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No Longer Complacent ;)
Friday, January 18, 2013      10 comments

I have been absent from SP for some time. I had become complacent because I was maintaining and not making any progress. I thought after loosing 120 lbs i could just drift along. Which I did for awhile... Then of course Halloween ... Read more
It's Fri and I'm still tracking!
Friday, August 24, 2012      6 comments

Today is Fri, TGIF and fast food Fri. Guess what, I'm still tracking. Hard to believe. I stopped tracking before when it got too overwhelming but right now, I'm still doing this. Went over with my calories last night but I was under for a couple... Read more
Time to buckle down.
Friday, August 17, 2012      6 comments

Hi everyone! Yep, I took the summer off and basically found out I could do maintenance if I wanted to. I also found out that's OK but I'm not done yet. I still have another 50 pounds to lose. The kid's went back to school and it's time to g... Read more
Still plugging away! 126 down ;)
Saturday, June 16, 2012      5 comments

Hi all you sparkers out there! Yep, I'm finally writing a blog. I've been sparking from a distance and thought it was time to throw my 2 cents into cyberspace once again! You may remember that I switched to full time back in March and my f... Read more
One-derland is possible and beyond!!
Sunday, April 01, 2012      7 comments

Hello Spark friends, I finally did it! I broke 200! After months of a see-saw up and down I have broken my plateau with a vengeance! What did I do?? I didn't starve myself that's for sure. I ate within my calorie range and exercised.The exe... Read more
Updates on my Recovery
Monday, March 19, 2012      7 comments

Things are coming along. I no longer use my immobilizer boot for day to day activity. I can usually walk some distances without a limp now. I still use the boot to exercise in after finding I'm not quite ready for Coach Nicole's 28 day DVD. I p... Read more
Saturday, February 25, 2012      11 comments

I believe I'm ready to become more active again on SparkPeople. I felt weighted down by the time involved on the computer and decided it was time for a separation. Thanks to Littlebjanet, I began to simplify in order to get a handle on my life. ... Read more
Does Absence Make the Heart Fonder?
Thursday, February 09, 2012      9 comments

I have been struggling lately with the "social" aspect of SP. Lately, the daily input to remain involved has caused a case of burnout for me. Don't get me wrong, I love SP and everyone involved. I haven't given up with my weight loss, tracking ... Read more
Trying Walking Today
Tuesday, January 24, 2012      13 comments

After four weeks of crutches, this week I get to try to walk. Right away this morning, I put on my immobilizer boot and I walked/gimped to the kitchen. It was so nice to be able to use my hands to move dishes around and get food from the frig. Y... Read more
3 weeks post-op
Thursday, January 19, 2012      13 comments

On Tues, I saw the MD concerning my right foot. For those of you not familiar, I had surgery for a torn tendon in my foot from a small fracture in my foot. The good news, the incision looks great and is healing as to be expected. Bad news, 2 mor... Read more
SP no longer has FB share button on blogs.
Monday, January 16, 2012      5 comments

I was showing my cousin how to opt out the share FB button and saw it was no longer on my Sparkpage. I checked at the official site and this option has completely been removed. Thank you everyone for voicing your opinion to to stop this option. ... Read more
Reasons for Celebrating! (video blog)
Wednesday, January 11, 2012      11 comments

Thanks to my dd who helped me with this vlog! Hope the synch is better! This is my first vlog so I was a bit nervous and I rambled at times. If you sit through and watch the whole thing, I appreciate it. Enjoy the fruit ninja!... Read more
Reason's for Celebrating! (video blog)
Wednesday, January 11, 2012      4 comments

See the other video, synch problem fixed... Read more
Post-op and a New Year
Saturday, January 07, 2012      11 comments

Hello out there in Spark land! I haven't written a blog in a long time and I thought why not! Since having surgery to repair my torn tendon, Dec 28th, life has been a study of patience and tedium. My recovery requires 3 weeks of non-weight ... Read more
Death of a Scale?
Thursday, December 22, 2011      13 comments

Caught you with that title didn't I? This blog has to do with a scale discrepancy that I have been dealing with for some time. ... Read more

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