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An Hour Walk
Sunday, March 03, 2013      2 comments

It is a truly lovely day outside here on the Olympic Peninsula. Winsten and I started out with the intention of a short walk. but then the beauty of the day captured us, and we wound up walking for over an hour.... Read more
Straightening Up My Act
Saturday, March 02, 2013      9 comments

Here's part of my workout today. All total, I did 75 minutes. No, Silly! That does NOT mean I did 75 minutes of rowing! This is how the 75 minutes break up: ... Read more
Thursday, February 28, 2013      9 comments

But I did the kickboxing workout anyway. Or at least my version of it. Ms. Smarmy (one of my alter egos) smugly told me that I couldn't do it. Since I put her in the same category of kickboxing, I knew I had to at least make a showi... Read more
Crow Study
Tuesday, February 26, 2013      2 comments

This "Study" was done with your tax dollars and education funds. They found about 200 dead crows near Topeka, KS. and there was concern that they may have died from Avian Flu. They had a Bird Pathologist examine the remains of all th... Read more
We Are Being Fed Baloney
Saturday, February 23, 2013      0 comments

A Colorado lawmaker’s foot-in-mouth comment about having woman go to a callbox “if you feel like you’re gonna be raped” while arguing for more gun limits has created a firestorm of reaction, and it doesn’t appear to be going away even with he... Read more
Friday, February 22, 2013      1 comments

One more reason to vote all of them out of office. State Senator R.C. Soles (D - NC) Long time Anti-Gun Advoc... Read more
A slap in the faces of Marines by Obama
Thursday, February 21, 2013      3 comments

Dishonoring the Corps; Marines in inaugural parade had bolts removed from their rifles Dishonored and disarmed: Bolts are clearly missing from these Marine rifles dur... Read more
A Poem Worth Reading
Wednesday, February 20, 2013      3 comments

A Poem Worth Reading He was getting old and paunchy And his hair was falling fast, And he sat around the Legion, Telling stories of the past. Of a war that he once fought in And the deeds that he had done, In his exploi... Read more
Wednesday, February 20, 2013      2 comments

Today Bob Marley and I worked out doing strength stuff. We did close up wall pushups, back extensions, circles on ball , wall squats with ball, more ball stuff, then moved on to weights with shoulder, arm, and other weight stuff. ... Read more
2012 Darwin Awards
Tuesday, February 19, 2013      2 comments

I know a few people who could some of these. As the late John Wayne once said – Life is tough .. even tougher when your stupid. You can't fix stupid Get them while they're hot!!! They live among us, breed and vote 2012 Darwin ... Read more
Feds Make Startling Admission re Gun Control
Tuesday, February 19, 2013      3 comments

A study by the Department of Justice’s research wing, the National Institute of Justice, has the feds admitting that so-called “assault weapons” are not a major contributor to gun crime. The study also concluded those weapons are not a majo... Read more
Obama Cashing a Check
Saturday, February 16, 2013      11 comments

President Obama walks into the Bank of America to cash a check. As he approaches the cashier he says, "Good morning Ma'am, could you please cash this check for me?" Cashier: "It would be my pleasure sir. Could you please show me you... Read more
New Ally Cat Quilt by Krackers sent out today.
Tuesday, February 12, 2013      4 comments

I received a request two weeks agofor an Ally Cat Quilt by Krackers from a 15 year old girl who lives in Florida who is battling neuroblastoma. She loves flowers and kitty people. The completed quilt went out today, with my love, prayers and ... Read more
I agree with Ben
Sunday, February 10, 2013      6 comments

Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch. Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote. -Benjamin Franklin ... Read more
Time to Show Off
Wednesday, February 06, 2013      5 comments

This is a McKenna Ryan pattern that I found for my Grandson's 24th birthday. That guy makes the BEST coffee in the WORLD! ... Read more

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