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Great Resource! Calories Burned Calculator
Friday, May 27, 2016      9 comments

Below is a resource I just found today. I haven't "logged" in or joined it, but was still able to use the calculator. SP doesn't always have a listing for the activity that I am doing; hence, this is quite helpful. https://www.hea... Read more
I Had to Share Proverbs31Julia's Blog!
Thursday, May 26, 2016      6 comments

I am sharing the above blog, as it really explains what helps people with diabetes:
al.asp?blog_id=6168379 I had been introduced to Dr. Jason Fung last year. ... Read more
I am Very Fortunate
Wednesday, April 27, 2016      15 comments

I read some great affirmations on one of my teams, and it reminded me how fortunate I am. I have gone through a period of acquiring. I always want something. Now, I remind myself that I have a sufficiency in all that I need, and I want for no... Read more
Wednesday, April 13, 2016      17 comments

I sure wish things were easier these days. I am so busy giving pills to dogs, all three now, and pills for myself, and taking care of my sister. I think I am working just as hard now as when I worked for real, and I had a really busy job back ... Read more
Sunday, April 03, 2016      11 comments

I woke up at 5 am today without an alarm. I then took a really nice longer walk at 7 am with two of the pooches. It was cooler and I could go a longer distance. I told myself before I fell asleep that I wanted to get up earlier and start my d... Read more
A Simple Way to Give Back to Your Community
Friday, February 12, 2016      13 comments

I ran across a great article at Goodwill, which describes how to give a box of items to Goodwill. Here is the link:
-for-new-stuff/ You just go to the G... Read more
Cold Brewing Bounty (of Coffee)!
Sunday, January 24, 2016      13 comments

Well, I read the article from Spark People the other day about cold brewing coffee, and I went on Amazon immediately to get a "toddy" system. I love cold brewing. I have to remember to do it the night before, but it just needs to sit in th... Read more
Happiness for a New Year!
Tuesday, December 29, 2015      8 comments

I wish everyone the best for the New Year! I have been struggling to be on program; however, I am doing better than not. I try to do good choices each day, and I don't guilt trip myself when I slip, as I know that I get back on the wagon i... Read more
Holiday Joy
Friday, December 18, 2015      6 comments

I went to the grocery today in my new neighborhood, and the produce was the freshest I had ever seen. I got a lot of good foods, and only got one "treat," which was the Lactaid version of holiday nog. I was very happy to see that most of ... Read more
I am still here!
Wednesday, December 02, 2015      14 comments

So far so good on getting serious again. My recent goal is to get more exercise and get my blood glucose into the high 100s. Those would be the two most wonderful holiday presents for me. I will also keep away from holiday treats. ... Read more
I am gearing up to get serious again
Friday, October 09, 2015      11 comments

I am vowing to make the best effort possible to walk at least a little 5 to 7 days a week. Even the smallest amounts of walking (like around the block) help with my blood glucose. I am also vowing to keep on with my positive attitude. I... Read more
Update on Me! lol!
Friday, September 04, 2015      11 comments

I have been going nutz the past three months since coming to the good ole' KY. Everything on the house went south, my dog went south, and I went south. The dog is past his crisis now, the house is nearly okay (just a few more items to fi... Read more
Update on Larry the Poodle Mix
Monday, June 29, 2015      14 comments

My pal, Larry, has done well in surgery. The doc thinks it may be a cure for him. He is an older dog but did really well. I attribute it to a good surgeon. Larry started to get sick while I was driving across country, specifically, in Shamro... Read more
Doing the Best I Can Every Day!
Wednesday, April 15, 2015      14 comments

I seriously feel pretty punk today. I've been working so hard with the spring cleaning that I've caused myself to have a flare up. It is not fun, and feels more like one has the flu. I get depressed when I don't feel well. I was cl... Read more
"Harvey," a Brief Review
Tuesday, March 24, 2015      16 comments

A graphic novel by Herve Bouchard and illustrated by Janice Nadeau Harvey is a wonderful little read about a child who loses his father, and how he feels about the tragic event. The illustrations are so expressive and really help to tell t... Read more

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