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CoHP - Star Chart
Thursday, July 28, 2011      3 comments

For my Challenge of Harry Potter team we have to write a blog, or post in our common room, what we see coming up in the near future--what types of obstacles I will face. Actually, I don't have anything coming up. We may meet some friends a... Read more
I wish I could play an instrument
Tuesday, July 19, 2011      13 comments

I never took any instruments in school or choir, so I would be able to read notes. I want to play my keyboard and recorder just for fun. Once my cousin and I took a 4-week course on playing the keyboard, it was called 'Learn 4 Songs i... Read more
Thursday, July 14, 2011      2 comments

This isn't a blog. I'm just checking on these links, but enjoy them. It's Australia. www.youtube.com/watch?v=
Cj0MBLHdKNk&feature=related tools.cairns.com.au/cair
forest... Read more
CoHP - Summer Term - Short & Long Term Goals
Monday, July 11, 2011      1 comments

My goals aren't much, just to get skinny again. I did this 2-3 years ago, but fell off the wagon and had to give up my exercise routine, etc. My long term goal is to have thin thighs, no bat wings, no that isn't going to happen, so just to... Read more
Leo The Lion (just for fun)
Tuesday, July 05, 2011      6 comments

Leo the Lion so bold fierce and brave, had his mane braided because it's all the rave. They pulled, yanked and tugged crisscrosses were made, he thought he'd look so cool on his next hunting raid. He ventured down to his... Read more
Maggie's New Bundle
Tuesday, July 05, 2011      7 comments

“Maggie.” Mrs. Barnes called to her four-year-old daughter. “Maggie, where are you?” Maggie Barnes was hiding in the downstairs hall closet. She didn’t want her mom to find her. She had been sitting there for a long time, thinking abo... Read more
Big family living
Sunday, July 03, 2011      8 comments

I wish I had been born to a big family, maybe not quite like the Dugger's 19 and Counting, but a fairly big family. I'd want to be a middle child. I used to write short stories just for fun until my computer took sick and we had to put it... Read more
Spark housecleaning
Saturday, July 02, 2011      11 comments

I put my mail on 100 pieces of mail per page and I have 6 pages. SIX Pages!!! That doesn't include the mail in folders. I have 224 pages of post on my sparkpage. Can you say cyber hoarding? I really need to learn to let go, what i... Read more
The Mystery of Sam Murphy- continue the story
Thursday, June 30, 2011      2 comments

It was a dark and gloomy evening. Sam Murphy , detective, was walking to his car after a hard day’s work. He had a case load: follow a wayward husband; find the missing masterpiece of a famous artist; find a lead on a missing valuable dog. ... Read more
6 Things I Like About Myself
Tuesday, June 28, 2011      5 comments

I saw this on a few blogs and realize that it was started by a fellow Hunter on my BLC team. I want you to write down 6 things you love about yourself and when you hear those other voices, think of these 6 things you love about yourself. he... Read more
BLC-16 - S.U.M.M.E.R. Challenge
Saturday, June 25, 2011      1 comments

I'd planned on doing some extra exercises for my arms and legs, but seemed like the prep and cooking ofr the Chicken/Shell dish took more time than expected. I've got to work on my temptations still. Ugh! It's so frustrating. I figure ... Read more
My Chicken/Shell Recipe
Saturday, June 25, 2011      9 comments

Jumbo Shell Chicken w/dressisng 2lbs of boneless chicken 1 lg container of stove top dressing 1(8oz) sour cream 1 can of cream of chicken soup 3/4 cup of water 1(8oz) pkf mozzrella cheese Boil chicken and prepare dressi... Read more
BLC-16 S.U.M.M.E.R. Challenge
Thursday, June 23, 2011      3 comments

On our SUMMER challenge for my BLC-16 team we need to write about how we are doing in our journey. We just finished a challenge dealing pretty much with this topic, so it should be easy. I was in a gaining cycle, but refreshed, refocused ... Read more
How many teams role play?
Sunday, June 19, 2011      7 comments

I know there plenty of teams on SP, but how many role play a theme? I'm a member of Middle Earth, Wizarding World of Harry Potter and Realm, all fantasy. Are there any other teams out there who role play? Where you can become someone ... Read more
What To Say When You Talk To Your Self
Wednesday, June 15, 2011      11 comments

I made mention, in my blog about binging, the topic of self-talk. The Bible says ‘As a man thinketh, so is he.’ A book I really like is the title of this blog, written by Shad Helmstetter. ‘What we think is what we become.’ Th... Read more

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