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A case of the Mondays
Monday, June 27, 2016      2 comments

I really, really, REALLY want to start my weekend over. It was one of those weekends where I had all these plans, and now it's Monday morning and I don't know what happened to the weekend! I did do a little work on some projects around the house... Read more
Glad but sad it's Friday
Friday, June 24, 2016      3 comments

It feels like this has been a very long week. I'm so happy it's Friday, but at the same time I'm a little sad. Only because I planned to do so many things this week (mainly exercise) and don't feel like I really did any of them. I'm down to 4 we... Read more
I'm tired
Thursday, June 23, 2016      1 comments

Today I am tired, and I know exactly why. My very large dog is terrified of storms, and last night after struggling to fall asleep (I think I finally nodded off around midnight), I came to at 4:00am with my dog standing in front of my face, pant... Read more
6 days later...
Wednesday, June 22, 2016      0 comments

Wow, I can't believe it's been almost a week since I blogged! I was swamped Friday and don't get on over the weekend, so there's that. Monday our server was down at work and I was sent home at 10am, so of course I was swamped again Tuesday.... s... Read more
Thursday, June 16, 2016      0 comments

Well, my 1st challenge week so far as been a little rough. I'd say I'm keeping up with about 80% of my plan, and really that's not so bad. I will not beat myself up about it, I'll just focus on getting back on track and doing a little better eac... Read more
4 week challenge
Tuesday, June 14, 2016      0 comments

Yesterday kicked off day 1 of a last minute plan to start a personal 4 week challenge! I have my plan outlined in detail, but here is the general idea: 1. Continue to stick to my eating plan - it works for me, but I need to stick with it an... Read more
Monday reset
Monday, June 13, 2016      0 comments

I've been hit or miss at best on my eating the past couple of weeks. I haven't shown any increase in weight, but also haven't lost any either. I am down to about 5 weeks away from what I would consider the event of the summer for me... I will be... Read more
On it goes...
Thursday, June 09, 2016      1 comments

I missed writing yesterday, but work has been so crazy I feel like I barely have time to pee! It is so mentally draining and stressful, and I have a feeling that contributes at least in part to my mindless snacking when I get home. I've always s... Read more
Tuesday update
Tuesday, June 07, 2016      0 comments

Checking in (with myself mostly). Trying to make this a habit! I had my group meeting of sorts last night with real appeal, and this week was about sneaking in extra movement throughout the day, such as finding ways to get up every hour if you w... Read more
I want to go home.
Monday, June 06, 2016      1 comments

Well, I had myself a nice 3-day weekend. That makes 2 in a row now, but funny it doesn't feel like I worked any less. I took Friday off and went to visit my old co-workers and had a cookout for "my guys". It was nice, but sadly I missed seeing s... Read more
Trying to focus
Thursday, June 02, 2016      2 comments

I feel I've done well for the past 2 months getting my calorie intake under control and managed so that I am slowly losing just about a pound each week. I have been working on eating more veggies and healthier foods in general, and keeping porti... Read more
June has arrived!
Wednesday, June 01, 2016      0 comments

I love summer.... love, love, LOVE it! And of course each year it seems to take forever to arrive and is over in the blink of an eye. For me, summer usually starts sometime in May once the weather warms, and I drag it as far into September as I ... Read more
Oh! Hi there...
Tuesday, May 31, 2016      1 comments

Yep... did it again, but not as bad this time. It was February the last time I logged on, but it's only been about 3 months this time. ;) On the plus side, for the past 2 months I've been sticking to a healthy / low calorie diet (diet = way... Read more
Doomed to repeat history...
Monday, February 22, 2016      6 comments

I have a bad habit of using Spark for a while, then disappearing. It's been over a year since I last logged in, and I thought I'd look at some past blogs... here are some highlights from my first blog in May of 2011... -I can't believe I al... Read more
Beginning week 3!
Monday, January 19, 2015      2 comments

It's the start of the 3rd week, and I'm happy to report that I've been doing well with staying in my calorie range. Some days I may have been stretching the top of my limit, but it has stayed my focus and I've kept things under control. That's a... Read more

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