Moving Forward
Monday, January 14, 2013      2 comments

I have taken a few days to reflect and today I began taking baby steps to get back to being myself. I am practicing portion control and self control. I am also using moderation to ease back into eating habits that in the past helped me be succes... Read more
Success and Sadness
Tuesday, January 08, 2013      2 comments

I began my original journey with a goal in mind and I succeeded. I wanted to lose weight by the start of November, in time for my brother's destination wedding. I lost 40 pounds, dropped 3 clothes sizes and felt great. I was able to travel easil... Read more
Recharged and Reenergized
Sunday, September 16, 2012      1 comments

The last 2 weeks have been disastrous for me. I thought I could do it on my own. I thought I had learned enough that I had control over what and how I was eating. I allowed the stresses of life and work get to me and control my eating. I gave up... Read more
A Boost of Focus Needed!
Sunday, August 26, 2012      1 comments

This past week at work has been hectic but I am praying that the chaos slows down so I can focus on my progress and goals. I've had to modify my spurts of exercise and my eating to stick to my goal of living a healthier lifestyle. It is tough to... Read more
Ten Weeks and Counting
Sunday, August 19, 2012      1 comments

I am ten weeks into this phase of a better me and I am still progressing. This past week was tough being that we had two birthdays in my house, a day apart. That meant birthday cakes galore. Birthday cakes are so evil! I found them hard to resis... Read more
Guess What? It's Working!
Saturday, August 11, 2012      1 comments

As a person who is allergic to scales, I couldn't tell you the last time I weighed myself. I usually use a rough estimate of where I am based on how my clothes fit. Pitiful, right? I know but it's what makes me feel better. Well about 5 weeks ag... Read more
My New and Improved Relationship with Food
Saturday, August 04, 2012      2 comments

This morning I went on a quick shopping trip to replenish some of my food staples. I realized for the first time in a long time (maybe first time ever) I was able to shop without much deliberation. I went in and got the items that I needed and w... Read more
Keeping Up the Momentum
Sunday, July 29, 2012      3 comments

I am entering a new week and my progress thus far has been great. I am seeing even more changes in my body, visible changes. My clothes fit differently. I have more clothes falling off of me than I have that fit. More importantly my energy level... Read more
Seeing Progress, Recognizing Efforts
Sunday, July 15, 2012      2 comments

Today I wore a pair of pants to church that I purchased last year. What makes these pants so special? I actually bought them but never could fit them. I remember when I purchased the pants last year to wear for Easter I was devastated to find th... Read more
The Difficulty of Sharing Progress and Goals
Friday, July 13, 2012      2 comments

For the most part I have kept my lifestyle change to myself with the exception of my family that lives with me. They are pretty supportive and have noticed the changes in me. They compliment me on my choices, the way my body is changing, my will... Read more
No Longer Letting Weight Stand In my Way
Saturday, July 07, 2012      2 comments

For a while I have avoided certain activities because of my weight. Being heavy limits you physically and emotionally. Physically it was hard to go certain places because I had to walk a lot or climb stairs. Emotionally because I had to deal wit... Read more
Getting Back to the Business of Being Me
Monday, July 02, 2012      1 comments

I used to have a life. I used to go out and have fun. I used to wear really nice clothes, dance all night, laugh out loud. I miss those things. I miss being me. Lately I noticed subtle changes. I am starting to recognize the old me. I am ... Read more
It's a family affair
Wednesday, June 27, 2012      0 comments

I just returned from a nice 1 and a half mile walk with family. It feels so good to have my family walking and supporting my effort to lose weight and to live a healthier lifestyle. Even as the temperature reaches a 100 plus degrees here we stil... Read more
Making the effort to make better choices
Saturday, June 23, 2012      2 comments

Last night I took my daughter to a Girl Scout event and I thought I was going to be in trouble since I knew the menu beforehand. There was an enormous spread of pizza and all the sweets you could want. Surprisingly I didn't feel an overwhelming... Read more
It's the little things that count
Thursday, June 21, 2012      2 comments

I achieved a goal this week. I actually burned all my calories for the week. Wow...I am almost speechless because I can't remember the last time I did that. What's funny is I can barely remember actually doing anything this week. It seemed effor... Read more

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