TRUE-NESS's SparkPeople Blog TRUE-NESS's Blog on SparkPeople, home of free diet plans and a healthy living community End of the Month Update (January) Hello Sparkers!!! <BR> <BR> I hope February is finding you well and motivated! <BR> <BR> I just wanted to stop by and let you all know how I've been doing... <BR> <BR> If you read my last blog, you know that I talked about being active on an app called PERISCOPE and being a part of a support community there called DNNATION. Well that's all been going great. The support and accountability has been invaluable. It has helped me to stay on track with all my goals. <BR> <BR> I've been worki... Fri, 5 Feb 2016 12:14:58 EST Progress... FINALLY! (6-week report) I'm not perfect, but I've definitely been showing progress!!! <BR> <BR> On June 22nd, I vowed to start tracking everything I ate so that I could see concrete proof of why I wasn't really losing weight consistently. I didn't want to do the obsessive type of tracking (weights and measurements) that I've done in the past... I just wanted to put pin and paper (or in my case, computer) to it. So, I made a chart and I just started tracking everything. <BR> <BR> I look at the charts and I see th... Sun, 2 Aug 2015 09:35:52 EST I Got This! In response to how down and discouraged I'd been feeling regarding my weight gain and inability to fit my wedding ring, my sister gave me this card: <BR> <BR> <img src=""> <BR> <BR> I cried so much when I read this sweet, thoughtful card from her. I've placed it on my dresser right in front of my mirror. So, as I wake up and look at myself in the mirror each day and feel however it is I feel, I get to see this.... Fri, 26 Jun 2015 21:55:39 EST My Wedding Ring Doesn't Fit! I've been married now for almost 25 years. I love my husband and I love being married. I cherish my wedding ring as an important symbol of my love and commitment to my husband. While I take my ring (and clothes lol) off every time I settle in at home, I never really leave out of the house without it. It's one of those things, that I would turn back around and go home to get, if I forgot it. My cellphone is the other thing. LOL <BR> <BR> I remember when I was pregnant with my first chil... Thu, 18 Jun 2015 16:24:44 EST Food Prepping Really Does Work! Last Saturday, frustrated with my overall lack of progress and lack of control in regard to my eating, I determined that I was going to try to plan my meals and track everything for an entire week. I had experienced success with meal prepping before, but I had only done it for a week. But, I DESPERATELY needed to get my eating under control so I was game to try it again. <BR> <BR> I didn't have a lot of *extra* money for grocery shopping for myself only, so, I wrote out a simple little men... Sun, 26 Oct 2014 20:57:18 EST I Thought About Deleting My Account I seriously thought about deleting my account... actually I'm still thinking about it. I'm not sure I've resolved it in my head yet. The thought is on pause for now. <BR> <BR> It's kind of sad and frustrating to see where I started, where I've gotten to and then where I've spiraled down to again... Revisiting the same places is not cool. Not cool at all. <BR> <BR> So, I figured, if I'm practically starting over, maybe I should have a fresh new sparkpage... reach out to new friends... ... Sun, 27 Oct 2013 00:19:44 EST Stagnant... Stagnant: characterized by lack of development, advancement, or progressive movement. <BR> <BR> That one word pretty much sums up how I feel right now and how I'm doing as well. I've been struggling and my inconsistent efforts leave me in this stagnant condition. <BR> <BR> I'm TRYING to stay motivated. But, with me, I lose motivation very easily when I don't see results of hard work. It doesn't take long either. If I work hard ONE lil ole week and I don't see immediate results on the s... Fri, 17 Aug 2012 18:04:03 EST I Forgot How Big I really WAS... (w/PICS) I was flipping through some photo albums today and I was shocked to see how big I was in some of the photos. I had forgotten... <BR> <BR> You see when your weight goes up and down, you forget when you were huge and when you started losing... AGAIN. Well, I had been focusing on this CURRENT jourmey and I had THOUGHT that I was my heaviest back in November 2009 when i weighed in at 192 lbs. This is me then... <BR> <BR> <img src=""> <BR... Sun, 24 Jun 2012 19:40:19 EST A Wonderful Memorial Day Walk with my Daddy Yesterday, I went to a Memorial Day cookout at my father's house. Before leaving, we made plans to meet up this morning so that we could FINALLY walk the Woodrow Wilson Bridge Trail. I have been wanting to walk it for so long, but I just couldn't figure out where the trail began. Since he rides his bike across the bridge sometimes, he knew exactly where to park and where the trail started. <BR> <BR> So, I left the house at 6:00 a.m. and headed to his house to pick him up. Can you believe... Mon, 28 May 2012 11:31:24 EST The Aftermath of Boot Camp If you read my blog from Saturday, you know that I participated in my first ever boot camp workout session. I listed the things I liked and disliked about the experience. But, at the time of writing my blog, which was the same day of the boot camp. At that time I was only experiencing pain in my glutes, so I was still on a relative high from the experience. <BR> <BR> BUT THE AFTERMATH on Sunday is that my body hurt ALLLLLLL OVER. It hurt in places that I wasn't even aware there were musc... Mon, 21 May 2012 09:55:53 EST OMG!! BOOT CAMP: What I Liked and Disliked Today was my first live bootcamp experience. I feel like I worked out, but nothing too over-the-top. I think that tomorrow, I'll DEFINITELY feel it in my glutes and probably triceps the most. But, for today, I feel pretty good. <BR> <BR> There are definitely some things I liked and some things that I disliked about this particular bootcamp: <BR> <BR> CHEERS: <BR> <BR> <em>48</em> It was outside and it was a gorgeous, cool, spring morning. <BR> <BR> <em>48</em> The class was mostl... Sat, 19 May 2012 09:54:06 EST A Mother's Day Message I had an absolutely wonderful Mother's Day today! I spent the day with my hubby, my children, my Mommy, my sister and her fiance. We had such a wonderful time of fellowship. <BR> <BR> We went to church in the morning and then to a restaurant to eat. I had the seafood fettucine alfredo. I'm not even going to attempt to track it. The portions were so huge. But, I only ate half. I could have probably ate just a third of my plate and been fine. LOL But it was a delicious meal. No desse... Sun, 13 May 2012 21:57:26 EST Milestone #4: I Can't Believe I RAN a 5K!!!! Wow! <img src=""> <BR> <BR> I did it!!! I can't believe it!! I actually did it! I set a goal at the end of 2011 to run a 5K in 2012. When I signed up in March, I was left with only 5 weeks to train. Those 5 weeks were aggressive. But, I actually did it!! Me??!! Unbelievable! <BR> <BR> My husband, children, mother and best friend all came down to support me. It was great knowing they were there.... They are the absolute best!!! <BR> ... Sat, 14 Apr 2012 10:23:21 EST Milestone #3: I'm 3/4 of the Way to Goal! <img src=""> <BR> <BR> This will be short and sweet... <BR> <BR> TODAY, I'm praising God because I've reached the 3/4 point of my weight loss journey!!! <BR> <BR> WOW!! <BR> <BR> I have 5 pounds to lose before I reach HEALTHY and my wedding-day weight! I have 15 more pounds to lose before I reach GOAL!!!!!! What?!! <BR> <BR> WOW!! <BR> <BR> Honestly, this kind of scares me though...especially right now. You see, February is a cel... Sun, 29 Jan 2012 07:35:03 EST I'm in the 140's!!!! - 2012 Milestone #2 This morning, I weighed myself and the scale said 149.8! That means that I hit Milestone #2 for 2012: I am in the 140's!! <BR> <BR> I do know that I really weigh 150 if I'm rounding off and that the .2 pounds that keeps the scale from saying 150 may be back as soon as tomorrow. But, I don't care. I won't weigh myself tomorrow. I will hold on to the fact that I see 14__ TODAY. I AM in the 140's TODAY and I haven't seen 14__ in a very long time. So, I am going to celebrate that milestone... Sun, 22 Jan 2012 16:10:10 EST 40 LBS GONE FOREVER!!! - 2012 Milestone #1 <img src=""> <BR> <BR> At the end of 2011, I wrote a blog and I proclaimed to you all: <BR> <BR> "I'm not gonna talk about my goals. I'm not gonna blog about my goals. I'm just going to report that I've achieved them. My motto has become, "Less Talking, More DOING!" In 2012, I'm all about the SHOW!" <BR> <BR> So, this is the show.... this is my celebration of Milestone #1 - 40 lbs GONE! I am soooo happy! I can't even hide it. I'm on... Thu, 12 Jan 2012 13:24:00 EST Reflections... and The Last Weigh-in of 2011 2011... what a year! <BR> <BR> As I report my mere 9 lb weight loss for the entire year, I would have to say that those are pretty dismal results... BUT, I CAN'T say that it was a disappointing YEAR. I just can't say that. My health and fitness journey for this year cannot boil down to weight loss only. <BR> <BR> I've had a great year! In fact, although I lost more weight in 2010, I had more personal successes in 2011. <BR> <BR> * I walked in my first official 5K (SGK Race for the Cure)... Sat, 31 Dec 2011 10:48:20 EST Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure - My First 5K!! <img src=""> <BR> <BR> Today I walked in the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure 5K held on the National Mall in Washington, D.C. This was my first 5K, but I can¡¦t even reduce my discussion of the event to 5K gibberish. <BR> <BR> This was more than a 5K. This was truly an EXPERIENCE. Seeing all those survivors and families and friends who walked in support and celebration of them¡K and also seeing those who walked in memory of loved one... Sat, 4 Jun 2011 15:24:25 EST Every dress is a size 10!! (PICS included) Spring always gets me in the mood to shop! <BR> <em>87</em> <em>67</em> <em>334</em> <BR> But, I don't usually buy anything because I'm always of the mindset that I'm "losing weight" so why waste money on new clothes that I'll have to replace. I've always been like that. Consequently, I usually don't know that I am down to the next size until I'm PASSED it! <BR> <BR> I used to wear a size 14 in a suit, while my skirts remained a 10 and my tops teetered between a medium and a large. In... Sat, 12 Mar 2011 12:57:57 EST Mid-point Reflections: 30 lbs Lost!!! (Pics included) What can I say? I am sooo happy to finally be at the elusive mid-point of my weight loss journey!!! It's very exciting!!!! <BR> <BR> I have been trying/not trying/half trying to lose weight for sooo long. It's funny that I would reach this point at a time when I'm not "trying" at all. These last 10 lbs dropped as a result of a spiritual fast that I'm on, so I feel that I can't really take any credit for getting to this point. It was through no effort on my part, except my commitment to... Thu, 13 Jan 2011 15:22:59 EST Half-Marathon Completed!!! Wooohoooo!!! Well's done. I did it. WE (my mom and I) did it!!!! We completed our own half-marathon challenge in 4 hours, 20 minutes! (But the time is not important.) <BR> <BR> We made it through my right knee problems (which I've been experiencing for about a week and a half now. I'll get it checked out next week.), her back issues, and both of our feet woes (why do my big toes hurt??) <BR> <BR> I can't even explain how overjoyed I am!! <BR> <BR> As we got closer and closer to the end, ... Sat, 21 Aug 2010 11:01:58 EST Sober Thinking...In search of Every week I watch VH1's "Sober House" with so many different emotions. I look at the addicts and I see their struggle and I question so many decision that are made. As a person who has never drunk a beer, tried a drug or smoked a cigarette, I thought I really couldn't identify with them...I couldn't understand the destructive decision-making processes of a drug addict. Why would someone return to the drugs that so enslaved them and caused hurt and pain to them and to their families? Stil... Fri, 23 Apr 2010 00:13:30 EST