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MUD RUN Recap with Pics
Sunday, June 10, 2012      6 comments

My biggest goal when I started my weight loss journey last May was to run a 5k. I searched around and decided to do a mud run. There was one planned for the end of the summer and I really really wanted to do it. I told my family and friends m... Read more
Hey You
Tuesday, January 24, 2012      3 comments

Found this on Pinterest and thought it appropriate. Have a great one!! ... Read more
Where did December go?
Monday, December 19, 2011      4 comments

I've pretty much coasted through the month of December with very little exercise and some poor eating choices. Luckily I've maintained my weight. On top of all the Christmas Mayhem there's been a lot of sickness floating through my house... Read more
not one of my goals
Thursday, December 01, 2011      3 comments

I'll make this quick today since I'm not feeling too good today. (Hiccups on top of a sinus headache is a horrible horrible thing!) ... Read more
So long 50 pounds!! (video blog)
Saturday, November 26, 2011      15 comments

Thanks Sparkpeople for helping me lose 50 pounds!!!... Read more
Pictures of my motivation (beware they're cute!)
Tuesday, November 22, 2011      8 comments

I went looking for some "before" pictures on my mom's computer and found some great pics. I'll save the ones of me for a future post. Today I want to share some pics of what, or should I say who, motivates me. My Munchkin!!!! Some o... Read more
I can't do all that in 6 months... oh wait.. What?!?! I already did?
Monday, November 14, 2011      13 comments

On May 12th of this year, I came across Sparkpeople on someone's Twitter page. It was a fluke since I don't Tweet and had ended up there while searching for something else. I'm grateful to this person who's page I stumbled upon. I wish I knew... Read more
Destined to get sick :(
Thursday, November 10, 2011      2 comments

Stocking up on Lysol, and hand sanitizer. We have one little munchkin home sick from our daycare. She got pink eye. ... Read more
Old clothes, new high
Saturday, November 05, 2011      10 comments

I don't have a lot of clothes left from the last time I lost weight. About 5 years ago, through Weight Watchers and lots of walking, I had gotten down to 165 lbs. I was a size 13 for my brother's wedding and haven't been able to fit into m... Read more
For fun: My celebrity crushes through the years
Friday, November 04, 2011      5 comments

Challenge for the week is to blog 3 times. I don't feel like talking about my diet since the scale wasn't cooperating this morning because of my sodium intake yesterday. Lots of water today and my weigh in should be fine. So instead, for ... Read more
Coffee, Lappy the Laptop, and the letter N.
Thursday, November 03, 2011      1 comments

A week ago I had a little mishap with a cup of coffee and my beloved Inspiron mini. A full cup of coffee with cream landed right on the keyboard. My first thought was 'crap, there goes my diet'. How am I going to log onto Sparkpeople everyday... Read more
silly, inspiring, goofy motivational sayings
Tuesday, October 18, 2011      7 comments

emoticonYou woke up today..That's your first blessing, now see how many more you can encounter.. This day is yours to... Read more
Healthy me = healthy family
Sunday, October 16, 2011      3 comments

One year ago today, I decided that I needed a change. It was time for me to be a good role model for my son and show him how to live a healthy life. The first step to a healthy me was to quit smoking. So on October 16th of last year I d... Read more
*** 5k goal accomplished!! with pics :)***
Wednesday, September 28, 2011      8 comments

The forecast for Sunday morning, the day of my first 5k, was looking dismal. Mr. weatherman said that we better prepare for lots of rain and an occasional thunderstorm. ... Read more
Pics of 40 lbs gone forever
Thursday, September 22, 2011      7 comments

I've hit quite a few weight loss milestones lately. First I made it into One-derland. emoticon Then my BMI changed... Read more

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