TRYN2MUCH's SparkPeople Blog TRYN2MUCH's Blog on SparkPeople, home of free diet plans and a healthy living community It's a New Year and a New Beginning Wow! I can't believe I didn't write not one blog in 2012. <BR> <BR> Well, here's to getting back in the groove. <BR> <BR> First, does anyone know how to get rid of the annoying Ads that are now on the SparkPeople site? I'm talking about the ones on the sides which take up viewing spaces. <BR> <BR> Second, I admit 2012 was not my best year. I started with good intentions but wasn't fully committed. My planned events were really just a showing to pick up those medals. I do love the ... Tue, 1 Jan 2013 14:49:39 EST Walking the Parking Lots Here I am in Texas (outside Fort Worth). It is super hot!!!! and windy!! That makes it a hot wind! <BR> <BR> I'm here visiting my grandson and enjoying every minute I'm with him. He and his sister are wearing me out. It's been a long time since I've spent the day with a 4-year old (grandson) and a 2-year old (his sister). Today I need to do some shopping for my grandson's birthday which he told me is in 6 days. Yesterday he took me shopping so I could make a list of the things he wants... Wed, 1 Jun 2011 13:21:56 EST LA the Rain I've been giving this blog a lot of thought this week. So much I want to say but having a hard time typing it. <BR> <BR> Sunday, March 20th was my moment of truth. The LA Marathon. My 3rd goal - achieved. <BR> <BR> As I stated in previous blogs this is not my first time doing the event but it has been 4 years and as my teammate said, I am 4 years older. Even though this was my goal I didn't believe I could achieve it. I put off registration until January and only registered because I tho... Fri, 25 Mar 2011 03:42:54 EST Surf City Half Marathon I did it again, participated in another half marathon! On February 6th I walked/ran the Surf City Half Marathon. This is my second goal (of 3) for getting back to events that I love doing. They are a mental and physical challenge. <BR> <BR> My day started early (3:45am). I arrived early for the event to beat traffic and get good parking. After eating and a bathroom break, I took a short nap before making my way to the start area. I’m not the only one doing this as many in cars around me... Wed, 9 Feb 2011 02:33:46 EST Countdown to SurfCity 1/2 Marathon This week I realized the Surf City 1/2 Marathon is coming up soon. The date is Feb 6. Anyway, I signed up for this event back in November. It seemed so far away. Now it will be here in 30 days. Wow! Time does fly! The nerves are starting. The last time I did this event it was called the Huntington Beach 1/2 Marathon. Well, they changed the name and re-designed the medal. Now the medal is a surf board. I really want that medal. Yep, I like to collect them. <BR> <BR> I'm pretty sure ... Fri, 7 Jan 2011 02:05:34 EST 30 Pounds Lost I can't believe it, I finally reached 30 pounds weight loss!!!!!!! <BR> <BR> Actually, I saw this number during my Thanksgiving visit to Maryland but didn't want to record it since I didn't think it could be maintained through the holiday. Well, now it is recorded and I will work hard to maintain and exceed it. <BR> <BR> All my measurements were taken today and are down by .25 or .5 inches. This includes my neck which hasn't moved in a year. Some people lose a lot in their neck but not me... Sun, 12 Dec 2010 12:37:37 EST Walking in Maryland Greetings Everyone, <BR> <BR> I'm in Maryland visiting family this week. I flew in on Saturday and even managed to get some light walking in during a 2 hour layover. On Sunday, no exercise except for light walking to and from Metro to have a Birthday lunch with my sister and neice. They both think I brought some of our California weather to Maryland since the days have been mild (light jackets and nice in the sun). Thank you Thank you. <BR> <BR> Today, I went walking with my sister. I ... Mon, 22 Nov 2010 22:35:52 EST Vacation...Finally!!! It is now 1am and I am officially on vacation. Thank you <BR> <BR> I just need to pack, get a few hours sleep (I'll get more on the plane) and wrap up a few household things in the morning. <BR> <BR> This week started out a little rocky. I had some drama in my life that sort of derailed me. I made some poor food choices that could have shaken my progress but thankfully I pushed myself to get my evening walks in. They were a little slower paced but still the same distance (4miles/per nig... Sat, 20 Nov 2010 04:10:04 EST Sugar High On Friday I went out to lunch with a friend. We ate healthy (baked chicken, potatoe and salad for me) and I decided to have some green tea. The green tea was good but I should have realized when it said sweetened it would be too much. Lately, I haven't had much sugar or salt in my diet, so this sweetened tea hit me hard. <BR> <BR> It was good but it made me so giddy I think my co-workers thought I had been drinking alcohol at lunch. I was bouncing off the walls for about 1 or 2 hours. Th... Sat, 13 Nov 2010 23:48:57 EST Progress...What a Surprise! **You know SparkPeople really needs a key to allow you to recall a work in progress blog. I lost my blog a minute ago and hope I can recreate it.** <BR> <BR> Today I took my full measurements and realized it's been a full year since I did this for the first time. <BR> <BR> Usually I take my measurements at least once a month but last week when I took them it was to set my focus to see a change on my scale. <BR> <BR> Well, I did it...5 pounds lost this week, plus some change in my measurem... Sun, 7 Nov 2010 13:33:14 EST Sunday Walk What a beautiful day!! <BR> <BR> When I started my long walk today it was foggy and I wore a jacket but soon took it off since I was heating up from walking (and some running). <BR> <BR> I set out to do my usual loop but knew I needed to add some extra miles to get in training for the 1/2 marathon in October. <BR> <BR> My brother told me about an extreme incline on the backside of the hill I usually walk up. He was not kidding, this hill (on Hill Street, aptly named) is steep! As with t... Sun, 19 Sep 2010 23:42:48 EST 30 Day Shred - Wrap Up I didn't complete the Shred for 30 days straight but gave it a good go. <BR> <BR> I checked all my measurements and overall 1/4 inch on arms, calves and bust was lost. My waist and hips are the same. Oh, and weight is the same. Even with this small amount I notice my clothes are fitting better. Remember, I lost a lot of inches at the beginning of year but had lost some toning so my smaller sized clothes were feeling a little snug. Not anymore. <BR> <BR> This is a little disappointing s... Thu, 16 Sep 2010 01:38:15 EST 30 Day Shred - Days 26 thru 30 I've been sick for a week and no exercise activity during that time. I guess my body needed to repair itself. Even with no activity I managed to hold the line with my weight. Today is my first day back feeling 100%. I took a walk at lunch, then in the evening I did some additional walking. I did some running too. I contemplated doing the 30- <BR> day Shred video when I came home but knew time is short tonight so I'll resume the Shred video on Tuesday. <BR> <BR> Quick Summary <BR> <BR>... Tue, 14 Sep 2010 01:11:18 EST 30 Day Shred - Days 24 and 25 **Conquer the Bridge** Day 24 (9/5) <BR> <BR> No activity at all today. <BR> <BR> Day 25 (9/6) ***Labor Day*** <BR> <BR> A few members from the Seaside Sparkers got together to walk/run the Vincent Thomas Bridge in San Pedro. The event was called Conquer the Bridge. We had a perfect day; a little cool and no sun. It really was a great day. All of us met the challenge and I'm sure we improved our times from last year. My time is 7 minutes better. <BR> Afterward we enjoyed some eats at a local restaurant... Tue, 7 Sep 2010 00:47:16 EST 30 Day Shred - Days 19 thru Day 23 Hi everyone, <BR> Its been awhile since I posted my Shred activity. Here's a quick summary. <BR> <BR> Day 19 (8/31) <BR> <BR> Skipped this day. <BR> <BR> I got in my lunch walk but worked too late and really wasn't in the mood when I arrived home. <BR> Some guilt but I think my body needed a break. <BR> <BR> Day 20 (9/1) <BR> <BR> I skipped again. <BR> This isn't good but I truely had an excuse. Worked late again and arrived late at the group workout session. Missed the stairs an... Sun, 5 Sep 2010 02:41:12 EST 30 Day Shred - Day 18 Day 18 (8/30) <BR> <BR> Still struggling and sweating. I think I need to concentrate on one exercise in this routine to perfect it (form and stamina). I'll keep working on the others too but if I can get one I can build on it. Know what I mean? <BR> <BR> You know I think Jillian knows this is a hard level, her tone seems more sympathetic and she gives some modifiers. Although I miss her voicing my thoughts (want to stop, but don't, etc). <BR> <BR> Good news, I got in a lunch time walk!... Wed, 1 Sep 2010 02:49:35 EST 30 Day Shred - Day 17 As I struggled through Level 2, I wondered how bad would it be if I returned to Level 1? This level is hard! <BR> <BR> I really hate planks. The easier cardio move is the jumping jacks. Remember when I struggled with this? I must admit I do like the skater jump (I do it low impact). <BR> <BR> I'm not getting as many reps in on some moves since I need to watch the video more to see how to properly do the exercise. <BR> <BR> But, I'm not giving up! I will get better. <BR> <BR> Of cou... Mon, 30 Aug 2010 00:36:56 EST 30 Day Shred - Day 16 OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! <BR> <BR> What made me think I was ready for Level 2!!!!!!!!!! <BR> <BR> I can't even remember everything we did. Awkward! Had to stop and get water or wipe my sweat or simply rest. <BR> <BR> Cardio and abs exercises are more intense. <BR> <BR> I never realized but the levels are 3 parts. Well, we were on part 2 tonight and doing hard abs exercise (you know my core is weak), I thought we were done after it. Then, Jillian says few more and we are done with circuit (part ... Sat, 28 Aug 2010 23:51:06 EST 30 Day Shred - Days 11 thru 15 Time to catch up my blogs. <BR> <BR> Day 11 (8/23) <BR> <BR> Another great workout with Jillian, but should have watched my eating at lunch. <BR> <BR> Day 12 (8/24) <BR> <BR> Workout was great but I'm ready for a different challenge. Since I made a commitment to wait until the end of the week, I'll wait. <BR> <BR> Day 13 (8/25) <BR> <BR> Pretty good workday, but super busy. I arrived late for the team workout and missed the weight training. Even my energy level was down doing the wal... Sat, 28 Aug 2010 18:18:03 EST 30 Day Shred - Day 10 I made it through Day 10 and can't believe it. My energy level doing the video is so much better than Day 1. Still sweating pretty good but hey what the heck I'm doing exercise! <BR> <BR> Today I decided to knock this out early but should have done it in the morning since the sun is brutal. Good thing the patio umbrella gave me some shade once I changed my position. The routine is down pat so I don't need to watch, I just turn up the volume so I know when to move to the next move. <BR> ... Sun, 22 Aug 2010 17:20:44 EST 30 Day Shred - Day 9 My stamina was great today. <BR> <BR> In the morning I joined the team for a great workout at the beach. There was more sun today than we've had all Summer. It made our workout a little more challenging and caused us to sweat more. Thankfully, we chose our route that included shade in areas we stopped to do exercises. <BR> <BR> I also did my 30 Day Shred video and this was my best performance todate. I did all the jumping jacks and butt kicks. My push-ups are better. Jillian is right a... Sun, 22 Aug 2010 02:15:28 EST 30 Day Shred - Day 8 Day 8 (8/19) <BR> <BR> I missed the video workout tonight. <BR> <BR> Work consumed my day and night. <BR> <BR> It would have been nice to do the shred video tonight if only to say and know I made it through without a break. But think my body needed the break. <BR> ----------------------------------------<BR>---------------------------- <BR> <BR> Day 8 (8/20) <BR> <BR> This should be Day 9 but since I missed yesterday I'm making this Day 8. <BR> <BR> I was super tired today since I stay... Sat, 21 Aug 2010 02:43:55 EST 30 Day Shred - Day 7 Day 7 (8/18) <BR> <BR> Okay, I lost my blog post so here goes again shortened. <BR> <BR> I did the video after my regular team workout. Not my best effort since I wanted to eat (hungry). <BR> <BR> I think I need a protein shake to supplement my diet. <BR> <BR> Day 8 here I come!!! <BR> <BR> Off to bed now. Thu, 19 Aug 2010 01:44:46 EST 30 Day Shred - Day 7 Day 7 (8/18) <BR> <BR> Not my best effort today. I worked out to the video but didn't give it my all. <BR> <BR> At the Wednesday night team workout I expended a lot of energy. I knew I still had to do the Shred video but was feeling really good and up for it. I did mention to my teammate that I was hungry. She asked me if I was eating enough to make up for what I was expending between the video workouts and my other activities. This actually made me stop and think. I thought so and ac... Thu, 19 Aug 2010 01:41:51 EST 30 Day Shred - Day 6 Day 6 (8/17) <BR> <BR> Second try at posting this blog. <BR> <BR> I made it through the Day 6 workout! Yippee!! <BR> <BR> Today I feel really good, in fact it's now 12:19am Wednesday morning and I should be in bed but here I am trying to re-post my Day 6 blog. How is that for dedication? Or maybe just craziness since I need my sleep. So I'll make this fast. <BR> <BR> As I said before I feel pretty good today. Was Jillian right about the increase in stamina by Day 5? Maybe, but maybe ... Wed, 18 Aug 2010 03:31:49 EST 30 Day Shred - Day 5 This video is still kicking my butt and I'm not talking about the butt kick exercise on the video. <BR> <BR> I know Jillian said by Day 5 your stamina will have improved. Maybe this is true. I was able to continuously do the cardio portion (jumping jacks, butt kicks, jump rope) but seriously it wears me out. <BR> <BR> I have noticed I don't get dizzy from the up/down movements. Also, my push-ups are better (still hard), but better. <BR> <BR> One thing I noticed tonight is my flab that f... Tue, 17 Aug 2010 01:40:25 EST 30 Day Shred - Day 4 Still not easy. <BR> <BR> Today I wanted to blow this video off. Hello, its Sunday! A day of rest. Not so. <BR> <BR> I did sleep in til 9:30am. This was a luxury since I'm usually up by 8am and sometimes earlier if I decide to walk with the Long Beach Sparkers. It felt good. <BR> <BR> My good day went bad later in the morning when I experienced plumbing problems. Yep, the ol' toilet backed up. Yuck! I did not want to spend my Sunday with the plunger. I had to deal with this and lucki... Sun, 15 Aug 2010 23:28:12 EST 30 Day Shred - Day 3 Day 3 (8/14) <BR> <BR> Don't eat before doing this video. <BR> <BR> Today I did the regular team workout in the morning. WooHoo!! We really worked it out this morning. I also did some work in the office. When I left I thought it would be a good idea to eat something. <BR> <BR> Well, I waited a good 2 hours before doing the video and still I feel sick. I don't get it since I didn't eat a lot. <BR> <BR> Anyway, I struggled my way through the exercises. Isn't this suppose to get easier?... Sun, 15 Aug 2010 00:53:09 EST 30 Day Shred - Day 2 (Note - Day 1 blog was really done on 8/12 but I posted it after midnight. <BR> <BR> Day 2 (8/13) <BR> <BR> This morning I awoke feeling thinner. Yesterday was a great day since I felt pretty good and got some extra lunch walking in plus completed my first session with the 30-day Shred video. <BR> <BR> Today is another story. <BR> <BR> First of all I'm tired. I was super busy at work. I had it in my mind today was my 2nd day for the video and I actually looked forward to it. <BR> <BR... Sat, 14 Aug 2010 01:32:29 EST 30 Day Shred - Day 1 I had it in my mind to try the Jillian Michael's 30-day Shred DVD not knowing exactly what the workout would be like. Just knew I was ready to change something in my routine and heard/saw visable results from others. Plus, I'll admit I'm a fan of the show and Jillian Michaels. <BR> <BR> Hopefully I'll make it through the 30 days. <BR> <BR> There are 3 Levels (beginner, intermediate and advanced or hard, harder, hardest). Each session is 20 minutes. You are supposed to start with the beg... Fri, 13 Aug 2010 03:08:28 EST A Hard Day Darn it!!!! <BR> <BR> I let my work rule me today. <BR> <BR> Last night I took a break from exercise since I was a little tired and cold. What is with this weather? Remind me again, is it not Summertime in Southern California? Where is the sun? Today the sun peeked out for about an hour. Today was a good day to walk at lunch but I was chained to my desk. I even ate lunch at my desk while multi-tasking my work. This will not happen again! Well, it may, but I'll try to keep it minimiz... Sat, 10 Jul 2010 01:48:26 EST No Change on Scale I put in a lot of mileage this week and thought for sure I would see good results on my scale...wrong! No change on weight so I decided to breakout the measuring tape and take all my measurements. Well, I am happy to see some things went down by 1/4 inch, not everything but a few. <BR> <BR> My exercise is good, but need really get back to eating better. The 2 together should give me better visable results. <BR> <BR> On a positive note, I do feel good. Sun, 4 Jul 2010 13:37:42 EST 8 Miles I missed another team workout today, not on purpose but I was slow to rise (don't ask me why) and when I arrived at the meet up point it was already 30 minutes into the session. Not wanting to throw their rhythm with my late arrival and not wanting to walk the beach if I didn't catch up (after all I did walk the beach on Friday) I decided to drive to my old training spot and try to do an 8 mile walk. <BR> <BR> I've been wanting to try an 8 mile walk for awhile but never plan my day enough t... Sat, 3 Jul 2010 19:38:23 EST I Thought I could Hula Hoop Last year (possibly in the Summer) I purchased a hula hoop to use with my teammates, but we never got around to using them. I finally took it out of the car and hung it from the fence thinking I might finally use it, but still didn't. Well, a few weeks ago a team member suggested trying them and didn't let us off the hook since she had several in her trunk to share with those of us who "let their's fade in the sun". <BR> <BR> We tried out the hula hoops and some were better than others. ... Thu, 1 Jul 2010 01:59:37 EST Where is the Aquarium? Today I attended a seminar in downtown Long Beach. I thought great location, close to the beach path, I'll be able to walk during lunch. Walking at lunch isn't new for me, but this was a different view I wanted. Well, it rained this morning. For some reason I thought this would be an all day thing. Silly me. I failed to check the weather and left my sneakers at home. <BR> <BR> You know what?...It stopped raining. So, since we had a long lunch period, I just decided to get out. I had t... Wed, 19 May 2010 00:52:15 EST Walking and Thinking I really did not want to walk tonight, but knew I REALLY needed to walk. Today (and this week) was stressful. I always have a lot going on so today was not different but it felt different. Normally I take a walk at lunch but forgot to mail my Mother's Day items early so I went to the Post Office to get the mailings done. Too much time at the Post Office, no walk and a poor lunch choice. <BR> <BR> I worked late and thought about skipping my evening walk but knew I would probably just go... Fri, 7 May 2010 01:58:36 EST Countdown to SparkVersary and a Great Beach Workout Today is May 1st - only 20 more days to my SparkVersary. I'm still in the race to reach my 30 pound weight loss goal. My sparkbuddy LizzieCA55 is competing with me, too. I'm working on it and this week felt really good. Eating not too bad and exercise was good. <BR> <BR> Today I met with some other team members for our Saturday workout at the beach. The weather was perfect (sunny, not too warm, light breeze). We pushed each other to perform additional reps on different exercises and rea... Sat, 1 May 2010 17:55:07 EST Feeling Thinner Today After getting dressed this morning I realized I liked my reflection in the mirror and felt thinner. I haven't met my weight loss goal yet but today just felt good. <BR> <BR> Lately, I have been eating very unhealthy and the only thing keeping me from putting on weight (well, I did put on some) has been my exercising. I've been stressed and when stressed I eat. <BR> <BR> But this week I am taking it one day at a time. And you know what? I feel better. My food choices are little better... Fri, 30 Apr 2010 02:00:03 EST Coming Soon...My 1st SparkVersary A couple of my team members had their 1st SparkVersaries earlier this year and as I talked to them and gave my congratulations I wondered how would I feel when my date arrives. My SparkVersary date is coming up in May, May 21st to be exact. <BR> <BR> I want to lose more weight and see my weight loss ticker reflect a 30 pound loss by my SparkVersary. This is my goal, a self-challenge. <BR> <BR> Please SBBC and my SparkPeople family help me achieve this goal. I will do my part by continu... Sat, 10 Apr 2010 02:11:50 EST Sad Today I'm not feeling motivated today. Another sad news day. A family friend (whom I recently discovered was very ill) passed away. I am stunned, last week I asked how she was doing and was told she would be home soon. What happened? <BR> <BR> I should have taken my lunch walk to reflect, but instead I sat at the park and ate my lunch from my car. Then I should have walked tonight, but again opted to come right home. I also ate more junk than I should. The hardest part is always getting the ... Fri, 26 Mar 2010 01:10:03 EST The Track Sorry if you see this twice, I lost it and had to redo the blog. <BR> <BR> On Monday I usually attend a cardio class but since it was cancelled I decided to meet the team at the track. I arrived late, but saw some team members still there. <BR> <BR> I was able to complete 4 miles (16 laps) in 1hr 4min. Pretty good. I really like the track. <BR> <BR> Everything I heard was confirmed; well lighted (felt safe), populated, and cushioned (my feet feel good). But there were a few things not ... Tue, 23 Mar 2010 02:57:02 EST Easter Challenge - Week 3 Well, its week 3 and finally I posted a positive number by lossing the couple pounds gained after the Valentine's Challenge. As stated before I am on the weight loss bus and it's traveling South. <BR> <BR> Like another team member I thought today would be a good day to do my overall body measurements. I haven't taken my full measurements since February, Valentine's Day. <BR> <BR> I was very surprised at the results. I knew the numbers would be good since my clothes are too big, but was sh... Sun, 21 Mar 2010 12:50:16 EST Weekly Recap I could call this Mi Vida Loca, but it's only 1 week of many. <BR> <BR> Despite my crazy week, I think my food choices weren't bad. I also managed to get a lot of fitness in. I felt guilty for skipping my lunch and evening walks but just let it go and remembered I still did a lot. My daily weighing reflected my good choices. I didn't find time to log into SparkPeople but Saturday is my catch up day. My work still is not within my control. Well somewhat. Too many things to do and not enough... Sun, 21 Mar 2010 01:05:15 EST Hot Walk I know I shouldn't complain since some Spark Folks are still in cold weather, but it was HOT TODAY!!!!! <BR> <BR> Usually I walk at lunch and today was no exceptions. <BR> <BR> Our office building runs cold. During Summer months you need a sweater. Secretly I like this on hot days since the chill keeps my body cold. Which means I can walk 1 lap (1/2 mile) without breaking a sweat on a hot, sunny day. I walk 4 laps around the park for a total of 2 miles. Today I thought just get 2 laps ... Wed, 17 Mar 2010 01:01:23 EST I had a Nice Day Today was a VERY good day! I'm still smiling. You see I took a vacation day. No plans, just relax. I dropped off my car at the dealer to have an estimate for work I need done and decided to walk back home while they checked it. Little did I know it was a 1mile walk. Thankfully I wore my pedometer to track steps, distance was a bonus. Plus I dropped in on a family friend whom I always mean to visit but don't. Well they didn't answer so I left a note with my number. Anyway I came home at... Sat, 6 Mar 2010 00:59:34 EST Where did my Control go? Have you ever had a day or week that seems like nothing is within your control? <BR> <BR> It's Tuesday and I feel like this. I didn't get my lunch walk in on Monday or today. It don't always want to go for a walk but force myself to start and once I have 1 lap done (.5 miles) I feel better and know I'll finish the full 2 miles. Then I sit down to enjoy my lunch. I need this, I miss this. On Wednesday I will walk!!!! Hope it doesn't rain. <BR> <BR> Well, I didn't overeat (well maybe) on ... Wed, 3 Mar 2010 01:57:23 EST Girl Scout Cookies - Part 2 Thanks everyone for the comments. You are right LizzieCA55, I was justifing my eating. <BR> <BR> I still have 2 boxes at home but don't plan to open the thin mints anytime soon. The berry much was opened last night and I ate a few (2), but tonight I'm not in the mood. <BR> <BR> Today, I did a good thing and put the rest out with a sign "Please eat some cookies" or words to that affect. And people did. I don't think they are all gone but they have a good dent in the quantity. <BR> <BR> N... Fri, 26 Feb 2010 00:20:38 EST Girl Scout Cookies Today my order of Girl Scout cookies arrived. I love supporting the girls but what possessed me to order 6 boxes (2 thin mint, 1 shortbread, 1 lemon and 2 of the new flavor berry munch)? Well, I'll tell you. In the past I loved the Thin Mints and needed 2 boxes because my son loves them too. The lemon is soooo lemony who can resist. The shortbread is good and I use this as my less guilty cookie because it is plain I don't think its too bad. This year they introduced a couple of new flavo... Thu, 25 Feb 2010 02:30:23 EST Time for the Sparkdiet? This week I didn't do so well with my eating. I returned to eating meats and sweets. Overeating wasn't the problem, it was my food choices in the evening. Too much bread, too much cheese (love pepperjack), too much ice cream (yeah, I finished it), and too much processed stuff. <BR> <BR> I know I gained a pound (or two) and got too much sodium, which explains the bloated feeling and gas. <BR> <BR> Maybe its time to follow the spark diet. Those of you who know me, know my saying "I'm no... Sat, 20 Feb 2010 22:08:27 EST Ice Cream So, today is my first day eating meat and having sweets. I did okay with the meat, just a little chicken for dinner. For lunch I had my veggie patty with a salad. <BR> <BR> After dinner I had some ice cream. Not very satisfying and too sweet. I should have waited until I was really craving the ice cream. This time I ate it simply because I haven't had it for 3 weeks. The sweetness surprised me. <BR> <BR> I'm not giving it up, but will wait until I really want it. How long will ice crea... Tue, 16 Feb 2010 00:46:31 EST