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Monday, November 23, 2015      5 comments

I just wanted to let everyone know that things are going really well for me right now. I think this new job is going to be great (though I'm only 3 weeks in during a slack time of year, so it's kind of hard to tell), my husband and I are getting... Read more
Tuesday, November 10, 2015      1 comments

This is an extra short blog entry because I'm at work. I have done really well with eating only when I'm hungry, etc. over the last few weeks. I have been off of my birth control pills for about 10 days due to a combination of the pharmacy makin... Read more
Saturday, November 07, 2015      5 comments

Well, the first week of my new job is under my belt and they haven't fired me yet! It's been a gorgeous week. The town I in which I now work is high atop a hill overlooking a city, and it's a pretty affluent suburb. The houses are gorgeous - lik... Read more
Sunday, November 01, 2015      2 comments

I probably won't be blogging as much as I have these last two weeks now - my 'unemployment' is over. I start my new job tomorrow. The commute is about 75-90 minutes each way, depending on traffic, and it's a high responsibility salaried position... Read more
Saturday, October 31, 2015      3 comments

I woke up yesterday with a ton of pain in my lower back - as in, can barely bend over or sit down. This is not a usual occurrence for me, and I think it is a fluke, from sleeping in on a bad mattress, being penned in by dogs so I couldn't move p... Read more
Thursday, October 29, 2015      1 comments

Today I went out with my BFF after she was done with school (she's a 5th grade teacher). It was great to see her (it's been 4 whole days lol). She went through a very messy divorce this year, but just moved into a beautiful new house with her so... Read more
Wednesday, October 28, 2015      1 comments

I started the day with some yoga - the first time in a loooong time. I did Beyond Basic Yoga for Dummies with Sarah Ivanhoe - a very good DVD. My dog Frank did NOT approve - laid next to me whimpering the whole time and licking any part of me (h... Read more
Tuesday, October 27, 2015      2 comments

. . . so much for boundless energy - I just snoozed on the couch all morning. It was lovely! I don't get to do that very often. I'm usually up by 5-5:30am every morning (without an alarm, that's just when I wake). I was this morning too, but for... Read more
Monday, October 26, 2015      6 comments

Last night I actually felt restless with energy. This is not something that I ever, EVER feel. I am perfectly happy snuggling on the couch with my dog and a warm blanket. I went for a walk, and I set a little time limit for myself - to make... Read more
Sunday, October 25, 2015      3 comments

After 9 days of meticulous tracking, the scale finally budged. .8 lb, but still. I was starting to think that the scale was broken and was not able to go below the weight I was at. ;) I can tell myself all day long that it's about getting h... Read more
Saturday, October 24, 2015      5 comments

Yesterday I had a bad day. I'm not sure why. It was an absolutely stunning, calendar-worthy day in SE Ohio. My husband was in a good mood. Eating wasn't really a problem. We went shopping for new clothes for me in a town about 45 min away -... Read more
Friday, October 23, 2015      2 comments

The first day of refined sugar/flour free eating is under my belt with no problems, though I was STARVING after dinner, and that's unusual for me. I think I need to add more vegetables. My husband and I eat them in soups and things, but I ... Read more
Abstaining... with Purpose
Thursday, October 22, 2015      2 comments

So I'm not a person that agrees with eliminating foods from your diet, unless they are absolutely evil for your individual body. On January 5 of this year, I gave up Coca-Cola. I'm a hard-core addict. It's pretty pathetic, but if I have eve... Read more
Wednesday, October 21, 2015      1 comments

So over the last couple of years, I've taken a different approach to my weight. When we moved 'back home' in February of 2014, I was about 210-213 lbs. WAY too much for my little 5'2" frame (I have to keep reminding myself I'm a 'little' person ... Read more
Reintroducing Myself
Tuesday, October 20, 2015      5 comments

I posted this on a team forum, and thought I should post it here too. Hi! I've been on and off SP since 2009 - I was always a healthy weight until college and working at a pizza shop, then entering a comfortable happy relationship with the ... Read more

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