My other wimps I mean office workers took the bus! When I added up all the time I spent wa... Read more
Today-Tuesday 9/7
Tuesday, September 07, 2010      7 comments

I have decided to get back serious on my exercise plan and see how I feel! Today I walked 1/2 hour at lunch and then when I came home I did a Leslie Sansone Walk which sure heated me up! I did have to do some of my back stretches becau... Read more
Labor Day Weekend
Monday, September 06, 2010      8 comments

I find that when I am upset I like to go outside away from everybody and take pictures. I told many of you in my latest blog that my brother and family are moving and I have been very emotional about it this weekend. He is my baby brother afte... Read more

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