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Another day - another mood on 'my' common
Friday, November 18, 2011      8 comments

Today is grey and it was drizzling earlier but in my new frame of mind I’m not letting the weather stop me. So – boots and a wax jacket and off I went. There was mist over the hills and no one around – probably because I was later than I inten... Read more
Will I/ Won't I?
Thursday, November 17, 2011      5 comments

. . . go for a walk and so stick with my resolution to walk every day without fail. Woke up late (too much 'fun' in the pub last night! Guess I’ll pay for that on the scales!!) and thought I really wouldn't bother. However - when I drew back my... Read more
On the common near my little house in the country
Wednesday, November 16, 2011      3 comments

This morning I went out really early to walk on the common outside my front gate. I was going out for the day with my partner and wanted to get the walking done. Good thing I did it early because it started pouring with rain later in the mornin... Read more
Sunday, November 13, 2011      4 comments

I'be been so busy this weekend that I lost it - AGAIN! Focus, that is. This happens so easily - something in my head says 'OK there's an excuse now so I don't need to think about cardio.' I do know that's rubbish and I also know that if I don't... Read more
And the walking continues . . .
Thursday, November 10, 2011      4 comments

. . hoping it'll really become a daily habit and not an intermittent habit as it has been. Today I went - again - to the sea at the bottom of my square - but very early when both life and Nature are very different. All the sailing boats (most... Read more
Walking by the sea
Wednesday, November 09, 2011      1 comments

I went walking by the sea at the bottom of my road today. It was not intended - I meant to walk on the Downs behind Brighton but for various reasons it wasn't to be. So - determined to get in my 60 minute walk somewhere I enjoy, I just too... Read more
Sunday, November 06, 2011      5 comments

I took some students to a fireworks display at the Sussex County Cricket ground near my home in Brighton last night. It's a great night - whole families from grandparents down to tiny children who run around madly until the display starts - youn... Read more
60 minutes by a Saltwater Lagoon
Friday, November 04, 2011      5 comments

In my quest to gee myself up into some worthwhile cardio I’m starting to do some long walks in beautiful places that I enjoy – not hard here in Sussex in the UK. I’ve been trying to remember why I stopped doing that – but there is no ‘why’ real... Read more
Good days
Thursday, November 03, 2011      6 comments

I am very happy to look back on a good week so far. I have woken early, got out of bed immediately and done a 15 minute warm up on the exercise bike – a selection of strength exercises which a Spark friend sent me to help the sciatica that is cu... Read more
Re-igniting my Spark
Tuesday, November 01, 2011      9 comments

I have been trying to do it for some time – on and off. Firstly I lost heart with myself. Secondly there’s been a bit of hiatus in my life – two weeks working away - which always involves meals out and hotel living generally - and then a collec... Read more
Progress made
Wednesday, September 07, 2011      12 comments

I seem to have a change of attitude - long may it last! I was obliged to go out to supper last night – unavoidable – a longstanding arrangement - and I really didn't want to go because I've had a few pretty good Spark days and didn't want ... Read more
Following the example of those who keep on keeping on
Monday, September 05, 2011      11 comments

I had come to a point where I was ashamed to be a member here – I’ve never lost a great deal of weight with Spark through my own most grievous fault, but continued on the basis that slow weightloss was better than no weightloss. However I have ... Read more
Searching for focus
Wednesday, August 31, 2011      6 comments

Lately, because I was much engulfed with caring for my grandchildren to give their parents a hand, I’ve lost focus, eaten far too much and pretty well given up exercising – apart from the cardio that young children inevitably provoke. They are d... Read more
Gastronomic Turkey - Day 1
Wednesday, July 20, 2011      9 comments

We had a very bad journey out to Izmir – an airport on the edge of the Marmara Sea. A delay of two hours on the runway due to a strike by air traffic controllers in Greece and when finally there was a slot for take -off, the Control Tower at Ga... Read more
Home from Turkey - what an experience!!
Saturday, July 16, 2011      10 comments

As some of my friends here know I have been in Turkey recently – partly for work and partly for the wedding of a Turkish student of mine involving two ceremonies – one in the tiny village where he was born and another in Istanbul. It has been... Read more

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